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  1. I agree with ya dude. Just if there was another, better board that we could post on
  2. and now its positive 18. I must be a cool mutha ****a
  3. he did ok. our D blew it for us
  4. We cant fic the entire team all at once. Our O is set. Our Lbers have improved quite a bit. In the offseason look to see us add dome bulk to our DLine
  5. Good video but how the **** is some piece of **** band going to remake John Lennons Imagine
  6. how are oyu going to claim to be a fan and have our biggest rivals jersey on your wall?
  7. It is definetley wrong to put that in his sig but I dont now a falcon fan alive that would wear a Panther jersey.
  8. when I picked him for my fantasy team everybody said I was stupid. I knew I was rite
  9. What happened to that *** whippin ya'll have been promising?
  10. Then you should understand that, that really isnt Jedi
  11. I dont post on this board to mych anymore but I had to comment on this one. I just hope Jack Fanny is man enough to come back here after the game is over on sunday.
  12. William Moore. Jerry has already shown that he can be a force in this league. I want to see what Moore has to offer
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