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  1. I couldn't agree with you more man but I do Believe that Sidbury will suprise people this year, with another year under his belt and another preseason I think having him and Beerman is going to make our pass rush that much better. If Peters can come in ready to play(because I am not sure Jerry will be ready by week1 for the fact he has not ran yet) I think this def will be top 10 we have the talent we just have to put it together and not give up the big plays but with Houston gone I dont think that will be a problem. Also I think Moore will have a great preseason I think he could start week on
  2. Week 1 I see the secondary as this. Dunta,Grimes,DeCoud,Moore My reasons for this is because I don't know if Williams will be 100% coming off that knee injury and although I am pulling for Ownes, I truly believe that Grimes being able to leap out of a building will give him the eage over Ownes now can I see Ownes pushing him hard? Yes I think by week four I could be wrong. I take Moore over Coleman simply because Moore is flat out a play maker when healthy and we all know TD and Smitty loves play makers. I think we will carry 10 DB's but if not I see Jackson being the odd man out.
  3. He was out the league last year,before then he was with the Pats where he got hurt. I don't understand having him for a work out unless he is coming into to play on ST ONLY. When he was here he was the Chris Houston of his time where he got beat on almost every play his way.
  4. The seven players I'm going to be watching are: Franks Moore Sidbury Biermann Peters Weatherspoon Anderson(only if they play him inside)
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