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  1. Exactly, not to mention alot of these kids come from troubled backgrounds and don't hold the same principles others do.
  2. Right now, the focus should be on the coaching staff and doing the things necessary to coach up our players after half a decade under bad coaching on the defensive side, if our coaching comes together everything else will fall back into place by the end of next season. Good coaching is far more important than highly recruited players. Only time will tell if we got the right man, I think we did, but we'll see. Right now there is uncertaintity with our program, our coaches have to prove everyone wrong next season and we'll be fine. BTW...congrats UT, you stole a good one from us.
  3. Auburn is doing a good job and they got a good one with Whitaker, that one stung, I was really hoping we'd get him.
  4. Not to crazy about Telvin, if he goes to FSU no biggie, I don't see him making much of a contribution at UGA.
  5. I don't think ANYONE give him a legitimate shot in MMA, but we all knew he was serious about it and would give his all. Most, including UGA fans didn't think it would work out well because of his age, he proved us all wrong as usual. Herschel is a hoss and a DGD.
  6. You guys are just a stepping stone to a REAL program... .....I'm kidding!
  7. Saving the best for last, hopefully we can make a impact on him during his visit.
  8. UF seems to have a really good class, don't really know much about Texas' other than the stars they've been given.
  9. Cannot stand any other color than its natural green color. Boises field makes me sick
  10. Well I don't think anyone thinks realistically we'll go undefeated, would be nice though. As for the SOS conversation, sure its not as tough as its been the past couple seasons but its not a walk in the park either. Thats still a pretty tough schedule, GT and Colorado on our OOC schedule is two good teams, GT being a top 10 and Colorado always puts up a good fight. To me, just playing your SEC schedule every year is tough enough without the OOC.
  11. Any chance Grantham took a flight directly to Athens after the loss? My guess would be no, but it would have been nice if he had a chance to catch the recruits before the left out.
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