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  1. This week should be a good indicator for Nolan. If he is what we hope he is, then the defense will adjust and we should look much better against the read option. If he is just another average DC (still better than Van Gorder), then we will struggle much the same but more importantly there will be no apparent adjustments.
  2. People in the media started saying that we should trade Roddy because of the drops and us drafting Julio and of course that caught on here. Let's not forget that this is the fan base that wants to fire the coach and GM plus trade the QB who brought us 4 straight winning seasons, one division championship and 3 playoff appearances since arriving here. Lucky for us they aren't in charge and I fully expect Roddy to be here for the at least the length of his contract.
  3. One might argue that Nolan's comments point to us maybe not re-signing Grimes. We have a lot of holes to fill in the secondary and we could plug 2 or 3 guys in for what Brent will probably get paid. I also think that people here over rate him a little bit. He is above average but nothing close to a Revision type shutdown corner. I actually think he would operate best out of the nickel. Also I worry about him in man coverage as he primarily has found success in zone. Anything more then 6 million a year and I let him walk
  4. Agreed except that I think Smith is just fine as a HC but he really relies on his coordinators to get the job done during the game and they just weren't doing it.
  5. Yeah all of the people that are saying that Tebow is a better QB are really making themselves look like idiots. If fans don't like Ryan then go root for another team because he is going to be here for a long time no matter what they think. Seriously if you don't like him then go root for the Broncos or Eagles. Matt Ryan is plenty good enough to win a super bowl, and he is only going to get better. But a player can only do so much when he has a receiver that can't catch easy passes, a coaching staff that doesn't know how to adjust and an offensive line that seems to want Matt dead. This board i
  6. I am just laying low until the **** storm blows over. I doubt anybody is happy with the way that we didn't show up and play today...but the world isn't over. So I am looking forwards to discussing the solutions once the fodder is cleared from the boards here in a week or so.
  7. Spoon made some real mistakes in coverage today. The only player who really showed up today was Bosher. He was awesome.
  8. Normally I would say that it's a coincidence, but some of those holds were just plain ridiculous. For example, the long pass touchdown where Delmas blew the right deep coverage...when the showed the replay one of the linemen had Suh grabbed from behind and he was pulling him away from Brees. They showed it in slow motion replay and it was totally obvious. And that's just one example.
  9. If you want to talk about that, just bring up Jamie Dukes! He HATES on us every chance that he can get. Don't believe me? Just watch the Falcons/Giants "No Huddle" video on NFL.com. Jalen Rose and Warren Sapp (!!!) picked us to win while Jamie Dukes contradicted and questioned anything positive that was said about the Falcons throughout.
  10. For what it's worth he told D Block that he sometimes picks against us because he doesn't want to seem like a homer. Now he might have just been saying that but still he seemed to be very proud to have been a Falcon.
  11. Seriously though. Detroit lost that game tonight when that CB dropped the pick towards the end.
  12. More interesting is the fact that Barnwell, a Giants fan, picked us to win by 9.
  13. This. There are many posters here who simply don't know what they are talking about. A majority of the time that I see Dunta get "beat" it is because he is playing the short zone and the safety (DeCoud) doesn't get over in time.
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