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  1. Yes, I’ve been biding my time since 2009 so I can make this post. I just don’t like to post.
  2. Really? I don’t know anything about how reliable he is, but after 37 mins you’d think someone else would of reported it... maybe he’s wrong.
  3. I hope so, I like the 2 GM system with him managing cap and Pioli handling talent.
  4. Open the bleacher report app on your phone, it’s at the top of the Falcons feed.
  5. If I was less inept at posting things I would post the link
  6. Trey Wingo reports that Dimitroff is fired.
  7. I think he’s the best in the game right now, I think he has 2-3 years left playing at this level. That’s me establishing his value. But I think we underutilize him, and our QB likes to spread the ball. I would argue that the #1 WR position has become devalued because of the spread offense. I don’t want to do it this year, he has 3 years left on his deal and has NO leverage. But next year, what if we solve some cap problems by trading him? We get immediate cap relief, use it to keep a young defense together (Devondre, Rico don’t hit FA) AND we pull multiple first and second round picks. Its a page out of the enemy’s book, but the Patriots have longevity for a reason. They draft well and understand when to sell high. I don’t ever want to see him wearing another jersey, he’s a monster weapon. But we can build for the future and keep our core intact. Let’s have some rational discussion.
  8. I hope Lamar Jackson falls to 26 and someone offers us the farm for our pick.
  9. You all seem to be missing my point: why draft an offensive skill position when Sarkesin won’t be able to utilize them? I get that we have a need, but we weren’t able to maximize the talent we had last year.
  10. Is anyone else nervous about drafting a WR or TE in the first round? This isn’t a comment about the worthiness of the available talent. I’m nervous that Sarkesian and his staff won’t be able to utilize the talent. He got better at scheming towards the end of the season (until Philly), but better doesn’t mean he was good. I wouldn’t mind a guard in the first (What I’d really like is a Guard at the top of the second, via trade down, but I digress). Not only would that be us planning for the future, but it would make everyone better Sark, Matt, and Devonte. We can double dip at DT in rounds 2 and later.
  11. Fair point, but do you think Garland is here to stay? Harlow is on the cusp too. We know Levitre is gone next year, I think we plan ahead.
  12. Fair point, but do you think Garland is here to stay? Harlow is on the cusp too. We know Levitre is gone next year, I think we plan ahead.
  13. I like this mock a lot, points for a realistic trade scenario. Personally, I hope Taven is off the board before we pick so we aren’t tempted by his athleticism. I do feel like we could get a little more capital for a trade into the first round, but I doubt it would come this year. I’m a big fan of double dipping on DTs.
  14. Not a fan of a pass rushing DE with the first pick, but I am a fan of the player. As for the other picks, that would certainly be an interesting draft!
  15. Anyone else surprised to see Grady Jackson on this list with a comparative statistical career to Haloti Ngata? Also, I’m not wild about any DT in the first round, but I think it’s likely we go there just based out of overwhelming need. I’d prefer us to double dip in rounds 2/4 with solid rotational guys with upside. That quote about B.J. Hill being “the absolute leader of the locker room” leads me to believe he’s on our radar for that second round pick.