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  1. hahahaha you guys are right, i started a tread of 'lets all get along' and it failed!
  2. Even though your a Saints fan, you understand how to spectate the sport. +1
  3. :P I dont post much because I do have a lady and enjoy life. Id rather smack talk with class than with what some of you guys do here. Ppl already getting offended by my OP.
  4. Classless like always. Unless Im Tandy, if I post something reasonable I get negatives. Thats why I dont post here much. I cant wait for Sunday!!!!!
  5. Im with you 100% but smack talking should be fun and shouldnt get personal like most ppl do. I dont wanna read stats and records of the past. But before I start sounding like im about to take it personal, LETS GO FALCONS!!
  6. I am a hardcore Falcons fan so I will always say our team is going to win. I hate the Saints but I also accept that the Saints is a really good team as long as Drew Brees is the QB. Why cant we just all agree that the Saints are good and stop this nonsense of they suck because they dont. If your gonna call out sorry teams in our division it should be the Panthers and the Bucs! So can the Saints and the Falcons just come together and have an classy discussion other than calling each other names??? Stop being delusional because both teams will have a winning record this year. Saints' and Falcons' fans are too busy yelling at each other while the Bucs pumping their chest saying theyre going to win the division this year because theyre 2-0...Now THATS the team we should be calling out!!!
  7. Hey friendly people of Falcons Board. My sister and I are really big fans of Falcons since 1998 and we wanted to make a trip to at least one training camp this year. My question is, what are my chances of getting a photo and autographs with the big stars on these open camps? Thanks in advance!
  8. I dont think it will change anything no matter how much you 'beat the point across'
  9. Looks like its about to be official: http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/boxing/news/story?id=4712939 I dont underestimate Mayweather at all. I do think that if theres a fighter that can beat Pacquiao, that would be him. I also think that Pacquiao can be that fighter to give Mayweather his first 'offical' lose.
  10. Need proof that Mayweather is a Coward towards real fighters? He accepted the deal knowing that the Philippines election is in May - forcing any future fights with Pacquiao early to March 13. He nows leaves the decision to Pacquiao whether to accept or deny - if he denies he can call Pacman The Coward. Everybody knows March is too early. --- I think Team Pacquiao will deny mainly of the election (plus he's still healing his busted right eardrum) In the other hand, If the fight do happen (I doubt it) Pacquiao will put up a fight and win with a decision unlike what everyone else thinks that this is an easy fight for Mayweather. Feel free to disagree
  11. Our dome would be crazy like that too if we were undefeated - see the funny thing is that when a team is winning, you get a lot more so called fans
  12. Why do you guys even respond to these kind of threads....
  13. The Panthers also played NO after playing a Monday Night Football :ph34r:
  14. hmmm i wonder who i pick to win - cant wait for Sat. its going to be a fight unlike Hatton and Del a Hoya fight
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