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  1. I like Griffen, but he wasn't a first rounder. So Clowney. 🙂
  2. A Ring is a team prize and HOF is an individual one. You would hope a player would choose a Ring.
  3. I was worried that all of the mocks leading up to the draft had us taking him. I think he will be an OK player but we've had enough "OK" pass rushers. I'm much happier with Fowler and Terrell.
  4. Definitely Terrell. I think his stock took a hit after the LSU game and I'm thankful for it. He wouldn't have dropped to us otherwise and we have a player much better than people expected.
  5. It is "Expected points added" Basically it is a measure of how much better the play did than would be expected at that point in time (based on down, distance, field position etc). So if you looked at average yards per rush, I think the graph would look more like you would expect.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/OULII-Graduation-Tassel-Costume-Accessory/dp/B07BGCRR3M
  7. I've been a Falcons fan since 1988, lived in Australia my whole life. I have made it to one Falcons game and at the start of the season kickoff is 4am Monday morning here. Daylight savings at both ends pushes it to 6am. This is me with my family this year.
  8. I felt on this throw Brees felt he put enough air under it to clear Grimes. And I don't blame him, it took a crazy play from Grimes to stop a completion
  9. Should look more like this: Jorge Taufua and Steve Matai
  10. "But Marlon Davidson only looked good because he played next to Derrick Brown" Um . . . do you know who he will be next to now?
  11. That guy is a football player.
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