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  1. They should change it from Color Rush uniforms to "Throwback Thursday".
  2. What do you do for a job?
  3. Unfortunately, I think he's a guy that will get interviews to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Then, when they hire the guy they want, its not a big deal to anyone that he wasn't chosen.
  4. I think we will, and the week after. The real test is the game at Carolina after that. I think our season rests on how we do against the NFC South teams.
  5. I played 8 seasons of what we call "American Football" but had come from a Rugby League background. I had learned how to put my head in a position where it would not get hit, which is necessary when you have no helmet. Basically, if a person is to your left, you hit with your left shoulder, so your head goes behind their legs/hips/chest. Within weeks of playing with a helmet, my coaches were telling me I was using the wrong shoulder. If a player is to my left, use my right shoulder, so my head was in front of their legs/hips/chest. Their reasoning was that my helmet would help me to complete the tackle, as the player will be impacted by it. Thankfully, I never really picked it up and switched to Offense in my second year, and if I did play D/Special teams, I would tackle the way I had been taught - head behind, punch through with your arms, grab your hand/wrist and keep driving with your legs.
  6. Winning a Superbowl is the only real cure for me. It wasn't quite the same as the 1st Superbowl against Denver - we were never really in that game. To have last year won and then lose it was so painful.
  7. 1. But I live 9000 miles from Atlanta.
  8. I play fantasy and refuse to draft Saints, Panthers or Bucs. I always have some Falcons on board, took the DEF for the first time in a long time this year! You should start Howard and put Coleman in at flex. He's a boom bust players who will win you games but you won't be able to rely on week in week out - so keep him in flex.
  9. Its 7.15pm here. I'm getting up at 3am Monday morning for kickoff!
  10. Sometimes in training camp you just need someone to practise tackling, without putting your starters at risk. I wouldn't make too much of it
  11. I have been to one game, I got my ticket from StubHub.
  12. Go to 2.50
  13. And of the Falcons.
  14. Didn't we give that away to move up already?