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  1. If a RB is running behind a G: RB G Tackler If I (tackler) go right, the RB goes left. If I go left, the RB goes right. I miss the RB and the guard is still running downfield. I was always taught to run into the guard. Not trying to push them back or anything, just sacrificing yourself to take out the G. Now the RB is one on one with the next defender who I need to trust to make the tackle. If I don't do it, I leave the next defender having to deal with the guard and the RB. So when you say "I’ve seen film where the backer will just crash into the pulling Offensive lineman" - thats exactly the technique I was taught.
  2. Coincidentally, he has the same name as me
  3. Or we could trade him, Bosher, and our next years 4-7th rounders for the Raider's 1-3rd round picks. Its OK - I've built a player we can slot in at RG who also can punt.
  4. It might seem like an easy change but everything is the opposite - your first foot movement, your leading hand, even the direction of your head. It is almost like asking a right hander to play left handed.
  5. I said our O-line vs their D-line. If we can establish the LOS, especially at RT, everything else will go from there.
  6. "We are going 6-10 and I'm not going to say why and then I'm not going to be around until next year"
  7. I think dirty is in the intention to injure someone. You can be physical (and even cause injury) without being dirty.
  8. I'm in Sydney.
  9. I'm a bit over 9000 miles away. I'm happy to sit through the 19 hour flight, its just the airfare that would get me.
  10. "Cavin" Ridley currently has 2 catches for the Bears
  11. #62

    Todd McClure is back!
  12. Right - so we should drink heavily over a backup in a pre season game - got it.
  13. He said "All you drinkers out there better stock up, and if you don't drink, you may want to." - I was just pointing out it isn't a dire situation.
  14. We need a QB to play in preseason games and we don't want to watch Schaub play the whole game - makes sense to bring in someone we are familiar with. Simms hasn't been signed with the expectation of playing in the regular season.