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  1. I have been to one game, I got my ticket from StubHub.
  2. Go to 2.50
  3. And of the Falcons.
  4. Didn't we give that away to move up already?
  5. If Schweitzer starts at guard for Chester, last year's draft looks even better! If we can land some more starters this year, the team will be set up for quite a while.
  6. I live in Australia so the geography doesn't influence my support. If they did a Ravens and adopted a whole new team identity, I am not sure what I'd do.
  7. Sydney, Australia You want to know about Rise Up? At the start of the season, for me to watch the game live, I have to get up at 4am Monday morning.
  8. Yes. It still hurts. I hope once the season starts it goes, but I think it will take a Lombardi to make it go away
  9. I've always thought Chuck Smith wouldn't want to coach. If he was our coach, he would need to stop training guys on other teams and would probably work more hours with more responsibility and scrutiny, for less money.
  10. It would be if a QB got tackled behind the line of scrimmage and got recorded as a sack, but when they watched it either the QB made it back to the line of scrimmage, or he took off to run. In both cases it would be a rush and the 'sack' would get changed to a 'tackle'
  11. In Australia, the 1pm games are 4am Monday and the 4pm games are at 7am. I can watch the 4am games before I go to work, but have been leaving the house just as the game starts the past 3 weeks. Meanwhile, when I am on holiday and would prefer 7am games I'll be getting up at 4!
  12. I like the part that says: Matt Ryan had only 8 incompletions 26/34, 396 yards, 3 TDs, 1 int, 131.5 rating On the bright side, held Matt Ryan to under 400 yards passing.