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  1. I was on my honeymoon in St Lucia. We watched it on my phone, I think it was the first game my wife watched in full. The Falcons were so dominant in that game
  3. Darren Waller is a great example of risks like these paying off. But Darren Waller stories seem pretty rare
  4. Chaisson went at #3
  5. I got myself all ready to do my first TDN mock and this is what got thrown at me. What would you do here? Wirfs? Henderson? Swift?
  6. I think they can afford to take the best player at either position because of Sheffield. If they get a NB it gives us the ability to play Sheffield on the outside and compete with Trufant/Oliver. If we can get a better outside guy we can play Sheffield at NB.
  7. I would say if we got an edge player in FA we should look at DT, CB and RB with our first 3 picks.
  8. I haven't seen them and I already love them.
  9. He's also wearing his seatbelt under his arm instead of over his shoulder. Seems like a throwback move to me.
  10. There seems to be teams in the league where receivers are open a lot. We used to be one of them, but aren't anymore. It points to us needing a new OC.
  11. That would be good, but we are still over it.
  12. Even if we don't move up today, it creates a stronger chance of one or more of these teams ending up with a better record than us
  13. Redskins up on the Panthers Dolphins up on the Eagles 2 teams with higher draft picks than us potentially moving to 3-9
  14. If he moves to C, we need to find a G. If we keep him at G, we need a C. I just feel like it is easier to draft a good C in round 2 than it is to draft a good G there.