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  1. just go ahead and fire cox, give him him the early retirement. its obvious that the players don't give a $h!t about playing for him or they don't care about playing period. do a fire sale and start making that push for the 2013 world series
  2. **** no about being bamma fan. Thats offensive to me, I'm a Florida fan if haven't figured that out by now.jesus read some of my post on here once in a while
  3. yeah baby he's back who the **** is this guy?
  4. its april and I'm about 90% sure some of these players will change their mind before next February
  5. i respect underage players on a big time college football team that didn't drink and aint no way i'm gonna put my neck out for some little brat(had a kid ask me to buy him some miller light today, told him f off) that wants to suckle on a bud light. so you think I stick my head in the sand about underage drinking. I never wanted to do any illegal activities, call me a mommies boy or what ever I don't give a **** and you still sound like your encouraging this behavior.
  6. i be lying if I didn't want him to fail as a head coach and come to Atlanta and be our DC.
  7. no more tna and hla in the wwe right now
  8. so when will murry be aressted for drinking. its popular with the walkon right now. just being devils advocate no need to get angry, girlie man.
  9. wow. encouraging illegal behavior, good job. The first time I drank alcohol was when I turned 21, never touch the stuff before and hardly drink in now.
  10. have friends who went there and said there aint bleep to do there. thats what they said not me. The closest I've been to Athens is Commerce
  11. i;m close in wanting everyone but JJ, Hanson, Heyward, McCann, Prado traded,
  12. this honky is not smarter than a 5th grader
  13. how did the last kicker from UGA do in the pros also go play in traffic on your nearest interstate
  14. congrats Hanson on a complete game, wait does this count as a full game
  15. how dare you post pics of my patients on here.
  16. drop JA#98 and 5th round or 6th round pick for Henderson.
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