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  1. just go ahead and fire cox, give him him the early retirement. its obvious that the players don't give a $h!t about playing for him or they don't care about playing period. do a fire sale and start making that push for the 2013 world series
  2. **** no about being bamma fan. Thats offensive to me, I'm a Florida fan if haven't figured that out by now.jesus read some of my post on here once in a while
  3. yeah baby he's back who the **** is this guy?
  4. its april and I'm about 90% sure some of these players will change their mind before next February
  5. i respect underage players on a big time college football team that didn't drink and aint no way i'm gonna put my neck out for some little brat(had a kid ask me to buy him some miller light today, told him f off) that wants to suckle on a bud light. so you think I stick my head in the sand about underage drinking. I never wanted to do any illegal activities, call me a mommies boy or what ever I don't give a **** and you still sound like your encouraging this behavior.
  6. i be lying if I didn't want him to fail as a head coach and come to Atlanta and be our DC.
  7. no more tna and hla in the wwe right now
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