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  1. I know it's selfish ... But i almost hope the NFL doesn't work out for Conley(According to his combine numbers, it will) just so he can come back and coach or something. Such a great example of a college athlete.
  2. Man, I wanted that TD bad.
  3. There seems to be a bit more smoke about Richt and ADGM than seen here. Lowndes confirmed but like Sac said, ignored any rumors of forcing Richt out or anything like that. Let's just get this W and 10 wins.
  4. Why do we even let ***** like this on the board?
  5. **** Kirk Herbstreit. That prick knows NOTHING and he continues to prove it. If he had half the knowledge he pretends to have he would know Richt runs as tight a ship as anyone,
  6. RUMORS SOLELY JHC's future with the team is in jeopardy and we might not see him in R&B again. with his third strike coming recently, I guess I could see it. First he was with Crowell when that went down, Dormgate with Ty Smith, and the recent incident. Again, rumors only
  7. Anyone else hearing rumblings about JHC? Hearing the worst but hoping for the best.
  8. It's a product of sorry arse LSU DB riding him like seabiscuit
  9. Hearing Gurley not dressed out.
  10. So, less of this?: THANK YOU!
  11. Probably will. Our OL really should be able to control games this year.
  12. Apparently he's serving on some Athletic committee, so at least it's not like he's foreign to them. He will probably know how important they are to UGA. He also seems to be very well respected among alumni and students. A man with high integrity and truly cares for UGA.
  13. AND.................
  14. The only way he leaves is for a HC position. And I'm not sure he did enough to deserve that kind of promotion with the load of talent we had on defense this year.