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  1. Wtf are defensive players supposed to do? Titty bump them? Football is a joke now
  2. No way they can overturn this...... right?
  3. Sometimes I wonder about Ryan. When he gets a little rattled he is a completely different qb
  4. This announcer is a joke. Get someone without Vikings connections to call Vikings games. If he pushed, it’s gotta be PI.
  5. how Tf does Vic not get him down.
  6. The guy they spent 5 minutes explaining the Minnesota connection. Not surprised he’s being a puss about 3 extra yards.
  7. 26 with one of the worst ******* football plays I have seen at any level. He’d rather take on the **** blocker than tackle Cook.
  8. Nobody gives a **** about your fantasy team.
  9. No protection. Poor decision. Gonna be a long day.