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  1. Not sure I see your logic. The government didn't directly borrow money from you to bail out the banks, they used money that wasn't there. In paying the government back they are reducing the need for taxes to be raised in the near future. No money directly went through any taxpayers' hands in the process...
  2. lol @ your obsession with documents. You as an American citizen have the right to live in America. America is in the world. Therefore you have the right to live in the world. That wasn't difficult now was it? Great argument there: "What you said is dumb, here's what I think with no evidence to strengthen it". [/sarcasm]
  3. How is it not a bad thing? Lehman collapsing affected not just all other US banks but thousands of international ones too. Banks make dozens of trades with other banks on a daily basis, some worth $billions. When a bank collapses, all of it's outstanding trades are closed. That means that hundreds of other banks lose money on deals, and a domino effect begins. It's very dangerous to say that letting a bank go could be a good thing. Banks are so interdependent, and by letting one go, you are either letting dozens of others go, or forcing your own hand into propping up others. The idea that banks would have overcome these issues is nothing more than fantasy.
  4. Yes, in the civil unions sense. In the marriage de jure sense, only by getting approval from the appropriate religious authorities. I thought you were done with this thread?
  5. When you were born you had none of those items. You were still a U.S. citizen. You are a citizen of the world because of your right to live on it.
  6. Peace, and good riddance. As I stated previously, my opinion on the matter, gay civil union should be legal, hadn't been stated yet when you began criticising my posts on the basis that it had.
  7. Marriage is a religious ceremony. The state cannot make gay marriage legal, only gay civil unions. Only the church can legitimise gay marriage. By marriage, I mean all forms of civil union, and I assume that's what my man Snellvillian meant too.
  8. And so you saying otherwise doesn't make it so either. I was stating my opinion.
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