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  1. Why come up with craziness like this. I agree with one of the earliest comments about the 3 falcons I wouldn't trade. Julio would be the last of the 3.
  2. It sounds like most of you guys want your favorite artist to perform at the halftime show. If that is the case why not busta rhymes, jay z, Kane west, new edition, usher, Mary j. Bilge, Mariah Carey, eminem, wu tang clan, outlast. You get my point I love hip hop and r & b. Some of my name would work, some may not, but there would be a crap load of people fussing and complaining about that. Madonna did a great job!! You talk about live bands we could bring out Earth Wind and Fire and some would complain.
  3. Dang fellas it was not that bad!! One of the best actually in years....it all depends on your musical tastes anyway.
  4. Would love to have him but would prefer turner. If you cough on D Mac he is injured!!
  5. I like the photo of OL girl but yeah I am not convinced on the Bucs we did beat ourselves. I do think the Lions and Bills are for real.
  6. My iPad don't even want to recognize that word.
  7. What in the blue he'll is an icky balky?
  8. I am pulling for both guys. Julio does have the better QB throwing to him, but what if Dalton is the next Matt Ryan? Julio is not the the number one option in Atlanta but Green probably will be in Cincy. It is hard to call.
  9. Jerry will be ok. No need to panic.
  10. Owens is noT playing that good but comparing him too some of those guys, I don't know. Really we need a vet CB. Is Hayden still available?
  11. I really want to see Edwards play, but I don't blame Smitty for not playing him next week if he is hurting, Save him for the season. Rodgers really did get bounced around one time in the First Qtr.
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