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  1. i've brought this up before. TD drafted 86 players between 2008-2019 24/86 were Oline and Dline 2/24 became 16 game starters, and Lindstrom and McGary appear to be making a case for 3 and 4. TD made no real commitment to build in the trenches even though he had his franchise QB his first year as GM. by the time TD made the commitment with Lindstrom and McGary it was too late. James Carpenter is someone else's seconds Mack is undersized and long in the tooth Matthews is a solid LT, but he isn't a great LT, and struggles with power and the right side of Lindstrom and McGary is young.
  2. This game was obviously slanted in Detriot's favor as far as the officiating is concerned. The two roughing the passer calls were absolutely ridiculous. I saw Ryan get a helmet down in spear position and got rocked after a completion to Ridley, well after the ball had passed the line of scrimmage Still no excuse for losing the un-losable game
  3. Lions defense was willing to let Gurley score. Stafford admitted as much after the game. knee knee and kick the chip shot and we win the game but even still the defense cannot let them drive 75 yds for a TD when the ultimate prize is on the line
  4. He’s come down in the 4th every game since owning the team. Y’all are being rediculous these players and coaches lost the game period djones couldn’t cover Hockenson and Gurley driving for a TD when the team should have just been running clock
  5. The one thing the defense could not let happen was Golladay get loose for big plays on that final drive...and we lose
  6. Golladay has been eating us alive all game and we continued to let him in the end.
  7. Yup because this oline has struggled immensely to move that Detroit front
  8. When your 0-5, and your 30+ million QB has played 11qts without a TD pass.... I think the “everything has to be perfect” can definitely be argued
  9. How did those 13 years of experience fare for Ryan on the INT Sunday? Or having enough touch to get it to Hurst, or better yet not going through his progressions and missing him on the next play wide open in the end zone again truth is Ryan’s fire or flame as you will, is dying out. Everyone can see it, whether they want to admit it or not is another thing entirely but for me, he doesn’t pass the eye test anymore. I don’t see attack mode, make a play, hit the big shot if needed. Going through all his progressions as quickly, skittish in the pocket and increasingly so after a few hits. It’s looks unnatural, the rhythm is completely off, and with the weapons at his disposal and the weight of required production as equal to contract sign and cap space required. It just doesn’t compute 29+ drives without a TD pass, with these weapons...inexcusable and to me the one stat that should be opening eyes for even some of his staunches supporters
  10. This goes back to everything has to be perfect for him to be great QB is the position that one needs to be great in even against adversity And btw...carolina was without their best DLman, best CB, and best LB
  11. QB is the one position that matters most if your QB is playing like garbage even a top 5 defense couldn’t bail him out
  12. Ryan - misses Hurst for wide open TD Ryan - throws into immediate danger for INT in the red zone this defense can get some stops this offense cannot capitalize when the moment presents itself and Ryan is at the center of the blame and the largest portion should sit squarely on his shoulders
  13. This offense isn’t deserving of a decent defense. They’ll will goof and punt after every 3 and out our defense is capable of giving here we find ourselves again on Sunday watching a defense that has been on the field all half, a offense that cannot strike when the iron is hot our problems are just as much on this offense as they are on the defense 27 drives without a MR2 TD? Is that good? Is that elite? no excuses... you have an all 1st rd line you have Julio/Ridley/Gage/OZ/Hurst/Gurley/Hill You have what most consider an elite QB this “high powered” offense has very little voltage way too often Julio drops the TD that would have likely signed and sealed the Cowboys game bears go TD/TD/TD/Kneel while this offense went punt/punt/punt/int What’s compounding this weak banged up defense...? ding ding ding an equally inept offense that cannot sustain drives, cannot pass for TDs, and too often just simply contributes nothing
  14. I mean this is so true. take the 4th quarter of the Bears for example Falcons = Punt, Punt, Punt, INT Bears = TD, TD, TD, Kneel all it would have taken is for ONE of those FOUR drives to turn into points to put a ribbon on W, yes the defense gave up 3 TDs (they are the walking wounded), you have a near fully healthy offense out there that could have contributed just something on 4 opportunities to help this TEAM. the offense is just a culpable! Ryan has and is part of the problem. That's his offense, he is the senior Falcon, the highest paid player on the team. If you have 4 opportunities to score points and come up with nothing, he's just a much the problem as anyone else. I've never understood why he is above criticism
  15. agree 100%. there shouldn't be excuses made for Ryan when this offense just all of sudden goes completely cold.
  16. yes! exactly. if one part of the team is weak, he cannot overcome consistently. I mean, I don't look at our roster and say to myself..."it's okay we got Ryan and Jones, they will overcome this teams weaknesses", we have all seen this offense go cold go stale and be merely average or below, struggling to put up 14-17pts. you look at Tom Brady, you look at Mahomes, Wilson...those are truly elite quarterbacks that can overcome their teams not being All Pro across the board. Julio will have 157yds one game and 2 catches for 30 the next. Just like Ridley, I mean he didn't even catch a freakin pass Monday night....with Julio out for an entire half....is that consistent? is that Elite? I think not. There are reasons analyst around the Nation never give this team any credit. It's time we stopped thinking they are wrong as our favoritism toward this team has allowed us to do all these years
  17. That being said, the drafting hit/miss rate has lessened since Quinn’s arrival. TD was a dog with no hair on his aas before the Quinn hire. TDs success in the draft for several years running Pre-Quinn was absolutely pathetic.
  18. DHall21 just called for his head on NFL Total Access. 💯
  19. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Glad to see some on the board have the ability to reason with facts. he’s avg. at best, really below if you work all those numbers into percentages.
  20. Again, I can’t imagine Herbert, Josh Allen, or even burrow looking much worse with these weapons
  21. I honestly cannot imagine Herbert, Josh Allen, or even Burrow looking any worse with these weapons
  22. I feel like Koetter’s offensive schemes are contradictory to our players skills and talent. The Cheifs weapons arguably aren’t any better than ours in a vacuum, it’s the play design and how those players are used. I mean hurst or Gage should be eating the middle of the field up, keep Calvin and Julio on the outsides, pull coverage away from gage and hurst. I’m seeing too many receivers in the same area again. Just like Sarkisian, same as Koetter has always been
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