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  1. Someone with 4,8xx post has obviously put some time in and isn’t just some sky is falling troll to dismiss him like what he is saying is wrong just makes you yourself part of the problem that this franchise has, it’s called denial and in some cases it can be treated and learned to work around. Maybe this is the case for you. Soft fans who never want to see the facts right in front of them i love this team with all I am, but that doesn’t make me blind to the complete dumpster fire they were today all the offseason moves and hype telling us for months that we are going to meaner and nastier only to see the product live in front us is something completely different, we all have the right to call it as we see it, whether we are one post in, or thousands in. I for one am tired of all the “lit” “pumped up” “CT” “battle” “be about the ball” talk only to see none of those attributes represented on the field. Only to keep watching the same post game presser.... ”we know it was going to be a hard fought battle and it was” ”we knew it was going to come down to the ball and we were right” and to be on the losing end of each comment he says he “knew” or “knows” beforehand tired of limp **** DQ looking baffled and confused on the sideline, watching refs make ticky tack calls against his team and not saying anything, no arguing - no emotion....because he “knew” right?!? ill always be a fan, but for now, I’ll be the realist that remember this team’s history since ‘87 when my fandom began, the team that blew a 25pt lead in the Super Bowl, the team that constantly underachieves their talent level...yeh I’ll be that guy that until they prove otherwise...I’ll call it like I see it too
  2. Anyone listen to his post game presser? How many times did he say they were “prepared”. lol my ***! your hearing the same post game presser after every game ”we knew it would be a hard fought battle and we were right” “we knew it would be about the ball” blah blah blah blah blah BLAH! For someone who preaches turnovers and whose cover zone scheme is designed to make opponents drive the field and hopefully force a mistake or turnover. We sure don’t get many
  3. For all the “lit” and “pumped” and “CT” and “fired up” and blah blah blah I see more fire and passion from the managers of the the local Minor League baseball team ive said this before and I will say this to the day I die. The Atlanta sports media is garbage, they are rah rah right there with him, they don’t ask the tough questions to keep their thumb of pressure and accountability on this franchise.
  4. The reporters even said they interviewed Zimmer during the half and he expected to see the no huddle from atlantas offense and had told his defense to expect it. But NO, what do we do....? we come out in the third down 21pts and take 7minutes to move the ball 35 yards. Complete horsepoo
  5. Thing is. The problems we have...they don’t just get solved. Bad oline Bad coaching Bad drafting and offseason decisions Bad run defense Anyone notice DQ is a joke on sideline presence. Has anyone seen him get upset and chew *** or argue a call with the refs. No different than Mike Smith, came in with fire, fizzled out to a guy that constantly looks confused and baffled at what he sees
  6. I hope all those jock riders that criticize other fans for calling out the obvious lack of achievement this team has are watching this game bad coaching....let’s talk about being down 21 points and showing no urgency while running over 7 mins off the clock in the third quarter just to move the ball 35 yards. Or calling a timeout with 34 seconds left in the thirds quarter just to turn around and get blown off the ball the next play.. or beasley giving up on a sure sack and letting cousins throw the ball away. complete embarrassment, no excuses ive been a fan since my first game in ‘87 and am all too familiar with this offseason hype about being a physical team only to yield the same finesse BS we see every year. Oh well.....right! Don’t criticize the team, just be a fan, whether they underachieve or not I guess
  7. Lol. Everyone keeps saying pull Ryan **** Schaub already left the stadium. He don’t won’t none of that
  8. Sambrailo has been getting sijce we got him hes trash
  9. So far best thing about this game is seeing #22 back out there
  10. Jets in prevent defense with 4 guys on the line against 5 oline man and still collapse the pocket. Hahahahaha
  11. Oline is worse than last year! anyone taking bets that Ryan slaps the itch out of Dimitroff after the game
  12. Really was just built up over time. A lot of that stuff are thing so got in the 80s and it’s just built up since then
  13. 75” Samsung wall mount downstairs. Only can go so big for that cubby I did run into B Finn. coming out of 104 where our tickets are, he was with his sons. Maybe I should have asked him. Haha
  14. sorry the picture quality is so terrible, had to shrink to load