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  1. On the flip side, we do pay him, have a draft that doesn’t produce immediately and cannot afford to be very active in FA. Have a mediocre pass rush again, avg. DB play and poor LB depth and no Guard play or oline depth and the probable outcome of this as you can imagine doesn’t equate to us making a championship run the 2016 run wasn’t solely a result of shannahan and Ryan clicking finally. We had solid Free Agent adds and a draft class that produced immediately. When nearly every position group on the team has a high salary player the effect is an immediate disruption in quality FA pickups and almost sole realiabity on 75% of your draft class producing immediately. You lessen your odds that way in my opinion as your not garaunteed anything with any unproven rookies or 4th day and beyond FA pickups there has to be a happy median, like the patriots, you have to know when to let go and when to keep the generational type players. Grady is a solid DT, and I like him, but he isn’t a generational type player and when the contracts TD has been handing out lately (trufant, freeman, Allen, Matthews, Ryan, JJ, sanu, etc.) we are quickly approaching that territory mentioned above
  2. I’d feel better with Grady getting that kind of money if we didn’t have Miss-fant and money for FREE-man sucking up so much cap personally I feel like this team has more holes than most would care to admit to be paying another guy huge money. Especially with the Julio deal looming. I think we are seriously looking at gaps or probable weaknesses at Gaurd & Tackle. Gaurd having derailed the inside run game and Ryan Schraeder looking less like an NFL player this season. Add in a lack of serious depth and you have the same line we had this season...again We don’t know what our top 5 highest paid RB in the league will have to offer this season after already suffering multiple concussions and missing a whole season due to injury. Keep in mind Coleman could be walking the FA plank NO Fullback...like at all. Nothing proven behind Hooper at TE a non existent Vic Beasley and a mental jigsaw puzzle in Takk, couple with the lack of any depth and release of Reed makes me think DE is a serious concern. Their is literally nothing special behind Grady...yet..... no alford and an overpaid overpaid Trucant coupled with an unproven Oliver and jeckyl and Hyde Poole make CB a ? no depth at LB outside of Jones and Campbell except for the possibility of Foye and questionable safety depth was proven this year with the loss of Neal and Allen. Kazee did okay but was obviously not on the same level consistently as the guys that were out
  3. if you'd open your eyes you'd see there are fundamental problems with this team and drafting. We have a few future hall of fame players...Ryan, Jones, Mack, Gonzalez, etc... that have carried this team and glossed over these fundamental holes, however, just like anything else small problems eventually become glaring problems and these guys aren't able to carry the team and hide them any longer. 10years and TD has 2 drafted perennial starters on the oline, 1 just got benched for subpar play. there's an issue here!!! I know you've claimed to be lazy, but one day when your not feeling so lazy, pull TDs draft history from 2008-2018 and see for yourself how many oline/dline misses this guy has had....then just for fun...see just how many misses this guy has had overall. He's smoke and mirrors. some of his skill player picks have hidden real holes on this team. you build from the inside-->out
  4. yeh ok whatever guy, no one can justify claiming trufant as a "#1" CB with his play this year, other than thats how hes listed on depth chart.
  5. prove me wrong... freeman has had multiple concussions and injuries and now sat out a full year, you really expect him to be the reliable back they thought he would be when they made him the highest paid RB in the league at the time. second of all we don't need a RB taking up that much $$, that's ridiculous, he isn't Todd gurley or Saquon Barkley Trufant is garbage and I'll never be convinced otherwise no matter what anyone says. Hes average, he hit his peak early and his talent has leveled out, alford too! TD has failed to build the trenches. 10yrs!!! and we have Grady Jarrett, TAKK, and barely a Vic Beasley to show for his drafting on the dline, and credit goes to Quinn some of that. same for the oline!! 10yrs!!! Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder to TD's drafting credit!! There is a fundamental Problem that in 10years the GM has failed to build/draft significant talent across both lines.
  6. If this franchise doesn't let Trufant and Freeman walk this offseason, they aren't serious about winning we could nearly pay a guy like Kahlil Mack with what those two guys account for on the cap. and then we could afford to have a young DB with a better pass rush. part of the real issue here is we still have TD as a GM, a guy that has failed to build the trenches his entire tenure with Atlanta. If it wasn't for free agent add on like Mack,Livitre,Poe,etc....we wouldn't have stood a chance where it really counts
  7. When your weak in the trenches year after year after year; that’s a GM problem when your getting beat by the same play(er) over and over and over that’s a Scheme-Coordinator/Coach problem when nothing is done about the top two after the season....that’s an ownership problem. There is a real fundamental problem with this team beyond this years injuries. We’ve just had enough talent at key positions to gloss over it for awhile
  8. When your beat up defense holds teams under 20pts. Your high powered offense is suppose to win those games. Especially at home
  9. Our corner play has been terrible all year. Which in some instance has affected the pass rush. Trufant had the pass break up after he held Cooper long enough to stay in the play alford got beat like a drum all afternoon to the same tune as Edelman in the superbowl We cant load up to stop the run because our corner play isn’t good enough to withstand the heat, we cant load up to stop the pass because we aren’t physical enough in the trenches to stop the run. Thia defense is in ****hole purgatory
  10. They will somehow win that just to prolong the agony. That’s what Falcons do
  11. Ok gimme first down. Refs felt sorry for us
  12. Might have a fighting chance now that Trufant is out
  13. We have no defense with a defensive coach, why would we bring in a guy that never fielded more than 1 season of good defense in GB