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  1. No track record at all can’t be any worse than a guy that has steered the franchise for 11 years and failed to build in the trenches
  2. I’d flatten the tires on Dimitroffs bicycle to possibly give Troy a chance. He couldn’t possibly miss on as many picks as TD "I understand that more and more teams want to go young and kind of groom somebody that's gonna be there for the long haul, but relatively speaking, I've got a lot of great years left and I feel that having been in a championship locker room and knowing what that looks like, what that feels like, and then I guess my job now as a broadcaster, I've been in those organizations." plus you gotta love the dudes honesty, he doesn’t pull punches when broadcasting and analyzing players and game decisions. He’s a leader, and that being said...Dimitroff is a bean counter
  3. Absolutely false
  4. Coach isn’t entirely the issue its obvious those guys on the field are, or at least some... this personnel on the field was over estimated and overpaid by a shocking SuperBowl run Allen = average Campbell = average D. Jones = slightly above average Oliver = below average Beasley = below average takk = average Davison = average and we can keep going... to us we see the name and remember we went to the Super Bowl and keep chasing that high... truth is these players aren’t who we/they thought they were
  5. Clabo most likely. Him and Dahl didn’t take no ****
  6. First of all, never absolved DQ of anything, i stayed that firing him and not getting rid of TD doesn’t solve anything. TD has the reigns of the franchise long before DQ was in the picture and nearly got his head lopped off due to lack of team building then. you quote franchise philosophy based on some obscure press conference that Blank has years ago where he never fully committed to what he was putting out there while walking those statements back during the interview when the media tried to get clarification. now piloi is gone and Blank hasn’t came out and laid any franchise order instructions since Quinn was hired. You don’t really know what has changed. to defend TD after 11 years of ?s on draft day and pick after pick failing on the lines is ludicrous. Trying to pin this disaster solely on Quinn Is laughable
  7. Not denying DQ is a part of the problem, but he’s just the surface of what you see. Like a weed, like crab grass — you see the uglyness of the weed above ground and it’s got to go, but if you just cut it and don’t pull the root. It’s coming back. Just like these are the same issues we saw with a Smitty led team. Week in the trenches and overvalued talent that has below average production TD is a bum, and if you don’t get him out of here, the next HC will ultimately be in this exact spot over time
  8. Fake news bro. only 2 out of the 5 olineman remain, your all world OC is gone, your defensive line has changed, your DBs are different minus tru and Allen, and tru is injured. You’ve got an overvalued De’Vondre Campbell and Deion Jones Playing average ball. this is not the same team. Period that kind of thinking will drive this franchise further into the darkness
  9. In your spare time, go pull the draft classes since TD has been the GM, just look at this dude’s failure rate and how many swing and misses he’s taken on talent he’s overvalued. How many swings at diamonds in the rough from small schools when proven SEC type players were still in the board.
  10. Negative bro, only two out the 5 offensive lineman that were part of the success this team had remain. got two scrub guards and rookie tackle. got Beasley whose produced 1 year which I would hardly count as being trusted production Trufant out and Neal out and your starting garbage young DBs there are 11 players on the field each time the falcons are between the whites. Just because you have a few pieces doesn’t support your argument that “these very players” are underperforming due to Quinn
  11. Any argument for TD would end just by looking at drafting and personnel decisions pre Quinn.
  12. This is not verified, just hear say. I don’t believe anything they’ve said in the past, and now that Pioli is gone — who knows who really pulls the string. i know when I see TD and DQ press conferences, I don’t see a HC that has complete control over that *** hole sitting next to him
  13. Thomas Dimitroff is the real problem with this team Just look on that field and see how grossly under talented we are at every level of the defense and how terrible our offensive line is thomas Dimitroff is the architect of the this teams drafting, and yeah sure Quinn has a problem wanting to take a guy and coach him up to be diamond, but TD has had Ryan going on 11 years now and consistently failed to build in the trenches. because of TDs failure to build the trenches you get the product we are witnessing now, a team getting manhandled and out played in every way. we also have a dire issue of offensive scheme which shows DKs complete inability to adapt a game plan to counter our weaknesses. Too many deep developing routes that allow an already porous offensive line to be put into a position where their percentage to fail is escalated immensely. Thomas Dimitroff has paid and constructed this team and stamped them as a contender, so yeh, y’all go ahead and fire Quinn...whatever...IF YOU DONT FIRE DIMITROFF YOU ARE ONLY CUTTING THE TOP IF THE WEED, NOT EXTRACTING IT BY THE ROOT. Firing Quinn does nothing, this team needs new leadership from the front office