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  1. I believe it will be Brown. I truly believe that you have to get a verygood look at him this year in games and see what you really have at TE when Tony retires. As a number 3 TE he wont see much time at TE but ST's is a way of getting use to the game speed. As a recieving option Brown brings a lot to the table. In terms of potential Brown has a lot of it and I just cannot see Brown not making it as a number 3 TE.
  2. I dont believe we go D-line but O-line could play it self out in a way we need a player there. Maybe Joe isnt what we hoped he would be and we move Konz to C and then we may be in need of a RG unless Mike Johnson steps up.
  3. I dont believe Davis will take the number 2 spot but if Redman keeps this upI am sure serious talks will begin.
  4. As far as TE I think Brown is raw but has what DK wants in this offense. I dont believe he will make any type of impact this year but if Tony really retires this year I think we will go with Palmer and Brown and bring in a vet for insurance. By 13 I do believe if Davis continues to impress that he will be our number 2. I do not believe we will go RB at all in the draft. I believe it will be Quizz, Snelling, Smith, and Nance on the roster. Offense could be an early need but I hope our guys decide all of that this year. But O-line in rd 1 could be a need. FS could be a need. I'm tired of Decoud missing tackles but I like Mitchell. But me liking Mitchell means nothing. I will say this though. The reason Franks fell was because he is a soft as a little kitten. He has no future on this team as a a nickel CB because everytime he blitzes he does absolutely nothing but play patty cake with whoever blocks him. He is strictly an outside corner and better start making plays out there. With that saidI believe we will go either O-line rd 1 or CB.
  5. I like Nance a lot as well and I believe both Nance and Smith could be our future back ups but I dont believe Nance makes it over Smith this year.
  6. He better come back quick because Smith has been her fir a but now and the guy is impressive. Its all about confidence with Smith, he broke that long run vs the Ravens in last years final pre season game and he doesnt think anymore he just goes. Same with special teams, the guy made a play and almost every special teams play after that he was around the football. Snelling wont lose a spot this year but Smith will make this team and get a chance to move past him next year.
  7. Lets be honest here, we all like Turner and I believe he will have another very good and productive year this year but I think it is easy to see that in an offense like this, Quizz is the better fit. Vs the Bengals we threw one out to Turner and he tried to make a move but thats just not his game. The guy is a true workhorse but I believe his time is up in Atlanta not because he is in decline but because Quizz fits this offense better.
  8. Guys to look at are David Garrard and Matt Moore. I believe one of them will be cut because I believe the rookie wills start and Pat Devlen? will be the number 3 guy.
  9. I dont think James has a chance, maybe we will start blocking for him better but I just do not see him making the team with Cone and Davis already looking good and its all about making plays and Davis made a big play on ST's, had a catch, and while he didnt haul in the 2nd catch the guy stayed alive and gave Matt a target. Those are the kind of things you look for. A guy that stays alive and is also aware of the situation.
  10. I wouldnt sleep on KC. I think they are a really good team and was just a playoff team not to long ago. I believe the key will be Tony G. THere will be so much attention on the outside that Tony will really have some room to make plays especially if we go 3 wide a good bit like we did last Thursday. Imo though when Quizz is running the ball no one will stop our run game, bot saying he is better than Turner I just believe Quizz has that little wiggle that allows him to slip and slide through the line.
  11. What are you talking about? When did I say he needed to reitre? When in that post did I say anything about not looking out for his? Get a grip dude and try to understand what you are reading. How do you playing for the Falcons the last 4 years play your most hated rival 8 times and getting beat for most of them go and sign with that team? And I wonder if he finds it remotely weird that is was mainly teams from our own division lookiing at him? Sure do whats best for him but there was an offer from the bucs as well as the Falcons, he went for the money and thats fine but thats not much of a leader of men. Trust me, its not like he would have been hurting if he had taken the Falcons offer.
  12. So your telling me we just let a great play walk? WHo cares what he said about the fans but you say I wanted to go to a team that has a chance to win a SB then you are without a doubt taking a shot at this franchise. But people can only be idiots for so long because once he realizes that we do play him 2 times a year and within the first 5 to 10 plays of the first game we have Palmer crack his *** from his blindside he wont be an idiot anymore. People say its business and it is, so I hope some of you do not get pissed when one of our offensive players helmets meets his ear hole. People can say thats dirty but thats just getting even, you did your talking then and where doing our talking now on the field now pick your *** up off the turf and watch what a real playmaker can do, just look for the number 56.
  13. Well maybe because since he ha been here the Saints have jsut about owned us. And while no one player could have stopped that it could atleast have helped if he had that pure hate attitude. People always said Curtis lead by example but when all your doing is making the soild plays your showing people how to be solid. Look for a guy that is vocal and will make big plays to step up and be the leader, Sean Weatherspoon.
  14. Who's playing scared? Before the season started I remember seeing countless threads talkinfg about all the taletn we had on this team and now Iguess its just gone or something. We didnt play it scared we went with a different DC and and OC. On defense we will have all of our starters returning but one, on offense we will have all our starters returning but maybe one. So where did all that talent go? oh thats right its still here. When did Roddy, Julio, TOny, and HD become not good enough? When did Turner, Quizz, and Snelling become not good enough? Oh but we didnt upgrade the oline thats right, wrong. We bring in Pat Hill wo work with and watch all of our young guys compete for starting jobs. We have competition alll over the line. I'm not going to sit here and say we are going to be good next year because the truth is when you bring in a new DC and OC in the same offseason it could be bad, ok, good, or great but what I do know is the talent is there so what did we really need to do this offseason? WHy dont you take a look forward to our FA's next year and tell me with a new TV deal that should move the cap up if we will have money to spend on a big time FA if we need one.
  15. He sticks up for BVG and MM and call people who went against both of them clueless. Now he is going to throw Nolan under the bus because we didnt resign a SOLID player. He can love Lofotn as much as he wants and bring up his stats but the fact is Curtis is a solid player and we left him in on third downs becaue? we had a rookie behind him. It's now imo true that Nolan believes he is only a two down LB but FF is mad about letting a two down player go. People fall in love with players all th etime, that doesnt bother me but tit does bother me when someones favorite player leaves and then everyone else is an idiot for it, even a guy like Nolan now is an idiot.
  16. Pound the rock, be smart with the football, convert 3rd downs and take the deep shot 3 to 5 times and we will win. Why? because that is Falcon football. Thats a good team in Detroit but this team is better and when they execute for 60 minutes on Sunday the scoreboard will show that they are better.
  17. Maybe Pat Y. Was right. Now that we got back to our real game we can now add Julio to the offense. We took our fair share of shots down the field yesterday, and as long as we are running the ball like that, and Matt is making his correct reads and throws then a deep shot a couple of times to Julio will be perfect. Not to many teams can play offense like we can, stick to our guns running the ball and Julio will make his plays. Hope he is healthy for Detroit.
  18. What will you sau when this team goes to the playoffs? The players made it happen?
  19. I'm talking about the Falcons. I havent and will not make excuses. Stop bitching aboutthe coaching, you complain so much about the coaches, LOOK AT THE **** PLAYERS. I'm worried about the FAlcons. I could care less what the Lions and Bills are doing and in my post I never once said that the first 5 games was for every team. I dont make excuses but you ***** about the wrong people. Funny how you hate on MM but we execute his plays and we score 14 points, we stop executing and its MM's fault? Your flat out wrong about that.
  20. IT does make sense to me at least because of the shortend off season. BEst way to look at it is, those first 5 games were TC that mattered, now we are going into our first game and we are going to do the things that have made us successful. Once we get back to that we can get a fair look at how we really want to integrate Julio into the offense. Any way you spin it, its a bad thing tht Julio is hurt BUT this could get the offense on track. Pull out these next 2 games and get a really good look during the bye week of what you want to do with Julio in this offense.
  21. If we cant put a 60 minute game together now after the comments then we never will. I'm not saying those comments should be a thing that propels us to play better, Im saying those comments are the type that make you want to see that team again and in our case that will only be in the playoffs and at 2-3 we have no choice but to start playing good right now. Perfect comments at athe perfect time, no disrespect from Raji, just the truth and thats what the Falcons needed to hear.
  22. I agree, but imo the biggest problem with this team is execution of plays and doing it consistently. Teams are not just flat about better than the Falcons talent wise. I mean we go up 14-0 on the Packers when we execute and it looked easy. Before I thought when we got turnovers we just happen to get them, now we are getting them every single game.. I may be wrong but I feel that the Falcons biggest problem right now is playing a full 60 minutes, I also believe once we put it together for 60 minutes then this team wont look back and we will hit the gas. I think we have a great opportunity to win our next 3. 10 wins should get us in, doesnt always but the majority of the time you get 10 and your in. So the goal is very simple, take it one game at a time and execute for 60 minutes, we do that and I believe we will when 8 more.
  23. All I know is people say we dont need to blitz Rodgers. I hope thats not serious. If we play and execute the game we need to on offense then there will be plenty of times in which we need to blitz Rodgers and try to force a turnover and either it will or will not happen. Get the ball, control the clock, and finish drives with 7. A lot easier said than done but we do that then as I said there will be times in this game to send blitzes and either we will make a play or ROdgers will burn us. But you do not get scared and not blitz becasue the other QB is good.
  24. I said after we lost to the Bucsw we would win 7 in a row so if we beat the Packers I will be happy but looking forward to going 4 and 2 vs the Panthers.
  25. Like Coach Smith said, we break the season down into quarters. In the first qt we went 2 and 2. We go 3 and 1 in qt 2. We are sitting at 5 and 3 and imo we could go 4 and 0 in qt 3 but we will say 3 and 1. After 3 qt's, we are sitting at 8 and 4 with our playoff hopes in our hands. We started slow but this team catches it's stride and we will be in the playoffs.
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