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  1. He was doing a local signing in Alabama. I asked him if he could sign rise up because I'm a huge falcons fan. He said sure and told me he hopes he is one this time next week. He seemed to enjoy his visit too. I think we could get him as a priority free agent. GO FALCONS. The picture is attached.
  2. I go watch Ealey play every Saturday. He's a JSU about 15 minutes from my house. He is really a stud. He can run and his pass catching skills are amazing. I'd like to see him at least get a chance somewhere. JSU plays Florida Saturday so he will have a real test.
  3. I can't decide who I want to be against. I guess I'll be a Bucs fan. Who are you guys for in this one?
  4. I think this guy is our starting full back week 1. I'm not even talking about his TD catch or his other 10 yarder. He was blowing up with every block he made contact on. I thought he looked great
  5. I'll take Bradie Ewing. I think he'll make an impact this season.
  6. My pick (who no one knows) is Calvin Middleton FB/RB. Just another camp body who could possibly make the team and be blocking/short yardage guy.
  7. Some of my favorites http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f14/Slayde_31/PC%20NFT/scan0014.jpg http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f14/Slayde_31/PC%20NFT/scan0015-1.jpg http://i44.photobuck.../scan0007-1.jpg http://i44.photobuck...FT/scan0003.jpg
  8. Any chance we go after him? @evansilva: RT @michaelombardi Sources close to Kameron Wimbley tell me that the Raiders will release him today
  9. ATL can't beat them in NOLA ONLY because these refs well always let them win no matter what.
  10. Last night was awful. Trying to look on the bright side. My guesses: Sean Weatherspoon Curtis Lofton MAYBE: Roddy White Who do you think?
  11. Hey guys, every year im able to get a job for the holidays and im able to buy a ticket to normally only one game a year. (Im only 17 lol) Last year it was the Cardinals game and then also the Packers playoff game. I was wandering is there anything different I should know about us playing the Saints? It'll be the first trip I make alone and since its the biggest rivalry is there anything I should know? Should I be there early? Should I take Marta? Any other tips are appriciated! Thanks and Go Falcons
  12. Really IDK, I would guess that they want you to mak in the customize zone? But that's just me. Sorry I couldn't help more
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