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  1. I'll disregard that swipe at my intelligence. I'm sure a talented OC could come up with plays and formations to maximize the potential for big plays with Moss added to the mix of players we already have.
  2. Clearly the Falcons are in a "win now" mode. TD invested a lot in Julio and Ray Edwards is supposed to give us the pass rush we've been missing. Picture White and Moss on the outside with Julio in the slot. Let Gonzales work the middle of the field and you still have the threat of Turner and now Quizz catching the ball out of the backfield. I say if we're going for it this year then go all out.
  3. That whole situation devolved because of him wanting a new contract. Then he got traded, then released, and finally ended up in Tennessee which was already a mess. I think he's been humbled by all of this and a stable situation like Atlanta would give him an opportunity to prove he can still play. Plus, it would give Julio a chance to learn from one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. Of course Moss could come in a ruin the chemistry of our team OR he could make our offense even more explosive, open up the running game, and put us over the top. Sometimes it takes money to make money
  4. Sometimes all it takes is the right situation to put that spark back in a player. He's still the best deep threat I've ever seen.
  5. so what would you guys think if the Falcons extended Moss a one year contract? I, for one, can't believe he's done. I just think he's been humbled after what happened to him last year. I just think he's dodging training camp :P
  6. Let's not forget that Julio was a star at Alabama while playing alongside Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. Plus, everyone knows Alabama has always been a run 1st, run 2nd, pass 3rd type of offense. Had Julio gone to, let's say USC or Texas, his numbers would have been off the charts. However, I think this will work out perfectly for the Falcons b/c one of his most overlooked qualities is his outstanding run blocking. That puts him ahead of the learning curve for most rookie WRs and his natural talent will help him along while he learns the playbook. I say give hime 4 routes: Go route, 10 yrd
  7. Okay, these nicknames I've been seeing are OD. IMO Julio doesn't need a nickname. We Bama fans never gave him one. But, if he is going to have one, I think Predator is a good one.
  8. Well we Bama fans just call him Julio. His game usually does the rest. ROLL TIDE!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  9. I think it'll be a combination of Nicholas and Wire, Lofton, and Peterson
  10. at this point he's purely a pas-rush specialist. But i like him b/c he could be groomed into a 3 down lineman. he played LE in college so I think the best bet is for him to remain there and start off subbing for Anderson on passing downs.
  11. Stare At The Sun- Thrice Pretender- Foo Fighters Around the Horn- The Bronx WAR- Sick Puppies Crawling In The Dark- Hoobastank My Curse- Kilswitch Engage
  12. I think JPW will make the team b/c he's better than D.J. Shockley
  13. hahahaha man I'm one of the biggest Bama homer around but that's nuts lol JPW is great at managing a game. He'll move the chains on 3rd down, he'll find the TE on playaction, and if you minimize his chances of making mistakes he's pretty good. However if you put that ball in his hands and say "go win the game" thats where the problems start.
  14. alright this one is right up my ally. As a (sometimes painfully) loyal Crimson TIde fan I've watched JPW since his first start after he replaced Brodie Croyle. He came from a very successful prep program at Hoover Hight in Alabama so he know how to win. The records are nice but they're misleading in that Alabama is traditionally a power running program. He's a smart qb and is a leader on offense. HE WILL THROW AN INTERCEPTION IN KEY SITUATIONS!!!!! Trust me on this. He has done a better job protecting the football as he gained experience but he will force a throw if you put the game on his
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