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  1. It would be ridiculous to keep Schiano.
  2. All of that while he has never been on an NFL field.
  3. Your 2 corners have never seen a second of NFL Game action. I'm not impressed with 2 rookies that haven't played a down in the NFL. Falcons fans are overrating the secondary, that's what you are supposed to do.
  4. Falcons counting on 2 corners who have never faced a set of NFL receivers? How do you even know if those 2 will be upgrades?
  5. I was in Philly for the NFC Championship game and got threatened right when I walked in the stadium for wearing Bucs gear. Then I went to the superbowl, some Raitard fans talked ****, but they had more fights with each other and Chargers fans.
  6. Sorry... I don't bandwagon hop like Falcons fans do... one year they're Cowboys fans.. the next they're Steelers fans... you get the idea..
  7. Ryan's first 5 years and Manning's first 5 years are completely different era's. In Manning's first 5 years you could actually hit people playing defense. Numbers from 2008 or 09 on are skewed by the changes to assist QB's.
  8. Well that's no good. I have been to most opposing teams stadiums, and I haven't really had anything stolen from me. But I have had beer spilled on me, spit on, cussed at, threatened and had people try and start fights with me. Of course I don't get drunk and run my mouth.
  9. Huh? I'm not a Raiders fan. I actually didn't say a word to the guy, no reason to.
  10. "Threatened" as in how? Do you mean someone threatening to murder him? If so, that is disgusting....
  11. I went to a game in the Superdome a couple of years ago.. and my god it was terrible. The stadium wasn't in the best of shape and I got threatened by some clown in a Rickey Jackson jersey. I believe his exact words were "Imma stab you." I simply laughed at him.
  12. If this isn't a re-write of some idiot Seahawks fan you really are a tool and if this is a re-write, you are a tool and a dumbass.
  13. The Rams fans were WAY worse as far as bandwagon fans than the Falcons are.
  14. Yep, and I drove back here to Kansas City in a huge snow storm, the same snow storm that killed Derrick Thomas.
  15. We would have pounded the Titans in the superbowl. That was the worst feeling of all of them.
  16. Did for the Buccaneers. What a gut wrenching loss that was.
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