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  1. It would be ridiculous to keep Schiano.
  2. All of that while he has never been on an NFL field.
  3. Your 2 corners have never seen a second of NFL Game action. I'm not impressed with 2 rookies that haven't played a down in the NFL. Falcons fans are overrating the secondary, that's what you are supposed to do.
  4. Falcons counting on 2 corners who have never faced a set of NFL receivers? How do you even know if those 2 will be upgrades?
  5. I was in Philly for the NFC Championship game and got threatened right when I walked in the stadium for wearing Bucs gear. Then I went to the superbowl, some Raitard fans talked ****, but they had more fights with each other and Chargers fans.
  6. Sorry... I don't bandwagon hop like Falcons fans do... one year they're Cowboys fans.. the next they're Steelers fans... you get the idea..
  7. Ryan's first 5 years and Manning's first 5 years are completely different era's. In Manning's first 5 years you could actually hit people playing defense. Numbers from 2008 or 09 on are skewed by the changes to assist QB's.
  8. Well that's no good. I have been to most opposing teams stadiums, and I haven't really had anything stolen from me. But I have had beer spilled on me, spit on, cussed at, threatened and had people try and start fights with me. Of course I don't get drunk and run my mouth.
  9. Huh? I'm not a Raiders fan. I actually didn't say a word to the guy, no reason to.
  10. "Threatened" as in how? Do you mean someone threatening to murder him? If so, that is disgusting....
  11. I went to a game in the Superdome a couple of years ago.. and my god it was terrible. The stadium wasn't in the best of shape and I got threatened by some clown in a Rickey Jackson jersey. I believe his exact words were "Imma stab you." I simply laughed at him.
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