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  1. Ian rapoport said it didnt happen. Look at his twitter responding to a fan!
  2. Thats the guy who got trucked by SJax in the redskins game! Lol
  3. Cheap, better than decoudless. Only missed one tackle. I'll take that!!!
  4. I thought about the same thing earlier. Maybe it does, or maybe not.
  5. Mass is coming along well. I can see him doing well at OLB in the 3-4!
  6. No, Roddy thinks the guy is a Bears fan. The fan said "Go Bears", but he was talking about Mercer. Either way, Roddy needs to man up!
  7. I like the two OLB picks...I did the same thing in my mock draft on fanspeak.......ED Reynolds is going to be the steal in this draft.....MARK IT DOWN!
  8. One will fall to the second....My bet it's Calvin Pryor!
  9. A lot of teams fixed their safety problems today....I see Calvin Pryor falling to our 2nd pick.....Or Mike Mitchell
  10. @AdamSchefter: Update from Pro Day of Buffalo LB Khalil Mack: One longtime NFL scout just said he clocked Mack in the 40 at 4.45...
  11. We have to at least try to get Byrd, even if we don't.....Make him an offer!
  12. I'm leaning towards drafting one.....Ed Reyolds in the 4th would be nice, or Dion Bailey!
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