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  1. I haven't set my status since May....That clearly lets you know that statuses are overrated!

    1. A.F.W.O.


      Only in your mind it seems! LOL J/K

  2. Man, I spent two days thinking the board was down, only to find out that it's boards.atlantafalcons.com now!

  3. I'm back!....Been gone for a while!

  4. Maybe I should start putting Bounties on the bad a** kids in my neighborhood!

  5. Bleeding Red, Black and White!

  6. Bleeding Red, Black and White!

  7. I like the new Homepage for Falconslife.com

  8. This week is gonna go by so slow.

  9. Fans keep talking about the SB. Nobody wants to make it to/ win the SB more then me, but can we win a playoff game first then talk about the SB.

  10. I'm a "Thought Leader".......Do I get any cookies for that?

    1. The Don™

      The Don™

      gotta reach a 1000 rep points first and then we'll talk

  11. LOOK!.....its a bird, its a plane.....Nevermind its just Brent Grimes.

  12. New word of the day: MEAST.........Man + Beast

  13. "I don't care about stats,'' "I never will. I just want to win.'' {JULIO JONES}

  14. I can't wait for everybody to scream "JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIO" in the dome

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