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  1. I've missed all your points, I can't get past STUPID and WE'RE PERFECT, WE HAVE GOD AS OUR QB, and so on, so I guess we'll see on Sunday .. Good Day
  2. Roll over garbage?? Arrogant little ..... you fill in the blank, You're right BILLY BOY, as a matter of fact no need to practice or game plan against us, just go out and party and get wasted, this game is already WON .. lol #JERK
  3. He keeps talking about the D being bad ... I hope BILL thinks just like him ... OHHHH they are in for a big surprise
  4. Keep thinking that, I promise you Brady will not have a easy game and either you're stupid or just delusional if you think a TEAM that has fought to get here is going to roll over and blow this game .. nobody is intimidated by Tom "crybaby" Brady or BILL THE CHEATER!!!!
  5. This is what BRADY will be doing .. sitting on his *^%# ...#GODEFLATESOMEBALLS
  6. Cocky little sob's .. FANS, COACH AND ESPECIALLY BRADY... I love the way you think, we WIN this game Boston going to be on suicide watch ... lol
  7. Could be?? Nobody really knows, It's just hard for me to believe that Shanahan could be this careless, It's HARD to get to this game so carrying around your game plan on open media day is just hard to believe, can't understand WHY he would do that
  8. I really hope this is not as bad as it sounds, Releasing a statement would really help ease my mind!!
  9. If they double him under, if it's single coverage then he'll put up some numbers, I just want a WIN .. SO BAD !!! #PatientlyWaitingForSunday
  10. Well I've only actually been to a few games live and luckilly the one I went to we won, so I can't think of a game that I went to that was horrible. But the best one was when we played the Panthers for the 2nd time in 08 that game was crazy .. the fans was crazy and the game was off the chain .. I can honestly say that I did not expect things to turn out that good! This is our time to shine in "09"
  11. I wouldn't say that he doesn't have any talent, if anything I think he's average .. I don't think he is worth picking up .. just my opinion!
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