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  1. Congrats Roddy. Thanks for the memories. Good luck on your next chapter in life.
  2. I'm with you Gazoo. Hooper is on track to be a good one. Seemed like once he got healthy and the playoffs started , it all started to slow down for him. Side note: While folks were making their picks for the SB, some were also making a BOLD prediction to go along with their pick. One I saw was, Austin Hooper catches 3 TD's. Now we know he only got one, but that still tells me other folks may be seeing what he could be capable of.
  3. I'm only 38, but I've been a fan since '89. I ain't going no where. I'll ride with the Falcons til the end. I , like everyone else, was upset last night, but our arrow is pointing up. This D is great and is only going to get better. To the brotherhood, keep your heads up... the future is bright.
  4. You keep going. You're a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. It's never been easy , why should it be now ? We have a Great Yound D and it's only going to get better. YES tonight sucks , but who thought we would be here to start with. Hold on, and move forward. Our best time ... is in front of us . Go Falcons
  5. Dude c'mon. Roddy had 83 catches, 1202 yards, and 6 TD's in '07. That was with Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman as his QB's.
  6. Last week, he said he was born in Atlanta, but then moved to Houston. Note sure at what age. Like mentioned already, he said he gave up on us after the Vick ordeal. He came across as a bandwagon jumper-imo. He said never to believe in the Falcons, until the are holding up the Lombardi trophy.
  7. Agree with Slamee. The writers strike killed Heroes season 2 and they never recovered. It's so strange because LOST and Supernatural were airing at the same time and it didn't seem to hurt those shows. Who knows. I'm very much looking forward to this, though. It seems to be trying to go the route they were at in season 3, hunting down the Heroes. Also glad to see some of the old cast involved. What was up with the chick at the end of the trailer? Making a vortex?
  8. Roddy is my favorite Falcon, but I don't think he will get into the HOF. He'll be in our ROH, one day, so it won't be that bad.
  9. This ^^^ I swear it felt like that last play lasted 5 minutes. It was f'n priceless. The shower of boos coming down was just icing on the cake.
  10. Packers 45 Falcons 31 I know a moral victory doesn't mean crap, but if we can keep it to 14 points or less- I'll be happy.
  11. I haven't seen anything posted on it so I thought I would. Roddy needs 73 yards , to get to 10,000 for his career.
  12. I wonder if she'll really know about the Terminators. It says she was orphaned by a terminator, but it doesn't say by Arnolds. This has the potential to be great, but it could suck just the same. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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