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  1. Congrats Roddy. Thanks for the memories. Good luck on your next chapter in life.
  2. I'm with you Gazoo. Hooper is on track to be a good one. Seemed like once he got healthy and the playoffs started , it all started to slow down for him. Side note: While folks were making their picks for the SB, some were also making a BOLD prediction to go along with their pick. One I saw was, Austin Hooper catches 3 TD's. Now we know he only got one, but that still tells me other folks may be seeing what he could be capable of.
  3. I'm only 38, but I've been a fan since '89. I ain't going no where. I'll ride with the Falcons til the end. I , like everyone else, was upset last night, but our arrow is pointing up. This D is great and is only going to get better. To the brotherhood, keep your heads up... the future is bright.
  4. You keep going. You're a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. It's never been easy , why should it be now ? We have a Great Yound D and it's only going to get better. YES tonight sucks , but who thought we would be here to start with. Hold on, and move forward. Our best time ... is in front of us . Go Falcons
  5. Dude c'mon. Roddy had 83 catches, 1202 yards, and 6 TD's in '07. That was with Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman as his QB's.
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