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    Hi, Adam here

    I've been a life long fan for 17 years, ever since I was seven and started watching football. I'm from Canada, but I don't follow Canadian football, just American. Some of my all time favorite Falcons are: Deion Sanders, Patrick Kerney, John Abraham, Terrence Mathis, Ray Buchannan, Tommy Nobis and Jamal Anderson (The RB). Love talking football and I hope I meet some solid Falcons fans in here ! Rise Up !!

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  1. Thanks G-Dawg, I appreciate the kind words. I used to be pretty active on here but such is life lol. I post a lot of thoughts on my twitter and if you’re on twitter you’ve probably seen my prospect breakdowns. As for content creators that actually DO research pound for pound on YouTube is the best. I was on the show as well a couple of times talking about the draft. Most of the other ones just like talking smack to one another and don’t actually watch film. I actually have a podcast with a couple of guys I study with and it’s linked below shoot me a follow on T
  2. “But I would say we're really proud of the work that he [Freeman] put back in,” Freeman said. “He did an exceptional job. His energy, his attitude, his fight, it was always on point. But as the life of a competitor, we've got tough decisions ahead. So, way too early for us to put in too many spots.” this quote makes me think that ATL will be interested in bringing in a RB while adding to the OL as well. I think Freeman gets moved or restructured to eventually be cut in a year. DQ and Koetter I’m assuming want some more explosiveness out of the backfield and likely this draft is the
  3. Really long read, but really good. Good insight on what happens to these Rooks !
  4. Wish him the best in his retirement, he was a good Falcon. Injuries got the best of him, but he was good when healthy. Have a good one Andy !
  5. I think that's going to be a huge difference in the defense this year, just the sheer fact that DQ will attack instead of sit back and wait for it to happen. I really like Kazee as a match-up in the nickel and roaming at S he's such a good player already, if he can be consistent in his tackling he can be a premier defender in the NFL. I worry more so about the DL, I like our LB's a lot and a healthy Debo means Campbell's job gets easier which means our LB core as a whole is stronger. We'll see what this DL can do. I'm very optimistic about Oliver, probably more than most. I have high expectati
  6. Really good article. Really looking forward to Training camp so what this new OL can and will look like.
  7. I hope so, I know Calvin Ridley and Mohammed Sanu posted snaps with Julio already at Flowery Branch. Looks like a deal will soon get done anyways. Would be good to have the whole group together.
  8. I myself question if we're going to be a good defense. There's just so many what if's.... You need Ricardo Allen to come back from a hard injury to come back from, Neal to not take a step back after an ACL tear (I know they're like broken bones now, doctors are pretty good with fixing them) you're banking on Takk, Clay and Vic to get on track and create a consistent pass rush, Isiah Oliver coming in and being an upgrade to Robert Alford. Top 20 ? I can see it... top 10 ? meh, if all those what if's turn into positives and everything turns out then sure. Also, if ATL was the 20th ranked defe
  9. I was reading that Ollison was looking good today. Would be really nice to hit on a back with his size/speed.
  10. Apparently Vaughn McClure said you won't see a signing until some time next week on Lindstrom.
  11. He was easily my favourite Falcon when he was here, I still own his jersey and wear the retro on game days. Now and again I'll peep those highlights.... him bull rushing Jake Long then sacking Chad Pennington was incredible lol. He was so good at getting turnovers too, underappreciated part of his game.
  12. If we manage to be a top 20 Defense I think that would be a huge win for us. I do however, think we'll create more turnovers which will be huge. Coverage sacks are going to need to happen a lot of Vic doesn't learn anything from DQ and Takk doesn't take the next step in his development.
  13. If the DL combo this year doesn’t work we need to take this same approach to that... just get as many quality guys in there and hit a good rotation. I like this thought process from Dimitroff, we finally got quality AND depth across the OL, something we haven’t had in a long time. Hoping we can see Lindstrom/McGary start this year though and them win the camp battles at there positions.
  14. Every time I look at tape of McGary, the dude is just pancaking dudes, he truly is an aggressive lineman. Absolutely love his game. Him and Chris Lindstrom vs Cam Jordan of the sAints should be a really good match-up this year. I thought he was most dominate vs Oregon and Ohio St as well.
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