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    Hi, Adam here

    I've been a life long fan for 17 years, ever since I was seven and started watching football. I'm from Canada, but I don't follow Canadian football, just American. Some of my all time favorite Falcons are: Deion Sanders, Patrick Kerney, John Abraham, Terrence Mathis, Ray Buchannan, Tommy Nobis and Jamal Anderson (The RB). Love talking football and I hope I meet some solid Falcons fans in here ! Rise Up !!

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  1. Amped for Free Agency to start. Senior Bowl week is going to be fun !

  2. I'm really excited about this, suddenly our line looks like a decent one, especially if these guys can gel early on.
  3. I would love this, visions of Vic Beasley and Bruce Irvin being unleashed on third downs is something that excites me. I love that apparently Bennett and now Irvin are wanting to come and play for Quinn again !
  4. Couldn't agree more, I've been trying to tell people TD is still a great GM, hopefully with Quinn he can gain back some fans lol
  5. So happy we drafted Vic Beasley ! Welcome home big guy ! #RiseUp !

  6. So many Draft rumors right now, Leonard Williams in ATL would be huge !

  7. I absoloutely LOVE Gregory and this video is amazing, watched every second of it. Quinn would turn him into something special !
  8. Putting this out there, I still really want Randy Gregory ..

  9. FA pretty much over, looking forward to the draft ! Still a month away !

  10. Start of FA tampering today, I can't wait til we can sign some new Falcons ! Rise Up !

  11. Combine is here ! DL/LB tomorrow, pretty pumped !

  12. Just finished my second mock off season, really liked how it came together !

    1. Knight of God

      Knight of God

      You are a good mocker! Keep up the good work man!!!

  13. Hoping the Packers win so we can sign Dan Quinn ! Lol

  14. I'm really hoping we land Rex Ryan as our next head coach !

  15. Loving the size our guys added this off season, everyone looks big ! Excited for training camp ! Rise Up