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    Hi, Adam here

    I've been a life long fan for 17 years, ever since I was seven and started watching football. I'm from Canada, but I don't follow Canadian football, just American. Some of my all time favorite Falcons are: Deion Sanders, Patrick Kerney, John Abraham, Terrence Mathis, Ray Buchannan, Tommy Nobis and Jamal Anderson (The RB). Love talking football and I hope I meet some solid Falcons fans in here ! Rise Up !!

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  1. Josh Kline from Tennessee is a guy who intrigues me. I've read articles where he just keeps getting better every year, and he's already really athletic for an OG. I'm not sure what his price range is, but I don't think it will be like Norwell and Pugh, I think he'd be a good get along with an OG in the second or third round of next years draft. Check out Kline, he's really intriguing !
  2. Amped for Free Agency to start. Senior Bowl week is going to be fun !

  3. I'm really excited about this, suddenly our line looks like a decent one, especially if these guys can gel early on.
  4. I would love this, visions of Vic Beasley and Bruce Irvin being unleashed on third downs is something that excites me. I love that apparently Bennett and now Irvin are wanting to come and play for Quinn again !
  5. Couldn't agree more, I've been trying to tell people TD is still a great GM, hopefully with Quinn he can gain back some fans lol
  6. So happy we drafted Vic Beasley ! Welcome home big guy ! #RiseUp !

  7. So many Draft rumors right now, Leonard Williams in ATL would be huge !

  8. I absoloutely LOVE Gregory and this video is amazing, watched every second of it. Quinn would turn him into something special !
  9. Putting this out there, I still really want Randy Gregory ..

  10. FA pretty much over, looking forward to the draft ! Still a month away !

  11. Start of FA tampering today, I can't wait til we can sign some new Falcons ! Rise Up !

  12. Combine is here ! DL/LB tomorrow, pretty pumped !

  13. Just finished my second mock off season, really liked how it came together !

    1. Knight of God

      Knight of God

      You are a good mocker! Keep up the good work man!!!

  14. Hoping the Packers win so we can sign Dan Quinn ! Lol

  15. I'm really hoping we land Rex Ryan as our next head coach !