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  1. I can't find anywhere to find Falcons draft alerts and players picked from specific colleges. ESPN used to do it, now they've disabled since they got their new app, and the app doesn't feature these alerts. So, can anyone help me out? I just want a way to keep up with Falcons and WVU player picks. Thanks in advance.
  2. @SeanManning_WVU https://twitter.com/SeanManning_WVU
  3. It's not that I don't want to read what you have to say, it's that I can't read what you say because it's unreadable.
  4. Exactly. Before his offseason workouts, I thought there was a chance. Not so much anymore.
  5. @SeanManning3 for me. https://twitter.com/SeanManning3
  6. You people are seriously clueless with all of the trouble talk. Literally, you are all clueless. That is all.
  7. I wanted him soooo bad, but awesome for him!
  8. For the Eagles? Thinks this causes problems for the Falcons because they now have too many corners and owe them too much money.
  9. Good lord. This reminds me so much of Noel Devine from last year. People bring up what happened to someone back in high school, yet totally want to ignore what they did in college. Bruce may have had a little too much to drink this weekend on the craziest night in Morgantown in years. Just go to YouTube and watch the I'm Schmacked video from St. Patrick's day. He hit a sign, was taken into custody until a situation was worked out, and he was let go. Simple as that.
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