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  1. CP was getting PI'd by Howard like everytime he lined up on him
  2. Don't forget Franks moving to TE
  3. From Right outside of Philadelphia. Went to Lower Merion HS (Kobe Bryant's Alma Mater), about 10-15mins from Penn Charter where Matt Ryan went to HS. Became a Falcon's fan when I was in 2nd grade and my friend got me into football and was a huge MV7 fan..so I copied him lol. Been a suffering falcons fan ever since.
  4. I may or may not have him in one of my fantasy leagues haha
  5. Anyone see Chase go for 3/3 in dropped balls in his preseason debut?
  6. Helped: Jaylinn Hawkins, Marlon Davidson, Ogundeji, Mykal Walker, Etheridge
  7. Why I am just hearing about this? I would think this would have been bigger news.
  8. Don't often see rookies being invited to these type of summits. Looks like everyone thinks he is going to be the next great TE.
  9. **** Pitts with 8! He better be the man.
  10. Moehrig, Williams, or JOK (move him to SS)
  11. Today is my birthday and my celebration is take out Thai food, some brews and the draft. Man I hope we pick Pitts. P.S. You are all invited to my birthday party!
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