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  1. Pitts and hurst with Julio andCalvin outwide would be nasty. Pitts is a great prospect. I don't hate the pick the more I think about it. Having two TEs like that and two elite WO's is mismatch heaven. Not too mention Gage, who ain't bad himself.
  2. I think it has to do with coaching more so than anything. Dan Quinn was the epitome of unclutch
  3. I wonder why he was staying in the hotel since January 11th? Probably family problems, but then why report him missing? I'm just curious not trying to hate on the man. Either way RIP VJ
  4. This is a pretty deep draft in my opinion for round 2-4, some intriguing players. if we draft right i think we could come out with some solid players that could possibly contribute right away. Help make this team a contender again next year. This is assuming our new HC and GM are the real deal of course.
  5. Happy Birthday! Always love hearing what you have to say even if i disagree! Hope you have a great day/night! @ya_boi_j
  6. I thought he was well spoken and very respectable, but I noticed the umms too!
  7. Way I see it is that Fontenot has experience building around an aging QB. Pairs well with our situation with Matt.
  8. Defensive minded coaches have not produced well for us lately. I think we gotta to go offensive minded.
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