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  1. 4real! I haven't seen Oliver get his head around once.
  2. Offense hasn't gotten it done, but defense shouldn't have let that 4th down TD up either. We need the offense to be more efficient
  3. I've seen him mentioned in either some NFL.com articles or on this Forum somewhere. He looks like he has all the tools to be a good DE in the league.
  4. I always feel the first game is a must win to set the tone for the season. But you make good points about Seattle being in playoff contention.
  5. He's made some good plays so far
  6. Looking at that...man is underpaid...but I never understand why vet QB's like Matt wouldn't mind taking a pay cut to try to get more cap space to fill out a roster around him. If your goal is to truly win a superbowl...
  7. This is what I use. I believe it used to be the reddit nfl streams. Typically there is a number of streams for each game so if one isn't that good you can switch. I have found the quality to be pretty decent.
  8. Couldn't even get Matt's picture right.... SMDH!
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