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  1. I'm excited to see Grace on the roster. I thought he would make it last year and glad to see we kept him around. I also like Foye. His athleticism impressed me out of Yale and he surely outplayed his expectations. I think Foye will start the season, but I think that Grace will see the field enough in the first few games to compete for the starting spot.
  2. BUT What's his Madden Rating?
  3. Yeah that wouldn't be bad at all. He would need to put on a little weight, but at least he can cover better than Vic Beasley.
  4. No De'vondre? I for ones like Campbell and his length. Keep Foye as a filler for when Lee, Jones, or Campbell need a breather.
  5. At first I was disappointed with the Picks. But now, I'm actually liking them.
  6. I'm glad to have Clayborn back. He is versatile enough to play inside or out. adds good depth. I don't think anyone is expecting 10+ sacks from him, but it should help make Vic, Tak, and Grady get back into a more familiar group like back when we made our Superbowl run. I think its an A+ move. I forgot he was still available. Surprised it took this long to sign the man. With that said, i still hope we address the D-line in the top of the draft. I would also like to see Hageman back or another depth signing so then we could go after CB or another D spot. I'm all about the double D
  7. For ? Duke for Duke anyone?
  8. I don't understand how we don't pull the trigger on some of these deals. a 6th round pick seems like a steal considering howard is a proven vet. Do we really value the potential upside that much?
  9. I actually grabbed this Avatar from someone on this board who used to have it in their signature. I think it is hilarious. I Love Matty Ice tho, not trying to throw shade.
  10. Yeah It was hard making the thread knowing the likelihood is .01%. Still nice to dream sometimes and play backseat GM
  11. I'd still love him on the team.
  12. You could probably get him for cheap relative to what the market is paying for backs like coleman tho because he has been so under utilized.
  13. I def agree with that statement.
  14. Apparently, Duke Johnson is asking for a trade from the Browns. I think he would be a nice replacement for Coleman. Any thoughts? Link: