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  1. Why I am just hearing about this? I would think this would have been bigger news.
  2. Don't often see rookies being invited to these type of summits. Looks like everyone thinks he is going to be the next great TE.
  3. **** Pitts with 8! He better be the man.
  4. Moehrig, Williams, or JOK (move him to SS)
  5. Today is my birthday and my celebration is take out Thai food, some brews and the draft. Man I hope we pick Pitts. P.S. You are all invited to my birthday party!
  6. No... No QB in the 1st! we do not need a QB. The pick should be Pitts.
  7. Yeah I feel the same way. People are making pretty good points. Before I saw Pitts I was in the Sewell camp at #4. Pitts is the sexy pick at #4 and maybe thats why I've been swayed the past couple weeks, but any real football fan knows it all starts in the trenches. I wouldn't be mad with Pitts or Sewell tho.
  8. With that said , you still don't want the surface to be too soft as a long distance runner. For example in XC faster times are always produced when the ground is firm, otherwise it drains too much of your energy. Personally I always preferred a harder surface. If you are a legit distance runner you should be strong enough to with stand a hard surface. Majority of your training is done on asphalt roads.
  9. I was about to say... I don't understand why these bigger schools (that spend all this money on custom apparel for their pro days) won't spend the money on setting up laser timing. I ran D1 Track and Field, and while I was a long distance/XC guy, every single track meet had laser timing/ finish line cams, (In XC we used chips on our spikes or bibs and had camera's on the finish line for photo finishes). He!! most of my HS meets had laser timing.
  10. Preach! I don't post that often, but I read these forums every single day. You've got my vote for Most Valuable Poster this offseason.
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