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  1. We got a few more years before we gotta start thinking about drafting a QB, unless Matt Ryan shows significant regression.
  2. You can catch 100 balls and not be Elite. Just like you can throw for 5000 yards and 30+ touchdowns and not be elite.
  3. Edelman is not Elite. He is a good player. Edelman is a slot receiver only. He can't play outside. He can't dominate one-on-one. There are plenty of receivers I'd take over Edeleman, so I won't waste my time to list them. Stats are important, yes, but so are your eyes.
  4. I feel like you have to expect the o-line to take a step forward this year. I think McGary and Lindstrom will both be better and assuming Mack and Mathews stay consistent.... I dont see how we couldn't be better. I call shenanigans on whoever ranked this.
  5. Nothing better than getting actual in-game experience. They now know what they got to work on and def have a better idea of what it takes to have success based off actual experience.
  6. Had me looking up some more tape on lindstrom. Couldn't find any more breakdowns on Youtube
  7. Glad the Falcons are all on one page... ready to go get it!
  8. Amen, Brother! I don't get it either. SMDH!
  9. I agree!. Have you seen that Beasely hasn't showed to Titans camp yet? He also hasn't made any announcement whether he intends to show up or opt out. The man just doesn't care. Glad he isn't here anymore. https://www.nfl.com/news/vic-beasley-mike-vrabel-titans-still-awaiting-arrival-to-camp
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