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  1. Ive blacked it out from the Trauma
  2. What happened to ricardo allen being responsible for lining everyone up? Wasn't he always praised for his play recognition??? idk about you, but i've never thought Rico was that great.
  3. This next possession can turn our season around...
  4. The announcer really said that DLed does "an incredible job of covering the falcons"
  5. Peter Konz never turned out (2nd Rounder)
  6. You just did! Yeah, that kick was a huge bummer. Could have cut it down to a 2possession game before the half and we got the ball after half. when that happened i knew we were screwed. you could just feel it. I have no faith in our offense anymore.
  7. So bad! Any sort of momentum they start to gain on offense someone manages to **** it up! I've never had confidence in this defense to stop the pass or the run. I think this game was the most frustrated I have ever been watching 57 mins of the Birds.
  8. He needs to go. This team has been spiraling out of control since the superbowl. Its not even like they have much drama or distractions. This team is not playing up to its potential and that is when you know the coach has to go.
  9. and the Offense not executing
  10. I'm just so sick of our a$$ corners
  11. I'm excited to see Grace on the roster. I thought he would make it last year and glad to see we kept him around. I also like Foye. His athleticism impressed me out of Yale and he surely outplayed his expectations. I think Foye will start the season, but I think that Grace will see the field enough in the first few games to compete for the starting spot.
  12. BUT What's his Madden Rating?
  13. Yeah that wouldn't be bad at all. He would need to put on a little weight, but at least he can cover better than Vic Beasley.