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  1. I remember an interview with Smitty right after DQ and TD got canned and he was pretty candid in that he thought the team lost sight of "the Process" after the 2012 NFCCG. What had worked previously ie. running the ball, stopping the run, limiting mistakes was no longer emphasized to the detriment of the team. The 10 yards short of the Super Bowl mentality was apparently pervasive even into the front office.
  2. Great point. The plan was for this to be Mayfield's redshirt year. That obviously wasn't possible and it was ugly for him week one. Reminds me of everyone criticizing the Terrell pick on his NCG performance against Chase. If Mayfield weren't so raw he likely would have been a first rounder. We knew development was needed before he would be a finished product.
  3. On a positive note, it is easy to lay the blame now that we suck. TD also oversaw the most successful run in our franchise's history. He easily built two teams that were capable of winning a Super Bowl.
  4. The veteran stopgap rb's (Gurley, Steven Jackson) after failing to have a backup plan on the roster to replace Free and Turner. Re-signing Tru after we literally made the Super Bowl without him healthy. Too many band aid fixes rather than thinking multiple years ahead. Overall too much short-termism.
  5. I'm a fan. I'm here for the good but will accept the bad. It makes the high's higher when you have experienced the lowest of lows. Just like with your children, you love them and they can make you proud but there are times when you will be disappointed.
  6. I'm not big on the re-tread hires. They rarely work out. Reid has adapted well and been innovative in adding the deep passing element to his WCO. I'd rather swing and miss on a young gun at head coach than get consistent .500 seasons by hiring the next Jeff Fisher. Unless his name is Belichick, I'm passing on a re-tread.
  7. I think fans will be pleasantly surprised with our team as we start to gel. The Saints seem very beatable and Panthers aren't overly impressive. We could be in a dogfight for #2 in our division which might be good enough to sneak into the playoffs.
  8. As a fan, I always hope we win every game. I have never been in favor of tanking. No draft pick is ever a sure thing, even Peyton Manning came with risk.
  9. Most cap related information I have seen shows that Matt is likely on our roster for this year and next. I don't see him getting benched this year. If we have the opportunity to take a QB in the draft next year I could see us taking the heir apparent and perhaps he gets some starts next year. Barring injury, Ryan is our starter for the next 15 weeks.
  10. I was honestly happy with the progress made from week 1 to week 2. Communication and general lack of crisp execution show lingering effects of a new coaching staff and a lot of new players on the field. I think we will be very happy with where we are come December.
  11. Proven guys are rarely available because the great head coaches rarely get fired. GM's historically don't get 2nd chances in the top personnel role after getting fired. Arians was an exception because he came out of retirement not wanting to be part of a re-build in AZ. I think both AS and TF were strategic hires designed to make the most of the resources we currently have. Blank likely thought we were not a full rebuild but needed some outside the box thinking to manage our cap situation.
  12. I think the lack of a deep ball is more of a result of lack of consistent protection than any knock on Ryan. The line held up better this week but Ryan has historically done his damage with the deep pass off the play-action. It is hard for a team to honor the play action pass with our running game no more productive than it was this week.
  13. Matt Ryan showed me that he is not the problem. His boxscore didn't really do him justice as 2 of the int's came off deflections. When he has time to throw, he can definitely still get it done.
  14. Man Bosher was very underappreciated during his time here. I became a fan after watching him punt first hand at a pre-season scrimmage they held at a local high school around 2012 or so.
  15. 1 - Falcons pull out the upset of the champs. 2 - Matt Ryan does not turnover the football. 3 - Pitts gets into the endzone.
  16. Let's remember that AS is a first year head coach and there may be some growing pains as he adjusts to all of his new responsibilities. When your only concern is calling plays on gameday, you can focus on that aspect to be the best you can be. He may need to learn to delegate certain aspects of in-game management if he feels he is getting overwhelmed.
  17. Great to see this level of analysis from Baldy. Hopefully Philly just called the perfect defense on this play. It does make you wonder about what Pitts is doing on the sideline though. We need to see some adjustment and less predictability in week 2.
  18. Bucs edge out Falcons on a last minute FG 30-27. This is a division game, we just got embarrassed last week. Coaching staff and players should be highly motivated to make a statement this week. I just think the Bucs have too much talent to overcome.
  19. I think we have the defensive talent to play middle of the pack defense, which with our offense playing up to its potential give us a fighting chance most weeks. What name players did the Titan's have on defense when Pees was there aside from Casey and Byard?
  20. The first two drives illustrate we can move the ball if we keep the game script to our favor (play with a lead or behind by no more than a touch). Another silver lining is that we won't be guilty of peaking too early in the season.
  21. I have been excited for Gono because he has had time to develop and thought he was going to breakout this year as our starter at LG.
  22. Schofield and Garland have experience in the system but honestly they aren't very inspiring. We might be better off rolling with Mayfield/Gossett at this point in time.
  23. Makes sense. When the going gets tough as a fan let's give up and play for next year. Let's start tanking beginning in week two. I am willing to give AS and TF a legitimate chance to turn things around. Let's become the Cleveland Browns of the 2000's-2019 and hit reset every other year and see where that gets us.
  24. Let's face it, the expectations are too high for Pitts as a rookie. Maybe he becomes a difference maker but to expect more than 500 - 600 yards and 6 td's is likely pushing it. Tight ends rarely hit their stride until year 3.
  25. We seemed to get decent pressure as a unit but could not take down Hurts. It is also going to be hard to get a lot of sacks when your opponent doesn't pass more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. It was like watching a death by a thousand papercuts with how the Philly offense attacked us last week.
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