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  1. We have always drafted for need in the TD era and it has worked more often than not.
  2. I think this could turn out to be a really good signing for us. The G-Men had to move on after they acquired Zeitler and Brown probably didnt want to come back as a backup.
  3. Regardless of what you want to believe, 4-6 $Million per year is the going rate for lineman with starting experience.
  4. Good football player and would give us some leverage for Debos new deal.
  5. Be thankful we are laying in the weeds. There will still be players available after the other teams have spent their money. Or maybe a good player will get released (Zach Brown) after a team signs a newer shinier one to appease their pathetic fans.
  6. The market will reset itself again. The Falcons are staying patient and will likely swoop in and get some bargains in the days to come.
  7. Just wondering what you would consider trading Grady for. Considering how deep the draft is on the DL would you consider trading Jarrett for anything less than a 1st rounder? I honestly doubt there is a team that would give up a first for him.
  8. I highly doubt they would. It is not their style. I was honestly surprised they re-signed Hightower for what they did. They have taken the tact that Brady is the only irreplaceable on the team and honestly I believe if Belichick had his druthers they would have kept Garoppolo over Brady.
  9. No doubt some tough decisions will need to be made. That's what happens when you draft well.
  10. We have been tight before and we still open the season with 53 on the roster. We'll figure it out and find the least painful way to keep Grady and field a competitive team.
  11. I was in favor of re-signing Grady but the longterm salary cap ramifications has me thinking otherwise. Remember we have Debo and Hooper coming up as well as possibly extending Julio. With Quinn in the fold, I say we load up at DT in the draft and call his bluff.
  12. If our offense can approach the level they were in 2016 top 15 will do it. I could see our defense getting hot at the end of the season and playoffs much like when DQ took over in 2016 or the Colts in 2006 but not play at that level for an entire season.
  13. Not saying we won't trade up, but this trade doesnt seem to fit the Falcon's MO which is to target players in the first that are considered safe picks with a low bust probability.
  14. I could handle it as a late signing in the Summer. I just dont think we should make plans for Levitre being a contributor.
  15. I really liked Simmons as an option for our first rounder before the injury.