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  1. That's what stands out to me the most is efficiency. Yardage and scoring can be somewhat situational, (garbage time comeback attempts). What is important is do you capitalize when you get into the redzone and convert for 1st downs between the 20's. Arthur Smith and the Titan's offense did that last year.
  2. Ridley is by far our most valuable trade chip right now. I think it is much more likely we trade him at some point than Julio due to JJ's massive contract. I'm not clamoring to get rid of Ridley, but if it gives you an opportunity to improve your team overall you should consider it.
  3. I agree. The resume is pretty impeccable when you look at what he did with the Titans the past 2 seasons. He has also survived multiple coaching changes in Tennessee which says something as well. We have more talent at every position on offense right now than they do outside of runningback.
  4. Keep Ulbrick as DC and bring on Wade as a consultant. Probably won't happen but would be a nice mix of experience, youth and continuity.
  5. Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles (won a Super Bowl). Maybe it has more to do with teams rarely giving 3rd to 4th round picks extensive opportunities to be a starter than talent being available at that juncture. For every one of these there is another Colt McCoy, or Danny Wuerfel but the hit rate probably isn't substantially lower than QB's in general. You can definitely find QB's capable of winning a Lombardi after the early 1st round picks.
  6. I think Mac could sneak into the 1st round. He has likely solidified himself as a day 2 pick at the least. Stranger things have happened of course.
  7. 1 year is an eternity in college football. To think any NFL executive would make a decision based upon this is absurd. You make long-term decisions based upon your football team not what you think may be available over a year from now.
  8. Mora had us in the NFC title game in his first season. The last 3 coaches not named Petrino have gotten us to the NFCCG or further. I would say Blank's record has been respectable at the very least. We can definitely do better but none of his hires have been colossal flops outside of Petrino and there were extenuating circumstances (ie. His franchise QB was about to spend the next year in prison).
  9. Blank's track record for hiring hasn't been bad. Each head coach and GM he has hired outside of Petrino has had at least some success. McKay did some good things while he was here as well but many are quick to forget (Acquiring Abraham, Coleman, Roddy White, DeAngelo Hall to name a few).
  10. They have talent to work with. Hopefully he succeeds.
  11. Good point. Our last 2 coaches came out to have decent to above average starts ( Quinn 8-8 in 2015, Smitty 11-5 in 2008). The entire coaching staff will be important.
  12. It was a shame Abe was hurt for the most part in 2006 then we let Kerney walk in 2007. The two best pass rushers we have had bar none since I have been a fan.
  13. I've said this before as well. No harm in trying the experiment in the off-season. If he doesn't work he gets cut but I think it is unlikely he rises above a #3 or likely a #4 CB in the NFL.
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