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  1. I think this is driven by ego more than anything and wanting to be proven right. It does take time for players to develop but one's draft or even free agent pedigree shouldn't override playing time decisions.
  2. A loss like the Cowboys could send the team in one if two directions. 1) The players lose all respect for Quinn and see him as a lame duck and we fall to between 4 and 6 wins. 2) The embarrassing loss against Dallas lights a fire under everyone in the organization and we go on a major win streak to finish with 11 or more wins. I find it unlikely that we finish middle of the pack again this year.
  3. I have a ton of respect for Smith and he is definitely one of the top Falcons coaches of all-time but we topped out during the 2012 season. He showed he was good enough to get a talented team to the playoffs but he couldn't take the next step. We had similar problems under him in that the defense still underachieved.
  4. GM - Dimitroff Dimitroff has done a better job than any other personnel man in Falcon's history of stocking his team with talent. The team has underperformed at times due to inferior coaching, injuries and a lack of vision for the football team and scheme. HC - Jim Harbaugh. Lets face it there will likely not be a more proven HC available and this one may not even be available depending on what happens at Michigan. He turned around a downtrodden franchise, one that reverted to hot garbage once he left. He should at least have more to work with in ATL for his 2nd go round as NFL c
  5. Quinn and staff are coaching for their jobs. I honestly think Quinn could get the axe if we lose this game especially if it is in disappointing fashion. If he doesn't make any adjustments and get the best players on the field after last weeks embarrassment then he deserves to be fired.
  6. Interesting stats and I am not surprised by this. It also seems illogical to take this approach when we have to be one of the worst teams over the past 6-7 years at converting in short yardage situations via the running game.
  7. I think Matt Ryan is underrated by the media, but you really can't say he hasn't had weapons at his disposal. He has had the #1, and #2 receivers in Falcons history and one of the top 5 greats at the TE position. I would argue that Russell Wilson produces the most with the least talent around him among NFL QB's.
  8. Why not give Blidi Wre-Wilson a shot? What do we have to lose?
  9. The killer instinct is definitely missing.
  10. This is very true. Having been a lifelong Falcon's fan you realize that this team has only in the 2nd half of my fandom been consistently relevant. Sometimes I wonder if Blank is content with consistent relevance over greatness.
  11. Maybe when McGary gets back they shift Gono to LG. Get the 5 best on the field.
  12. When is the last time we got a good chunk of rushing yardage based off of playcalling? It had to be during the 2016 season when Shanahan was calling plays. We sometimes don't even get the yardage that is blocked. The defense is never caught off guard at all when we run the ball. Too predictable.
  13. Great landing spot for Sanu. If healthy I think he can have an impact for them. Sanu brought an interesting dynamic with his gadget play ability when here. No one on the roster quite like that right now.
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