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  1. I would honestly rather use any available cap space on a vet pass rusher. Grant should be a rookie starter with Harmon an experienced vet. Harris and Hawkins are good depth as well.
  2. He has some ability to get upfield. Worth a flier.
  3. Let's be honest. We have underachieved since 2018. Matt has gotten a little older and Julio is gone but we have the pieces to be successful. Arthur is smart, flexible and has surrounded himself with good coaches. If we get above average coaching as I expect then a wildcard spot will be within reach. It will be tough to knock the Bucs off their perch but anything is possible.
  4. Getting the youth interested in the NFL is a big reason I would say. Perhaps the biggest threat to the future of the league is that the best athletes will choose to be playing other sports rather than football. Parents are already choosing to have their children forgo participation in contact sports due to head injuries.
  5. In both the Green Bay and Giants example I would say it was a matter of a bad match-up and good gameplanning by the opposition. The Packers were very explosive and knew they had to take away our power run and play action with some early scores. From what I remember in the Giants game their defensive front four just manhandled our line. I think the Carolina game was the players had given up on Smitty and even a playoff appearance might not have saved his job. Overall he was probably the best HC we have had but after the NFCCG in 2012 we fell into the trap of thinking we were basically a l
  6. TF and AS didn't convince AB they were the right choice with a multi year rebuild. I think they have plans to be a playoff team this year. We should be the second best team in the NFC South behind TB. The talent is there if they are coached up. 8-12 wins is where I would put my money.
  7. While I hate to see Julio gone, TF really turned some chicken $h1t into Chicken Salad with the comp. I just regret never getting a title while Julio was here.
  8. The big difference is that there are only 31 other men on earth that can do what Matt Ryan does and maybe only 10-12 on the same level. For most of us working stiffs we are replaceable with much longer career longevity than an NFL player. Again I think there are conditions where a player might be willing to take a pay cut due to lack of leverage or trust that has been built with the organization but I don't think either of those are the case with Matt.
  9. Deion didn't start winning Super Bowls until he went to teams stacked with other Hall of Famers in the 9ers and Cowboys. I doubt he pushes us over the top even on our 98 team. Reeves was kind of Mike Smithesque. Good enough to take a team to the playoffs but we really didn't develop any guys while he was here beyond maybe Brooking and Kerney.
  10. While I don't think TF and company were ready to hitch their wagon to Matt Ryan longterm, I think they understood that keeping him for likely this year and next year were the most pragmatic moves. My opinion is they get serious about finding a successor next offseason irrespective of how he plays this year. I think a little more rapport and trust would have to be built before Matt is willing to take a payout. The Steelers have had the same front office and HC for going on 2 decades so I think Roethlisberger and Brady comparisons are not valid.
  11. I agree that Darby could be a sleeper. I love his enthusiasm and he definitely has some skills that would make you think he could become a player with a little refinement.
  12. Exactly. I don't expect much from this signing but it never hurts to have depth to compete.
  13. There is really not much you can tell this time of year aside from who shows up in shape and perhaps what the pecking order looks like initially. It is a slow period for football news so I'm not surprised we continue to see these types of reports.
  14. He brings experience but is probably no better than a #4 receiver on a good team. I would be fairly surprised if he sees the field much barring a major injury.
  15. That's not coaching. The best coaches take the players they have and put them in the best position to succeed. A good coach creates synergy in his personal such that the sum is greater than the parts.
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