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  1. The dude has honestly balled through two games making Senat an afterthought. I would be careful to extend him however as I can see him cashing in big on the open market. If we could do something team friendly I say yes, but he is likely looking for 8M+ given where the market is for DT's now.
  2. We match up fairly well given our wideout talent and their deficiencies and inexperience in the secondary. We have to be able to contain their running game and limit turnovers however.
  3. I wasn't able to watch the game but you can't have all of the negative plays on first down and expect to win many games.
  4. Honestly the first game is arguably the most meaningless game of the season. I remember getting beaten by the Bucs in the 2016 home opener in our Super Bowl year. I would rather take the loss now with time to make corrections than November or December.
  5. Ryan, Julio, Sanu, Devonta, Hooper are either in the last year of their contracts, will likely be in decline or off the roster next year. We have been patient as fans but if this team is to hoist a Lombardi in the Ryan era it needs to happen before they blow this thing up again.
  6. I think the draft pick value chart is still useful for NFL teams but only to the extent that all draft picks are viewed in a vacuum as chances to land a starter or heavy contributor to your football team. I would gladly trade three chances at potentially a higher value per the chart for one pick that had a high probability of becoming an impact starter ie. Julio and Trufant earlier in their careers. For scouting departments like the Falcons and Patriots that give undrafted players a legitimate opportunity to earn a role having tons of draft picks is less advantageous.
  7. Haskins had inflated college stats playing under a great OC with great talent around him. The situation in Washington isnt good either with a flawed roster and Jay Gruden likely coaching for his job this year.
  8. This team was built to compete for the NFC South crown and NFC title. Anything short of a playoff run will be viewed as failure. The window ia closing for this team and Dan Quinn is likely coaching for his job. There is no looking toward next year with our aging roster at the skill positions. There I said it.
  9. I thought the guy was a solid player, but now is on his 4th team. I doubt he brings much to the Stains.
  10. The guy has talent and it's not like he did anything illegal. Players are given second chances all the time. I wish him the best and hope he turns his career around in Seattle.
  11. Sorry missed that. Thought he had a great pre-season.
  12. Just got cut by the Jets per Rotoworld. I would have given up a late pick to acquire him as he is unlikely to make it to us on waivers.
  13. OFFENSE QB - M. Ryan, M. Schaub WR - J.Jones, M.Sanu, C.Ridley, R. Gage, J. Hardy, C. Blake RB - D. Freeman, I. Smith, Q. Ollison, K. Barner FB- R. Ortiz TE - A. Hooper, L. Stocker, J. Graham LT - J. Matthews, M. Gono LG - J. Carpenter C - A. Mack, W.Schweitzer RG - C. Lindstrom , J.Brown RT - T. Sambraillo, K. McGary DEFENSE DE - V. Beasley, T. McKinley, A. Bailey, A. Clayborn, J. Cominsky, A. Larkin DT - G. Jarrett, T. Davison, J. Crawford, D. Senat, R. Hageman LB - D. Jones, D. Campbell, F. Oluokun, D. Riley, J. Grace SS - K.Neal, K. Ishmael FS - R. Allen, S. Neasman CB - D. Trufant, I. Oliver, D. Kazee, B. Wreh-Wilson K. Sheffield, J. Miller P - M. Kosher PK - M. Bryant
  14. Let's see what type of preseason Hill, Ito and Ollison have first. Their are several teams that are stacked at RB that may have to unload some good talent. I would prefer a cheaper option as Freeman insurance.
  15. Matt is obviously in really good company but until he gets a ring it is really hard to compare him to those two. The league has also drastically changed and passing stats are going through the roof. Guys like Mahomes and Deshaun Watson will probably surpass Ryan's numbers by year 8.