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  1. Who really knows this year. I do believe that continuity will be paramount and the teams that return the majority of their roster in tact will have an advantage.
  2. Anything better than 800 yards rushing 10+ TD's and 4 ypc or better will be a win in my book and good enough to be a playoff team. Hopefully Ito or Hill can develop into a nice complement and we can have a consistent run game. I truly think Gurley is a rental as it hasn't been our MO to keep guys after prove-it contracts.
  3. K-train is spot on. Doesn't prohibit team from re-signing the player but the likelihood is that the player will move on.
  4. Ito is probably a slightly better version of Jaquizz Rogers. Decent depth but not starting material.
  5. Freeman was one of my favorite Falcons during his tenure here but we had to move on. Still not sure why Hill didn't get more opportunities down the stretch. There was absolutely 0 downside to seeing if he could carry the load. The games he started it seemed they were afraid to run the ball.
  6. Should fill the Ishmael role if nothing else and Hawk doesn't step up.
  7. I definitely didn't hate Campbell especially for what he was. Getting a mid rounder that develops into a dependable starter is a win every day of the week. We just couldn't justify tying up the cap figure it would have taken to keep him. If Walker is at least Campbell's equal then it is a very solid pick indeed.
  8. Agreed. Fowler can't do it all by himself. I would be happy to have 8 guys get 4+ sacks with no one more than 6 if it meant we were getting consistent pressure and playing top 10 defense.
  9. These kinds of moves rarely pan out but there is little risk if it is indeed a 7th as reported. Would be nice if it is only conditional on making the team.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if we added another vet, but Blidi played well when given a chance. Perhaps Morris can maximize his skills.
  11. I'm definitely not holding my breath on him turning the corner, but there is no downside to keeping him. At the least he is cheap depth and could potentially be productive in his walk year. We really have no experienced edge player now outside of Fowler.
  12. I don't see Mack getting cut this year regardless of how well Hennessy plays. It is too big of a risk turning the pivot over to a rookie especially with TD and Quinn potentially fighting for their jobs. If Henny plays well in preseason he may be our starting LG.
  13. I wouldn't be against keeping Mack as long as he can still play and the deal is commensurate with his level of play. I thought we probably moved on from McClure a year too early and you saw how we struggled for a few years until he was replaced.
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