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  1. You can also point to Pete Carroll and what he did. It took some balls to start 3rd round midget Russell Wilson over prized FA Matt Flynn in 2012.
  2. Investing so many resources in the OL in Free Agency and then double dipping in the first round was a head scratcher to me. If you know you are going to re-sign Sambrailo for fringe starter type money, why trade up for McGary? This is what happens when you essentially put an ultimatum on your coach to get it done this year (return to the playoffs, win a game or two) or he's gone. Short-term thinking that doesn't work out hurts you long-term.
  3. Agree that to have sustained success you have to go against the grain. This is why you see the Pat's reinventing themselves every few years. Outside of Brady and Gronk there have been no sacred cows or schemes.
  4. Bryant was definitely one of my favorite Falcons and I wish him well as he writes his next chapter in life. Probably the most clutch player in Atlanta history that I can recall during his prime.
  5. In looking back, below are some moves I believe we regret. #1) Re-upping Trufant to a big extension coming off injury. Remember we made our Super Bowl run with Jalen Collins starting in his place. #2) Re-signing Freeman to a mega contract after the Super Bowl. I mean I understand why we did it at the time but it was unnecessary considering our depth at the position. Freeman's injury history and running style made it a risky move. #3) Giving Beasley the 5th year option. We could have easily used that money to sign someone like Brandon Graham or Justin Houston.
  6. I think it really depends on if TD returns or not. If a new GM comes in then they may let Hoop walk.
  7. Pernell McPhee just went down for the season. The Rams got Dante Fowler last year for a 3rd and Beasley is just as accomplished I would say.
  8. The biggest difference between this team and the team that was up 28-3 in the Super Bowl is that we had a pass rush that could get to the QB and a dominant 1-2 punch at RB. Coming into this season, the success or failure of the team would lay upon Freeman's healthy return from injury and Beasley and or Takk stepping up as a pass rusher. In order for Quinn's scheme to work, you have to get pressure from the front four and it has been nonexistant this year. I'm not sure why Beasley has regressed so much since his breakout sophomore year (perhaps having him drop into coverage 1/2 the time has something to do with it.) but the failures of this team are due to a lack of running game and pass rush. A healthy running game will do wonders to mask deficiencies on the OL.
  9. Pretty clear now after the loss we will be sellers at the deadline this year. Would need a miracle and to win out and get some help.
  10. I know there are varied opinions about Ryan among the fanbase, but how would you react if he were to pull a Carson Palmer power play and asks to be traded or retires?
  11. Quinn desperately needs to rehab his image. I say he goes back to college as DC or DL coach in NFL. No one will want him as a HC after this season is done.
  12. Fun fact that the Chargers had two Super Bowl winning QB's that they passed over for Rivers (Eli Manning, Drew Brees).
  13. I was thinking they should start Sheffield on the outside and swap Kazee and Rico. Kazee is a ball hawk and I think having him play centerfielder may be a catalyst for our defense to create more turnovers to slow defenses down. Oliver did play better but we need to give Sheffield more opportunities.
  14. The benefit of waiting until after the season allows you to better evaluate the season as a whole rather than make a knee jerk move based off a loss or string of losses.
  15. Lol. Bill Cowher. He is just a name and hasn't coached in over a decade. I doubt many of the players in the upcoming draft even watched football while he was still coaching to know who he is. It seems that younger coaches that players can relate to are the way to go rather than bringing in a retread HC.