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  1. I was shocked to see the third round go by without this guy being picked. He is said to be the best balanced combination of blocking tight end and pass-catching tight end in the draft, but he tested positive for weed. Can you see past that? If so, do you think we should draft him as the apprentice to Tony G? It would really suck to have given up our second in such a talent-rich draft for a guy who we get two years of production out of, without getting the benefit of him teaching our TE of the future.
  2. I was happy with the Sean Weatherspoon pick, as he is a rangy, coverage-type linebacker which is what the league now requires. I automatically penciled him it at strongside, covering tight ends and what not, but according to some things I have read, he would be heir apparent to Peterson? I had thought Nicholas was the heir there, due to that being his natural position. If Sean truly is supposed to be our Will linebacker, I think we should seriously consider drafting Kam Chancellor, S, from Virgina Tech to complete our linebacking core, and make them potentially the best pass coverage set in th
  3. No, but the idea would be that we would be trying to introduce Biermann and Sid to the system, so while Abraham would be the starter, Sid and Beer would get a few snaps too. Basically, we'd try to give them a foundation for one of them being the starter in the future. I know that Abraham supposedly didn't like the 3-4 with the Jets, don't know if he'd want to participate in those plays... And Bab's strength is penetrating, Anderson is good at holding the point, which is exactly what you need from a 3-4 end.
  4. Actually it doesn't, Anderson would be taken out in passing situations. Babs would be in on passing situations, but also on some run/pass downs, like a traditional UT/NT alignment. Anderson WOULD however be in there should we be using the 3-4. I don't think you'd argue the fact that he's a better fit than Babs in that scheme, would you? And to the guy above, Taylor Mays is a first rounder and will likely demand to play safety. Kam is only an above-average safety, due to his liability against the deep pass, so he is a third rounder at best, but has everything you in that intermediate coverage a
  5. I guess the term "situational usage" means nothing to you huh? The league has proven to me that the DT-DT scheme (with guys who legitimately fit it) is the superior alignment, and that is what I based my defensive strategy on. We would still use UT-NT, but not on every down. Then again, you guys probably think I'm psycho anyway, because I'd entertain training Babs for a first or a second and third, or maybe even a second and 4th. This is a great article with Mike Smith talking about Henderson and Stroud. They were an incredible tandem Basically, in scouting the nimble Oghobaase and the powerf
  6. Dammit. That's okay though. I still bet that if somebody were to offer them a 5th they would still consider giving him up. What do you guys think about us switching to a base DT-DT scheme? We would still have Babs in on more obvious passing downs. And what do you think about Kam Chancellor as our OLB? Unlike Mays, he shows good tackling technique, and has actually played something real close to the position as a college rover (like Urlacher). As this league becomes more and more of a passing league, I think a premium should be placed on guys who are natural in coverage like Kam. He also has gr
  7. What do you think about the idea of getting Kam Chancellor to be our Strongside linebacker? He might be subpar in deep coverage as a safety, but he has a nose for the ball and good technique andphysical ability to transition well to outside linebacker. I think he would be able to cover just about any tight end.
  8. In this post I hope to lay out a scenario by which our defense could become not only the best in our division, but one of the best in the league, and without more than 3 or 4 personnel changes. Here are some observations I have made about defenses in the league, which will explain my plan for our defense. As defenses go, it appears that 3-4 reigns supreme, with the Jets,Ravens, and Steelers all regularly having the best performances among the league in recent time. While a 3-4 was not represented in the most recent Superbowl, this is more a reflection of the dominance of the passing game in fo
  9. I've always wondered that same thing. Having a guy hidden could really screw with the protection schemes on the O-line. One reason I think Elvis Dumerville has been so effective for the Denver Broncos is his short stature (5 ft. 11) . As a rush OLB he kind of dissappears behind the D-line.
  10. When you run the two TE set alot, and don't have a TE with WR speed, you either have safeties keyed into the one or two Wide-outs who CAN go deep, or you tip off your intentions by switching formations to something with more receivers.
  11. I laughed, and hard too. I love this team, but it has alot of growing up to do.
  12. My opinion is, my basic hope for this team this year is to get to 9 wins. Everything after that is gravy. We simply don't have the defense, or play-calling on offense to go deep in the playoffs. And call it a defeatist mentality all you want, but next years draft is absolutely amazing, with probably EVERYBODY who is elgible declaring, due to the rookie cap that is expected to take place. As long as we get get that stupid "back-to-back" curse off of our backs, I'm perfectly happy with having earlier than expected draft picks. A draft pick in TD's hand, is worth one or two playoff games in the
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