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  1. Papa Mora was not purple. He was working blue. Which is more apt when mentioning the Falcons and playoffs in the same sentence.
  2. It's going to be a beat down. Hope Springs eternal but if you're realistic you'll be less disgusted than you were last week.
  3. That he was only sacked 3 times is amazing. Hurts was sacked once. I'm guessing by the wind. If the tables were turned, I doubt he would have done better behind our beaded curtain of an OL, than Ryan did. Mobility or not.
  4. We've had our share of opening game stinkers but this one really stings. Maybe it's because I live right outside Philly and will hear the other side of it all week but mostly I think it's because we were just bad. They looked like every bad team you've seen be bad. Whether it's the Jets, Browns, Jags, etc at their lowest, that's what this team looked like yesterday. Especially, since I know this Eagles team stinks. Their fans didn't even expect to win this one on the road. We've been blown out by good teams. Lost games at the last minute or when a few plays didn't go our way but getting beat down by a bad team in the home opener is a real kick in the teeth.
  5. We know you have the internet. You could have googled this ****. Otherwise, just say what you want to say on one of the dozen other Matt Ryan sucks threads today.
  6. Watching QBs with all this time in the pocket like Stafford just had makes me sick
  7. We should trade for an athletic mobile QB like Brady he never gets sacked. He's probably the most elusive QB to ever play the game.
  8. You can try to get rid of Ryan all you want but his cap hit ain't going nowhere
  9. We're going to learn a lot about the team today. If we come out and barely win a sloppy game, we know we have work to do. If we lose, we're probably not a playoff team. If they blow the Eagles out at home, like good teams do to below average teams, we'll know we've got something. Slow starts have haunted the team for years, regardless of the outcome, how they look will tell a lot about the coaching staff and preparation. I would bet on out staff over theirs given the similar circumstances but you have to show it on the field. I think the team will be better by season's end than they are today but today we see where we're starting. Let's put the league on notice and remove any lingering negative perceptions.
  10. I wish they would've waited to draft McGary in the second round just so I would have to keep hearing horses**t about how may first rounders are in the line every year. Apparently, a first round lineman has never failed. More than two means it illegal to hit your QB and every RB gets 1000+ yards.
  11. Yep. Scheme can only help but so much if you have a turnstile in the middle of your offensive line.
  12. Maybe just let those who pay for The Athletic read it and stop posting the articles. I'm tired of this ****.
  13. I like this. Give him #19 and send them both in motion pre-snap, like a shell game.
  14. Yeah, I was all ready to roast this but he was actually pretty accurate with his assessments
  15. After thinking for a second, I like it. He's basically a bigger, more experienced version of what we hoped Hawkins could have been. Slots right in between Davis and Patterson. Good backup for both. Ollison wasn't able to get on the field for either regime. I like the man but it was probably time to move on from the player.
  16. Maybe I need to rewatch because the only thing that stuck out to me was him getting pushed straight back into the QB, in a one on one, like a chump. Smith was terrible but I don't recall much resistance from the entire left side. Mayfield could have been out by then.
  17. Maybe but I think it's easier to find a WR worth starting every week than it is to find a RB that's going to give you Ekeler production. A really good WR will be there in the 2nd.
  18. The left side of the line is pathetic. The right isn't good either but at least they get in the way.
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