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  1. Julio will still be Julio for a few more years. However, I do not see moving him as them waving the white flag on being competitive. They have said several times that they want to compete now and set themselves up to stay competitive in the future. In the interview with Collinsworth, Smith even sited KC as an example of a team that was competitive, acquired a new QB and put him in a good situation. He also noted how about 50% of first QBs work out and they weren't even in position to draft the #1 QB in this year's draft so the odds of success were even lower. All reasonable points that h
  2. Do they always sign the 1st round players now just for show/media attention?
  3. He hasn't touched the field in a real game yet. When he's has a good week in TN around the same time we have a week where we come up a little short on offense, it'll turn into a tent revival for Julio disciples in here.
  4. The entire episode is a good listen but the part with Arthur Smith is a great conversation. I learned a lot about about AS and his personality.
  5. Having the Kelce-Kittle duo essentially makes up for the lack of an elite WR1. I thought that sentence would make locals happy for sure. We do not have Kelce/Kittle but should have a very dangerous TE combo.
  6. Obviously, this is purely an outcomes based chart and let's face it, most of the time last year out results were trash. A lot of that has to do with the scheme. I forget who, but someone did a great video about how predictable the defense was, leading to so many comebacks for other teams. They outlined the Dallas game especially. All PFF does is show you what happened. Unfortunately, last year was a dumpster fire and few players would have been immune.
  7. I understand your point but I'm pretty sure MVP means you were considered the best QB. At least by the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan hating media. Also, it's the Falcons retiring the number not the NFL. When was the last time a Falcon was the league MVP? How long before that happens again? The impact off the field should be in consideration as well. If it's not Matt Ryan, I don't think anyone is getting their number retired.
  8. Numbers are not formally retired but as mentioned in the blog, "Currently, the Atlanta Falcons only have four jersey numbers that are unavailable to be worn ever again – 10 (Steve Bartkowski), 31 (Williams Andrews), 57 (Jeff Van Note), and 60 (Tommy Nobis)" Gage first tried to change his number to 10 but was denied. So it would seem that it is indeed true, those four are unavailable. Only Ryan deserves to join that group. If they were going to do it for Deion or Roddy, they'd have done it all ready.
  9. At least 80/20 or what are we even doing here? 25+ seems high but I haven't tried it. Maybe that works better on a grill where you lose more fat. I'm a cast iron skillet fan. I like getting the surface nice and crispy or going full smashburger. Plus, you have some rendered fat for toasting your buns. The next question is what is your go do bun? I'm a Martin's potato roll man myself.
  10. Ryan is the only player in a long time whose number I'd give serious consideration to truly retiring when he's done.
  11. Sadly, I can't even tell if this is sarcasm. I think I'm losing it. I may have to stay off the boards until training camp.
  12. It won't show up this year and definitely not in OTAs. He still has 2-3 years in him at or close to bring what he's been physically. It's the injuries would be the only concern and a lot of that may have been exaggerated. When he's on the field he'll still be Julio and the media will love praising the move for Tennessee.
  13. Nope. Unless the ghost of Daryl Johnston decides to haunt MBS, I wouldn't get too excited.
  14. Dunn is more for what he did off the field. NFL Man of the year and a minority owner.
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