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  1. Ice is way too nice if a guy to do that now. I mean look at him
  2. I think he'll call somewhere in between what Tru and Alford were able to do their rookie years. I'm leaning closer to Trufant. Terrell isn't as fast as those two were but I think his technique is more advanced than Alford's was as a rookie.
  3. I believe Atlanta is tied for the 8th most wins over the last decade. It's not like the team has been trash. Championships are not the sole measure of success. I am as frustrated as anyone that the Falcons have not won a title but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the teams other contributions.
  4. Regardless of the outcome, you always see them trying to to what is best on and off the field. Whether it's a coach admitting mid-season that he needs to step aside and take another approach or the organization releasing a player following an incident. It takes strong character to acknowledge something is wrong, take accountability and try to do what's right. You don't have a diva reciever complaining to the media. You have a player who addresses it through his agent and a front office that makes an effort to fairly compensates him. You don't have a QB arguing with his OC on the sidelines or deriding the new offense. You have a leader who is willing to work to make that system successful. You've seen their character displayed in how they have handled this unique offseason embracing new ways of working in a pandemic and being leaders in the community addressing issues of inequality. There is a culture within the organization based on respect and working together. I admire it. It's not always easy being a Falcons fan but it is nice to pull for a team that tries to do things right.
  5. Those bum coaches probably cost you a scholarship.
  6. The Trufant disrespect in this thread is surprising and disappointing. Also, considering we haven't had many players that consistently score a positive WAR, you'd expect more appreciation for someone who did for the better part of the decade.
  7. A good CB is always going to have a higher WAR than a lineman. You can disagree with the concept of WAR but based in the criteria, Trufant's is higher and it's not even close.
  8. I'm pretty sure he wants twice the money we'd be able to give him but you never know. I would love the signing.
  9. Griffin would be the dream. Brandon Carr would probably be the most practical. Clay Matthews might be nice and cheap. But I do not know how much he has left in the tank or if he has any value in coverage. Carr would be my move. He would bring a veteran presence to the CB room and you'd still have a few dollars for a rainy day.
  10. If he is able to get completely healthy, Freeman may have another great year or two in him. The problem is the tread is getting thin and injuries are more likely. Ito hasn't been the pillar of health either but I think he could produce as well as Freeman, everything being equal.
  11. Working with Matt in the offseason year after year worked for Hoop. I expect Hurst will also see good results.
  12. That was a great one. Funny thing is, he hits those passes all the time but people act like he doesn't have the arm to go deep.
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