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  1. Just when I was starting to get comfortable with the idea that we are a bad team, I realize that we are a TG stumble and botched onside kick from being a game out in the division with 4 games against TB and NO upcoming. I expected a wholesale rebuild. Now, I'm thinking we just need the to find the right coaches. I'm glad Raheem is doing well but I'm not convinced he's the long term solution yet. He probably will get another head coaching job eventually, just not here.
  2. Stinking up the league, drafing multiple top rated pass rushers and tackles can make anyone look like a genius. A Buckner, Watt, Bosa, Kerrigan or Young on the edge covers up a lot. Add any of those guys to ATL and we'd be in the top half. Its not rocket science. Atlanta's problem is that they are too good to ever get a top 3 pick on the edge.
  3. We don't even have the personnel to competently play a 4-3. No one is coming in trying to run a 3-4.
  4. We're not drafting a QB early next year; unless Ryan is traded, which is highly unlikely. We need to keep drafting defense and offensive line. Build up the team to make one last run with Ryan and Julio or have a solid core to support a new QB in 2-3 years. Unless, you believe we are a new coaching staff away from contending; drafting a QB now will just mean we are wasting even more money on offense only to get good just around time to have to pay a big QB contract, if he's actually any good. Also, unless you are one piece away, do not spend a first or high second rounder on a
  5. Why would he audible to a completely different play in that circumstance? You fall forward, get the 1st down, game over. Its not such a wildly egregious call that a QB would go against the staff and take a knee.
  6. Really, our offense could be better but isn't the main problem with the team. No matter how many points we score we always manage to give up more. Teams no longer fear being down to us, no matter the situation because we can't stop anyone at the end of games. So now the offense not only has to win but win with no time on the clock because if there is 40 seconds left the other team will march right down the field and score whatever points they need. We can nitpick with the offense all we want and there is plenty to nitpick but at the end of the day they have been putting up point
  7. Are we going to do this with every single player we didn't draft that plays well on tv? Donald, Watt, Baker, every team without them wishes they had drafted them. A few years ago a bunch of people here said the same thing about Gurley. Now, what are they saying? I'm sure plenty of fans which they had Grady. I'm sorry, good players on other teams exist. With all that is on the field to be miserable about, why do we keep inventing new things?
  8. Sadly, this game doesn't even medal in this year's tough loss competition.
  9. I hope some people paid attention to his explanation about how the team couldn't tank.
  10. Based on what the players and ex-falcons have said when interviewed, it doesn't sound like he lost the locker room but they definitely lost confidence and something had to change. Quinn needed to go but I wouldn't get too excited over what we saw Sunday. Minnesota stinks and that was a back to the wall game for the players without the HC and GM around to take the heat if they loss. Also, getting Julio back was big. They are hitting a run of other loser teams so it was a good time to boot the coach and make it look effective.
  11. Good interview with Roddy. Falcons stuff starts about 5 minutes in.
  12. Finding a sure fire pass rusher mid to late round is tough. The only unforgivable error I attribute to him was passing on TJ Watt.
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