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  1. Hopefully, after resigning Grady, they spend the rest on the offensive line.
  2. No point in spending a high draft pick on a guy just to lose him when his rookie contract expires. MR has at least 5 years left in him and I've been hit harder in pillow fights than most QBs are hit these days.
  3. Different blocking scheme. We'll see what they do in the line but I wouldn't hold my breath on another Turner type. There aren't too many of them left in the league for a reason and the few that remain aren't very consistent (Fournette, Henry, Blount, Lynch). It's a dying breed.
  4. They could have used a couple of the vets they let go but I don't think they would have had that great of an impact. I'm OK with letting some guys go a year or two early as opposed to getting financially tied to players too long. It's not like any of the players they let go where lighting it up. Once the injuries started piling up it was going to be a long season. I think they could have survived the typically week to week or occassional month absences. But one you send six starters to the IR, it's not going to be your year.
  5. I know injuries are a part of any season but this was crazy. From year enders to nagging weekly concerns. It seemed like we couldn't get guys right or had not properly evaluated others. Freeman and Levitre come to mind in the latter category. I haven't considered it much and could be completely wrong. It is something that stands out as a problem this season. Hopefully we'll regress to the mean and have an average to super healthy season next year.
  6. Someone running a 3-4 will take a shot at Vic and pay him more than he seems to be worth. I could see him being successful as a pass rushing OLB as he was never quite strong enough to be a 4-3 DE. If he is productive in another system his salary wouldn't look crazy as the cap rises. He'll probably end up being loved somewhere like Pittsburgh.
  7. It depends on who they get. I'm not saying Sark was the answer but his offense was not that bad. Considering the adjustment for him and the team in year one; not to mention the many dropped balls and the personnel injuries in year two things could have been much worse. We were the #10 scoring offense (Pittsburgh was the only other team in the top 10 to not make the playoffs). We probably will never see the 2016 offense again. I hope they find someone that can elevate the team but let's face it, whoever they get will be a rehash or out the door after a couple of good years.
  8. Definitely not the play to be criticizing MR2's arm strength.
  9. Won't get him. Protecting Matt will be the priority this offseason.
  10. The points are valid. But you can't say injuries are no excuse, then have two of your three points be the result of injuries.
  11. A little zip from Matt on that one
  12. I don't know if it would matter with the penetration the line is giving up.
  13. Shinedown isbone of my favorite 90's rock songs.