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  1. If you draft Sewell trading Matthews makes sense. The same way you don't want to draft a QB to sit, you don't want to play a top 5 LT out of position. Also, you could trade Matthews sign a LG that would be as good as he would be inside and still have money left over to spread around.
  2. Who is the better prospect Chase or Pitts?
  3. Given the outcome. I don't know if we can say how much was on the GM and how much was on coaching. Neither was good but there was a time when we fielded pro bowlers at all levels of defense and still stunk. We hired a defensive head coach that proceeded to never field a good defense. Could you imagine if our offense tanked with ASmith at the helm?
  4. How can you trust them to properly evaluate a developmental QB at 4 but not trust them to hit on other picks? Either their good or they are not.
  5. I don't mind the selection. He is, at worst, the 3rd or 4th best player on that board, today. TE isn't a need that has to be addressed in the draft but I wouldn't be mad taking the best player. He would arguably be the bpa at 4 so trading down and getting him would be good. The trade itself is a whole other issue.
  6. I have a hard time believing they can take a QB at 4 and adhere to Blank's win now mandate. The best thing for now and the future is to take the best players available and acquire as many picks as possible. Reaching for the third or fourth QB would be a mistake. If Ryan was a FA it would make sense to spread the money around. But when you know who you're QB is going to be you don't draft another in the top 10.
  7. I liked Matt Miller's draft for Atlanta. Not likely to fall this way but while we're fantasizing, might as well go big. https://www.thedraftscout.com/p/the-draft-scout-mock-10 4. TE Kyle Pitts, Florida 35. RB Travis Etienne, Clemson 68. EDGE Carlos Basham, Wake Forest 99. LB Tony Fields II, Arizona 132. QB Jamie Newman, Wake Forest 163. WR Seth Williams, Auburn 196. Traded to Bears
  8. The draft can not come soon enough. How many worse comparisons will be made over the next two months if we are already this low?
  9. Yep, every year there's a bust from a previous draft getting run out of some other town.
  10. This Except, I would say try next year or the following if they didn't feel like they found their guy this year. QBs are starting to be less sticky with their franchises. Who's to say Russell Wilson isn't available in 2-3 years or some other guy. Tampa Bay didn't have a QB this time last year. Get picks, build the franchise and you will become more enticing for free agents or guys wanting out of bad situations. You'll also be prepared to support a young QB, if you find one in the draft. Either way, building a winning organization is about getting everything right around the QB.
  11. The top 10 is littered with guys who didn't pan out or became mediocre at best. Does not mean we cannot get it right but the odds are against it. Considering the rookie QB would not start this coming year anyway, I'd rather take my chances with more picks and a second, third or later round QB. Are we sure Newman or Mond wouldn't be as good or better than Lance or Wilson after a few years of seasoning? And if Wilson/Lance is better are, will they be a Sewell or other first rounder worth of talent better? That's a tough one. Who would you rather have, Goff/Wentz or Prescott
  12. It's a very odd situation. How many top 5 teams have had a franchise, former MVP QB still on the roster? Taking a QB or not it's almost unprecedented. Odds are Ryan would be the better QB for the next 2-3 years so what are you going to do, get worse at the position in year two with the hope that the young QB will be better eventually? Smith only has a three year contract. Does he want to put that on an aging veteran, who is still above average or a rookie, with the hopes he can take the reigns? I think that is what's lost in a lot of this. Matt Ryan is a competitor. He is a great te
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