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  1. Trufant was by far the best of the 3 and at the position if highest value. Letting him go was mostly a money move. In a league where we are still seeing good to average CBs released and still sitting unsigned, he was signed in a hurry. He still has plenty in the tank and will be good for Detroit, provided he stays healthy.
  2. The fact that some people actually buy this nonsense is sad.
  3. Dude, I didn't say you did but I can't go back and forth with you. I said what I wanted to say. This thread will move into oblivion in a few days. See you in the next one.
  4. Yes, I am springboarding off what you have been saying in multiple posts in this thread. I quoted the wrong post as it was more about what you had quoted and that gets lost in my post.
  5. I missed Neal lowering the boom the last couple of seasons. Whenever I see Taysom Hill in a game, I'm always thinking he needs to meet Mr. Neal.
  6. It's always about how you use players but there are 11 men playing. You can't focus your scheme around getting maximum production from one player. If you don't like the coaching staff then that is one thing; but you can't say they used him right at the end if the year then say that same staff doesn't know what they are doing by letting him walk. If Beasley can succeed in their defense, so can Fowler. When looking at their past couple of seasons you'd expect to get more higher, consistent production from Fowler. Losing Poole did not break us last season and bringing him back wouldn't make us better. They are better off saving money and finding the next Brian Poole. Developing young DBs may be the best thing they've been able to do recently and there are still plenty of decent veterans available in free agency. I liked Poole and didn't think he deserved the beating he took from fans his last season here. Tough to defend at the time though. I'm glad he's getting paid and I hope he keeps balling out.
  7. The love affair with Swift needs to end. I know its obvious but people around here get irrational whenever a good player comes out of Georgia. We just got the best back out of there since Walker and still you want to use one if your top picks on another one? Thomas maybe but not Swift.
  8. A lot of the OPs premise is based on an incorrect assumption. People love routing for the every man who becomes a champion. That's why people loved Brady over Manning. It wasn't until a decade and a bunch of rings later that it began to flip. Suh was in TB before. He's there because if $$ and fit. As much of New England's dominance had to do with the ineptitude of the AFC east, as much as the greatness of NE. Plus, they had the benefit of having an all world QB on the cheap. Brady is great and may have a great season. The Bucs D is legit and their receivers are dangerous. However, this is the most competitive division in which Brady has ever had to compete. He's old and will drop off eventually. And, while he won't give it up like Jameis, he also isn't able to push the ball down the field like Jameis. Will they run a Brady offense or an Arians offense? BA got it done with Warner at the end if his career so I do not doubt him. It is just unknown how well everything comes together year one in a highly competitive division. However, on the topic of loyalty, there can be no misinterpretation. You play in the NFC south, I can respect you but I will not like anything you do; that isn't getting your butt beat by the Falcons. Save all that other stuff for his HoF induction ceremony.
  9. Not to mention you didn't know who this dude was a year ago. I know Ohio State is a football factory but dude didn't break through there. He was fortunate enough to find himself in the right situation. Most good young QBs aren't the guys that go at the top of the draft. It's the ones that go to team that has a good plan for them. Do you think Mahomes looks the same if he's in Chicago? No, he fell to a guy in Reid who knew how to maximize him. And even then he wasn't handed the keys right away. Not saying he wouldn't be good but those early developmental years break a lot of talented players if they are in the wrong situation. When you go at the top the franchise is shaped around you. Few players can pull that off. Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck are the only QBs I think have been successful taking that on in a long time. When you get drafted later, you may get to sit, have low stakes and have more time to mature. Brady - late rounder/didn't have to start right way, Rodgers - late first/sat behind Favre, Brees - jettisoned for Rivers/fortunately ended up with Payton instead of MIA with Saban, Wilson - 3rd round/all world defense. We can do this all day. Matt Freakin' Ryan stepped into a disaster of a franchise, was the man from day one, threw a touchdown on his first pass, has had to switch OCs like every other year, still accumulated a mess of records most will not see in their entire careers, was MVP of the league and of all places, still gets questions like these asked about him on the m_fin' Atlanta Falcons message board!! Look, Burrow may be a great QB, if he is, he may earn the title "the next Matt Ryan." Stop the nonsense.
  10. At first, I'm always disappointed that we're not better than coming up with these ridiculous posts. Then somehow, I sort of admire, pity and envy the OP all at once. There is something riveting about watching a guy with his back to the wall taking on all comers over a ludicrous premise and not giving up. It's so stupid, yet I can't look away. I guess that's the state if the country. I'll take any entertainment I can get to help pass the time.
  11. They like a lot of LBs in the draft. They will probably pick up a couple mid to late rounders. Maybe a vet and a mid rounder. Can't see them going in early on a LB unless somebody they love falls into their lap.
  12. Maybe pre-Gurlie, doubt they have the cash to get it done now. Unless, he's willing to take a low average for more years/guarantee. Then again, he's 32 so who knows?
  13. Unless Jesus was a Dawg
  14. He's definitely an upgrade over Clayborn and Bailey. I don't think they have the cash though.
  15. Defense > Taylor > Swift