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  1. Watching these games is bad for my health.
  2. I'm going to stop watching football
  3. OMG, bless you Julio
  4. We're going to have to score 13+ more points to win this game.
  5. Stocker was just sitting there open. Easy play. I don't know what's going on with Ryan.
  6. They are not worried and we haven't given them any reason to be.
  7. I expected some rust from returning players and guys that didn't play many snaps pre season. Also, from the OL since this was the first game that line up had played together. It was just tough for that to be on the road against that defense. The turnovers hurt a lot as well. The entire team looked rusty. It did not go well but it should get better in the coming weeks. Sunday will be tough but hopefully being home can help them get over.
  8. Their biggest issue, before Lindstom's injury, is continuity. The whole "open competition" thing sounds good but you end up using a lot of camp rotating guys in and not building consistency. Injuries and McGary missing a few weeks didn't help either. They invested a lot on the OL and needed to for depth. Remember when we had to play two back up guards last year? That did not go well. Presumably, Brown/Carpenter can be better. They have already 3 players go down on the OL, hopefully Ty or Gono can make it back this week. Assuming everyone can stay on the field they will get better if this is our starting five for the next 8 weeks. It will be the first time we've had an established starting OL and they should improve with time. This first game may get a little bumpy though.
  9. Despite the garbage laid on the field today, nothing about the Eagles should "terrify" you. They got all they could handle from at home from Keenum and a bunch of rookie receivers. It's impossible to talk tough right now but they should be used to seeing DJax. I'm not saying they shut him down completely but he shouldn't be the reason they lose.
  10. Hard to be bright side on thus one. I guess you could say Most if our wounds were self inflicted. At the very least Ryan shouldn't throw two picks in a game, as bad as those were again. Still, took a whopping before the engine on the bus had cooled down. I hope it was a wake up call but I could see us struggling for a few more weeks.
  11. He wants $$ we don't have, unless we send Free back. I doubt LAC wants his contract. They have a couple of pretty good backs with low cap hits.
  12. We're not winning this game but if they don't show some heart and tighten up in the second half I will be extremely disappointed.
  13. Thielen plays a lot in the slot so we'll get to see how we cover underneath with Kazee and the LB core.