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  1. I don't see what leverage Jerious would have to ask for "done it before" money. He's going to be coming off an ACL injury, and the NFL has become a pass happy league causing the runningback's salary value to go down. I believe Norwood is happy in ATL and probably wants to win a ring here by contributing on the field so i could see us resigning him for a respectable price.
  2. Jeez that video made me miss him. Watching this offense grow this season, I'd say one key element we are missing is that electrically explosive running back with big play capability. People bash our team and say that we are lucky because we don't have any major injury issues.. I say imagine how dynamic our offense would be if this guy was healthy. We would DOMINATE. I say re-sign him. Like you said he's still only 27, and with a light work load earlier in his career I think he could pull a Michael Turner (wishful thinking) and blossom into a nice running back later in his career.
  3. We are 6-0 in our dome this year. Matt Ryan is 20-1 as a starter at his house. We own this field. Roddy White's words are a preview of what is going to happen in the future for this team. Say we win by 17 points (ex. 34-17), we play our game (long possessive drives that lead to touchdowns), our defense steps up, we force a couple of turnovers (Grimes and Moore are playing out of their minds), and they may bend a little and let up 300 yards, but will not break (18.6 ppg). I believe the result of this game we'll strike fear into the rest of the NFC and let them know that they'll have to come through our house to get to Dallas. Rise Up Falcons. Lets show the rest of America what we're capable of Monday night.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnD_CXnXEB8 real rap
  5. doesn't work on macs anyone have a different link?
  6. Another top 50 list another list Not sure if posted already, but just other lists to compare to don't like the OP's list. The New World=garbage
  7. stop posting. your negative the whole game, and then something good happens and you get all happy. just stop, it happens every week.
  8. defense is the heart and sole of our team. there playing with way more passion than the offense. The jets have had amazing field position all day and our defense has held them to 7 points. Our run defense has looked good all day and our pass defense has looked surprisingly well, we just get no pass rush. Our offense has just sucked *** against the #1 defense.
  9. At least Aikman makes some really good comments so its not terribly bad to listen to
  10. you are the biggest flip flopping fan. you make all of these negative topics about the falcons every sunday. please stop making topics
  11. Driving up from Philly with my friend that's a Giants fan. Been looking forward to this all year.
  12. Just wondering if anyones seen him get in because I haven't I think he should definately get in the game soon.
  13. N. Asomugha got beat for a TD!!! the world has come to an end!!!!!!!
  14. I missed the first half due to being on vacation and had reservations at a hot spring (They are amazing ) I did manage to catch the second half, but I was wondering how a few players looked. Nicholas, Grimes, Chevy, Decoud, and T. Lewis Thanks in advance
  15. so how much does sunday ticket cost? I've always thought about getting it, but forget by the time football season comes around and end up just going to justin dot tv
  16. is there a way to get sunday ticket and only get the falcons games for a cheaper price or if i get sunday ticket do i have to buy all of the games to watch?
  17. Super Bowl. We should start to expect it every year with Ryan as our QB
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