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  1. So it's a personal note for you but for me I want the best out there on my team that can help us. I don't know Greg Hardy but I know he can get after that quarterback, set aside your feelings and understand it's all about football here and the Lombardi trophy
  2. How is it a joke I'm a season ticket holder so how is this a joke when I want my team to sign a player whom I feel is a dominate presence on the field, let TD handle his off field antics in his contract but produce on the field and be rewarded. Serious fellas lets kick the tires on this one and take a chance!!!
  3. Man I just to win man and see Mr Blank get a Super Bowl man Greg Hardy was a monster in Carolina before his mishaps I just said can he help us on the field that's all. I'm not making any excuses for him I'm just saying the man is a beast when he's on the field
  4. Wow I just to see him help us go after a Super Bowl serious who else is out there or are we content on what we already have as pass rushers remember Dallas was a mess last year I feel he can thrive in our environment and help us on the field. I am die hard Falcon fan and we haven't had a pass rush since Patrick Kerney and Chuck Smith. So I wanna LMAO with Hardy to the Super Bowl!!!
  5. Would anyone be interested or should we take a chance on Greg Hardy? He is a rare talent and force on the field and I think that Quinn can motivate him and I feel just give the guy a second chance man just think if we can land Greg Hardy with Beasly on the other side SACKS!!!! Again we need pass rushers we let Long slip from our grasps and signed with the Pats
  6. Your Atlanta Falcons will be signing Greg Hardy once his suspension is determined per league source, your Falcons are trying not to tip there hand in the pursuit of the former Carolina Panther, the Falcons have done a nice job addressing there defensive needs and signing Greg Hardy would seal the deal for Coach Quinn. Be on lookout for a signing of a Tight end, and a Safety to go along with the Hardy signing.
  7. Ok I have the grill ready charcoal and apple wood ready the Bird is in the fridge marinating. Do hear this do hear this, if we loose the next two games against the Cards and Bucs the Bird is going on the grill!!!!! This is a different Falcon team, no heart, no drive, no identity, and no motivation. I'm like everyone else, what the HELLLLLL is going on???? Hey just be ready for the grill my dear dirty bird family oh yeah dessert will be served by Cam Newton in Carolina. GET IT TOGETHER MIKE SMITH
  8. I believe in what the brass are doing. We are drafting for need, we needed corners now its time for the meat n potatoes. In Thomas I trust............
  9. What's a good restaurant around the Orlando area for the family, taking kids to universal studio???? Good seafood
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