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  2. Td has not splashed early so far in his tenure. I think he will take his time and find good pieces at good prices. Not overpay and grab wildly like he did with ray edwards.
  3. thanks for the memories man! good luck out there!
  4. besides his rookie year he has only missed a handful of games. The injury history doesnt scare me enough not to sign him long term. 3 to 5 year deal works for me. and he wont get decoud money he is a much better ball player we will have to pay.
  5. i live in buffalo his legs are a mess, he should retire hes that bad.
  6. Ok now that makes sense peyton. I still think we cut jerry the little bit we save is better used on anything than letting him put a Falcons jersey on again. The guy had great potential but the knee injury was a career ruiner.
  7. He only really played DE when we went to our 3-4 front. Where if we go 3-4 more fulltime this year he would be again.
  8. So Peyton you would rather pay jerry to be a waste than to add someone of value and spend a little more? Really not logical. Jerry is a waste he needs to go even if it cost us money. The fact that it saves anything is a bonus
  9. Its a million you could use to help pay for william moore or baker or grimes. They will draft a DT to help with the rotation.
  10. So you want to cut our best DT to save our worst? Jerry is brutal he gets no pass rush and gets pushed around on run plays. Jerry needs to go!
  11. his cap hit is a little over 2 mil so cutting him saves a million. For that fact and his inability to contribute i take the million.As far as roddy goes i think if it was approached right to help the team and get him a championship in the long run you could add 4 years 2 with 4-6 million base and then trail off the last too and resign him again later. He would do it and the cap goes down with those 2 years.
  12. Here Is my idea of how to clean the cap to create space to resign our own free agents and keep space for when guys like weatherspoon, julio come up for free agency. Cuts: DT peria jerry CB Dunta Robinson(could be a restructure candidate) RB Micheal Turner Lengthen contracts: Matt ryan new deal could clear some space now Roddy white extend with lower cap figures down the road in his decline season. Babs If you extend him now we can lower his cap figure significantly What would you do to create space?
  13. we should extend babs and spread his money to save. He is valueable still.
  14. We need a nickle linebacker. Dent is a good run stuffer and so it nicholas. They just cant be on the field in obvious pass situations. With that said i think a 4th or 5th round pick on a coverage linebacker solves your issues.
  15. the simple answer is we cant keep dunta at his current salary. Either cut or restructure is necessary.
  16. overall i do think you hit well here. Realistic and would help us. Only things i nit pick is we dont get more athletic at linebacker with grant hes a very similar player to dent, and the defensive tackles need to be addressed better in my opinion.
  17. a lot depends on how much baker wants. I think he gets the lofton treatment. Here is your value to us if you want it take it if you want to look elsewhere fine. But this is the deal we are offering. If he stays he starts if he goes you get clabo and holmes as your two tackles.
  18. i think we used both a 4-3 and 3-4. In either situation we need a nt to help slow the run and someone not named abraham who can get to the passer.
  19. levitre and kruger would cost you way more than 18 million. just wont happen.
  20. 4 of those six guys were 5th round picks or later. You can expect every pick to pan out.
  21. really watch teams like buffalo the dolphins oakland, year in and year out there awful because of the quarterback position and you want to get rid of the guy that has lead us to the playoffs and almost the superbowl....REALLY?
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