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  1. I have one. It is the Black throwback.
  2. I keep looking and I can not find the dates for Roster moves. Does anyone know? It seems like they would start soon.
  3. Nike seems to be dragging their feet with these "new" jerseys. I would like a throwback Spoon jersey and have seen no indication of one being released. Any news?
  4. Wow Guys! I was not chasing big names or being way out there. Behind Robinson and Grimes we have Franks and Owens. Ronde has been in that 3rd spot the last few years and has done well, like Brian williams did for us last year. If he came at a good price and filled that need so Franks could learn, it would seem like a good move is all.
  5. Would be a great pickup except look at where he is at now, three big name DB's. I think he is the third on the depth chart there, not enough snaps to play everyone all the time.
  6. I thought Tampa cut him? He would be a great 3rd DB I think. I am interested to see how Franks turns out though.
  7. Today I am hoping the deal gets done and we have a least 10 years of not worrying about this ! If all goes as planned Monday will start the NFL calendar year and all crap breaks loose and I can't wait. I see everyone throwing out what they think the Falcons may do with the roster, so here is my thoughts. Re Sign: Brent Grimes Eric Weems Harvey Dahl I see these guys as Sure signs. I think Tyson and Justin will walk for big money contracts. Which should be ok if Mike Johnson and Reynolds can set up. It will also help in the draft next year to loose two starters to restock the cabinet so to say.
  8. http://blogs.ajc.com/jeff-schultz-blog/2011/01/20/time-to-mock-kiper-mcshay-say-falcons-take/?cxntfid=blogs_jeff_schultz_blog
  9. If we can pick up a FA de end, check this guy out. Has track star speed with great hands, maybe Kiper has it right this time!!
  10. I guess they should fire Bill and trade Tome Brady for Vick now. They got beat by a team they beat earlier this year and they were the #1 seed! What? they will get them next year you say. Oh. Come on Falcon fans, this team has given you three winning seasons in a row, a steady group of yong players that will be around for a long time, and a culture for winning! The loss hurt bad, don't get me wrong, but we are a few playmakers away for getting to be where we need to be. I know the front office and staff know what needs to be done, we need another playmaker on offense, someone who can get press
  11. Me too! Except it's me who's down for the count. Biggest game of the year, this sucks!
  12. Thanks, the all black uniforms would have been great though!
  13. Are we going to wear the Home Jersey's (red) , all black , or the throwbacks?
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