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  1. Jamaal at TE may not be a bad idea and if it can save his NFL future with the Falcons and make him useful then why not? In the draft, the Falcons need to find a complement for the aging John Abraham who managed to stay healthy THIS YEAR and had a career year, but 2009 is a new year... and possible new challenges for the ATL defense.
  2. Will the eventual departure (maybe this year,maybe next year) of the over-rated, undermining former Atlanta GM Rich McKay hurt current GM Tom Dimitroff in terms of contract negotiations with future free agents? Will his own draft picks be able to become true franchise players? Despite the late progress of five year veteran Roddy White who is approaching a contract year or the sprinkling of free agent veterans such as an aging Grady Jackson, an aging Lawyer Milloy, an aging and injury prone John Abraham. At 34, Brooking's career is coming to an abrupt end. So there is a potential total reconstruction (at least on defense) of the Falcons team that may be coming sooner than people think and pose as a potential roadblock for any long-term success for the Falcons. And young Tom Dimitroff may face the prospect of not having Rich McKay looking over his shoulder in drawing up contracts and needy advice over the salary cap. DImitroff doesn't need the distraction of playing games with Vick's contract and status in 2009. If he falls into the 'trap' of doing that, it may hurt him in future negotiations with future free agents. Young Tom needs to quickly settle that situation with a trade or cut Vick outright. There will be no Herschel Walker mega-deal recarnation in which he gets a lot of picks. He can try, but it will be risky..
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