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  1. What would get us all really excited? Young at 2-4?. Simmons in the top 5. Something about trading up for a CB in the top 5 doesn't make me pop the champagne. Why is that??
  2. Have you ever heard of confirmation bias? Because you are really looking past the facts, every. Single. Time. The only reason I even tolerate this level of stupidity? It is funny. TD lives rent free in your head, and I love it. #BestGMweHaveEverHad. #1970Doesn'tUnderstandBall
  3. You sell it to me like that and I dig it. It's what others have been incapable of doing. I am always happy to be proven wrong if it benefits my understanding. That said, in your opinion, do we have to take him at 16, is it a risk to move down?
  4. 1. TD is the smoke master 2. Simmons, Odukah.... Young. There are no other acceptable answers if we trade into the top 5. I also struggle with the first two on that list in the top 3, considering the inevitable QB rush.
  5. Dude, sign me up for Delpit. I just think we can have our cake and eat it. trade down and get him. Winfield Jr is the guy I want if we were to pick a safety.... This draft shapes up more the need to take CB early. Because only two guys I see as Day 1 starters on our club. I also factor in that Delpit was playing with a lot of talent around him. That sure helps him, no?
  6. I like your thinking. Except I really think Delpit can be had much, much later. Too many good safeties in the draft to take one at 16 imo. Henderson or Kinlaw make the most sense to me if we stay put.
  7. Love Rico, but he projects as an SS long term. Kazee is an enigma. What is lacking is someone that covers extreme ground. Rico doesn't do that well... at all. And Kazee is a gambler. Not good. If we draft a safety it has to be someone that covers extreme ground. everyone is sleeping on #22 (side point), he will be back with a vengance, and also will play near the LOS. His future and present will be in the box. Tone-setter. We need range at the other spot.
  8. Nail, meet head. We will have something really nice in that 8-12 range. Blue chip. And that 8-12 may be more like 12-16 if the WR run starts early, which it really could.
  9. I think the only way we get him is a slide. But the slide is on. Maybe Players people may sell the farm for if they get itchy trigger fingers: Young Tua Herbert - This dude is going top 10, mark it. Beckton A WTF QB (we have enjoyed some extreme WTF moments at QB in recent years, Danny Dimes anyone? Love, Fromm and more could very well be that guy.) of course Okudah is on that list.... but I always have faith in QB and OT madness... pleaaaasse baby Jeebus, let's have this QB run early. If Burrow goes one and another goes in picks 3-5.... Game on. And I re
  10. If only he was fast.... And could avoid the training room. Got to love his decision making and vision as an RB. Solid guy to have in the RB room for sure. But not the answer.
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if he was very early 2nd late 1st tbh. Kid is a hoss.
  12. terrifying. Jack of all, master of none. where are the numbers, where is the production. Definition of boom or bust, and I don't want that at #16.. EDIT: anyone else think this kid could have a massive slide? Hugely overvalued by the talking heads more than the teams?
  13. absolute worst case? I'm a broken record on this, but drafting a Strong Safety at #16. What we need is a FS, if anything and at least one of Mckinney, Davis, Winfield Jr or Jone will be there in the 2nd... Stop with the Delpit noise. And I guess a complete curve ball WTF moment would be drafting anyone offensively outside of the OL inside our first 2/3 picks.
  14. imagine thinking going safety at #16 is a good idea. One of the stacked premier talent positions, and not a blue chip position. Pick up a safety in the second. Shiiiiet if you like Delpit so much don't worry, he will be there in the second
  15. Gimmie Kinlaw or Henderson in the first IF we go CB, Blacklock in the second, Uche is also gonna be a baller.
  16. Either of those CBs I am happy with, it just depends where. I am praying for some QB panic and getting Odukah outside the top 5 (unrealistic) or snagging Henderson in the 11-14 range. A lot more than doing something silly at safety.
  17. Chaisson terrifies me. Where is the production. and there are at least 4-5 great safeties in the draft here. Picking one at #16 would be completely idiotic. Seriously.
  18. Yes, my favourite team has also sucked. The fact that he has oversaw our greatest ever era makes me more grateful, yep. witty retorts aside, i'll agree to disagree. The ire of our fanbase should be directed to the best player we've had <5 seasons (other than #11). Sure.
  19. SMH. Also, KOG, tell us how you really feel, bro. As a long-standing board member and even longer falcon fan, it is shocking to me how you are coming across regarding #2. The man is the best QB we have ever had, and won an MVP. And yes, he more than did his part to get us that SB. Those are facts. Yes, Watson is great. But he will cost more than Ryan.... In exactly one year. The smart move, if you even consider this viable is to wait for Watson to force the franchise tag or hit Free Agency. No way he is playing for O'Brien long-term.
  20. So funny that TATF love this guy so much. A completely sack and cap-obsessed board want this guy!!? He has never been team first, either, if that matters to you. Certainly does to me. I want positive influences on Takk, for a start. I get it, he is great in the run game and does draw double teams (not exclusively as some would like to imagine to justify his horrific sack totals.), and has the big name and highlight plays. But heck no. If he wasn't an injury case, he's a top 100 NFL player, a top 10 DE. He isn't worth what he thinks he is.
  21. had A huge week one, then nothing for 8 weeks and ended on IR... bring him in to camp, see if he has anything left in the tank...
  22. I’m nowhere near as down on Kaleb as most. In fact I’m excited about him. put Chris next to him for a season and he will also improve hugely. They will gel so well (very good friends privately, too.) and create the nastiest right side of the line we have ever had, with pro bowl skill sets. I don’t think Kaleb is as slow footed as everyone suggests. I saw a very fatigued player late in games. and before someone says it, no, Harvey and Tyson were not as good as these guys will be. lindstrom is legit and roll to multiple all-pro nods. Kaleb will be right up there with him after a f
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