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  1. Is fixing his motorbike

  2. Thanks Sam. A sad thing that we never got to see him play unhurt for multiple years, but he was a part of the turnaround here. He was a real warrior to come back repeatedly from huge injuries, I think this one and a ZBS was a step too far. He gave his body over to football, I for one will not bash a guy for being injured. Good luck.
  3. Yea, but it's not though is it. Greater positions of need, better value at 8. Gurley is a great player. The list fit our needs and draft position better. They are better in that sense.
  4. To your point about the WRs, I like it, trading back if one is somehow there is a no-brainer, someone like cleveland would jump up for White or Cooper perhaps. But if the two pass rushers were there. Well it wouldn't be tough for me. I'd charge to the podium with the card if either Beasley or Fowler were there, Beasley although not my favourite impacts the team hugely as DPR. Fowler is a violent high character high ceiling monster. I think we actually did improve the pass rush. It wasn't flashy but it was for our scheme. Brooks Reed was a key, if not understated piece. Schofield following Quinn to the Hawks should not be underestimated. A healthy Clayborne? I think Ryan still wakes up at night thinking about that hit. What is missing? A Leo. A special talent at pass rusher. And if that isn't there in our mind? Danny Shelton collapses pockets. He forklifts guards. Folks with medium term memories associate our D-Line with creating nice pockets with no threat of collapsing. It was a fun exscuse made for our edge rushers actually. For years we've looked longingly at stout defensive teams. How about the Giants Line depth? Seeing them shut us down was one of the worst playoff losses i've felt. We had no shot.
  5. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills g-dawg... Oh. TATF at draft season.
  6. so you take Gurley over who then? Danny Shelton, Bud Dupree, Shane Ray? If Beasley or Fowler dropped you take Gurley? Is Gurley a better player than Cooper or White?
  7. it just makes zero sense. So many better players for us to take. A painful amount.
  8. No. I would take, in no particular order, all of these players ahead of Gurley at 8. Leonard Williams - BPA for days Dante Fowler - High ceiling Vic Beasely - Athlete and DPR Amari Cooper - Smooth as silk, BPA and sets WR position for years if we lock Julio up this year Kevin White - Two Julios anyone? Medically cleared Shane Ray - Before the toe I'm happy with Ray at 8 Bud Dupree - I love the heigh ceiling, a bit scary but no scarier than taking an RB top 10 Scherff - I wouldn't love it, but i'd be feeling amazing about our line, best hog in the draft Danny Shelton - Rare size and quickness combo. Not a perfect fit but you find a big role for him. Makes people around him better. Whatever happened to building from the inside out? That's 9 ahead of him for me, ignoring QBs. I feel strongly about 5 of the 9 as way ahead of Gurley for our needs and just ahead on the need+talent equation all teams play with. We have been crying out for a pass rusher for years, dammit we haven't had a great D Line since Kearney, Gravy, Rod and Abe. I don't want a WR, but you take freakish talent when you can, and both guys have real chances at being elite WRs. We don't 'need' a DT, but we need an elite one. Makes Shede look better instantly. Babs isn't getting any younger or better, same with Soliai and TJack I like a monster at 8, preferably on the defensive line, and a back from the deep crop this year in the early/mid rounds... Abdullah anyone? 100% we have our eye on someone who could start for us in the 2nd/3rd. It's that kind of year for RBs. Ok, ok, if all **** breaks loose and all of our guys are gone at 8, maybe. Maybe I get on board with it if we somehow steal a great pass rusher in the second (possible). He's a great player, but he's not AP.
  9. I took my annual off-off-season break, and i've come back and to be honest think mono and tug have done a pretty great job of cleaning the boards up. About 2/3 years ago it was just unbearable. I have nothing else to add, so i'm out.
  10. Free agency season... let the board meltdown commence

  11. Not been a good day Mr White

  12. One of the greatest victories the falcons have ever had. For many reasons. Atta Boy Matty Ice

  13. lets take the Jags apart tonight, let's go boys, RISE UP

  14. i'd miss the black jerseys, have to admit