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  1. Don't hate it at all, unlike the national media, this dude understands our needs. Let's see how it actually plays out after TF talked about a BPA approach. I'd also like to see us take a QB between Rounds 2-4 if there is a guy who we think can succeed in 2 years time.
  2. Think that's a very interesting guy to develop if we got him in the right spot! I can dig it, the lack of 'running' doesn't phase me at all. I'll be pretty annoyed, to say the least, if we draft a QB at 4 because they're a mobile QB. Sigh. Wilson and Fields have huge bust potential. TF and Arthur are doing the right thing. Talk like we are going to select one, then trade back and get a haul of picks for "Smith-Types". We need so much, and a few blue chip BPA positional players need to be the choices in the first: both lines, RB, TE, LB, CB, S, take your pick. I can't get on boa
  3. Then I consider the source of my numbers flawed, if that's the case. Happy to admit i'm wrong on this one.
  4. Happy to admit I misinterpreted you, then. Enjoy your day.
  5. A silly line of thought are fans (without legal or finance degrees) who think they understand cap manipulation. The cold hard fact of the matter is Ryan is due to earn 30 mill, which puts him 9th in 2021... behind Carson Wentz & Kirk Cousins.
  6. You need to care about other things in life other than another man's money. And if you want to be shocked by QB contracts, look at who is getting paid more than him. the list will shock you.
  7. I'd laugh, then I'd cry, then I'd drink. Then repeat. The dude is trash and would make the already large number of ill-informed Falcon fans clamour for him to start and 'cut Matt Ryan'. It would be insufferable.
  8. He will make a fine, fine coach someday. Thank you, Rico. That's a pro's pro, right there.
  9. Will never be shocked by a QB going high. I expect 4 QBs to be gone by the 12th pick. Never, ever forget that Christian Ponder went #12 overall. Some other 'highlights' from past drafts. EJ manuel - 16 Jake Locker - 8 Trubisky - 2 Wilson, Lawrence, Lance, Fields, Jones. All top 20 for sure, imo.
  10. as soon as I saw it was LaCanfora, I got back 7 mins and 58 seconds of my life by skipping to the part where I call him a clown and get on with my day.
  11. Is he a truck, or a trailer? If he's a trailer (game manager), he seems to be a high character one, and a winner. I'd happily see him sit under Ryan. But he doesn't exhibit any special traits to justify a top 10 pick.
  12. yep. V good member of the 53. Cost vs production.
  13. A few of y'all are on the guestlist for the player haters ball. Hate, hate, hate... Q-Ball got us to the Superbowl ffs. A lot of hurt feelings hidden poorly behind 'he sucks/he can have his players' rhetoric.
  14. I say keep it on TATF. Whenever I think there is too much common sense in the world, I just have to check the first page on here. It serves a purpose.
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