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  1. So funny that TATF love this guy so much. A completely sack and cap-obsessed board want this guy!!? He has never been team first, either, if that matters to you. Certainly does to me. I want positive influences on Takk, for a start. I get it, he is great in the run game and does draw double teams (not exclusively as some would like to imagine to justify his horrific sack totals.), and has the big name and highlight plays. But heck no. If he wasn't an injury case, he's a top 100 NFL player, a top 10 DE. He isn't worth what he thinks he is.
  2. Comparable play to Hoop. more speed, less TDs.
  3. had A huge week one, then nothing for 8 weeks and ended on IR... bring him in to camp, see if he has anything left in the tank...
  4. I’m nowhere near as down on Kaleb as most. In fact I’m excited about him. put Chris next to him for a season and he will also improve hugely. They will gel so well (very good friends privately, too.) and create the nastiest right side of the line we have ever had, with pro bowl skill sets. I don’t think Kaleb is as slow footed as everyone suggests. I saw a very fatigued player late in games. and before someone says it, no, Harvey and Tyson were not as good as these guys will be. lindstrom is legit and roll to multiple all-pro nods. Kaleb will be right up there with him after a full healthy off season with an NFL line coach. the future of our OL is good in my eyes. Let Gono play LG dammit. And draft a Schweitzer replacement/future Mack replacement. epic.
  5. Best get that thread deleted OP. F-that some may not have seen it, we have a standard to uphold here
  6. No sir.
  7. y'all kill me man.... almost a case of how dare you be so ignorant, in my mind. Is your agenda really that important to you?
  8. BB knows Brady is done physically. Teddy was gonna go get paid elsewhere, and Payton's head would've been on a stick if he let Brees walk out of NO. And Payton's ego keeps Hill as a toy that he can turn into Steve Young, apparently lmao.
  9. shame, could normally rely on him making the Panthers irrelevant come crunch time.
  10. Oh brother.... The Good. - Olly is suuuuper cheap, and has solved Goal line problems. Which was definitely a problem. I like me some Olly. - Free is gone. Sorry free, loved you, but it was tough to watch last year at that salary. Couldn't find the hole anywhere near as well, seemed to think more and not run with instinct. Lost his jump cut. Thanks for the memories (outside of the SB). - Hill is an RFA. Thank jeebus. Just a 6/10 back that will occaisionally give you hope to think he may be an 8/10. Given a starting shot last year, he put out 4/10 performances. Nothing about him impresses, really. - Ito is easily our best guy for ZBS, stuff we had real success with. - Keith Smith re-signed. Good salary, good blocker, good team mate. Good. Good. - Barner will likely be back on a tiny deal, and he was great for our ST unit, and a veteran with a great personality for the team. Let's get him back for peanuts and the whole room improves imo. The Bad. - Refried bean's optician - Anyone that tries to tell me we are set at RB - Ito's love of the training table - That we need to spend at least 5 mill per on someone in FA, or draft one in the top 3 rounds. The ? Can we find what we need. A back that is under a 4.6, can catch the ball and be a difference maker in between the 20s? A few guys in the draft tick that box. In FA... It is ugly. Melvin Gordon is about it. I like Carlos Hyde more than most, but not sure he is a high-character guy.... Falcons RBs Starter - Missing (I'd love to see us draft a special one, just not the first round please. I think it is time for a 2nd or 3rd rounder) Decent #2 - Ito Decent GL back - Olly Decent FB - Smith Decent ST ace and vet - Kenjon
  11. Nail, meet head. Anyone that thinks Dre hasn't been a massive liability doesn't get it. and 1970 has proven year after year that he doesn't get it. And it's time to end the #44 pain, I liked Vic more than most, but we gave him a big shot with the money and he didn't deliver consistently at all. Tru. Great at his best. On the balance of things hasn't been worth the contract extension money he got. Lets be real. Injured and inconsistent. At his best he is a pro bowler. No question. Imo if he had better hands he is a falcon for life.
  12. My man. Agreed on all counts.
  13. I love a thread when 1970 gets going... Lols