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  1. Shiiiiet to think I’ve been around this place for going on 13 years... The ‘life’ that happened is pretty crazy to think about. TATF has been there the whole time as a consistent reminder that people, especially fans of sports teams, are completely insane. It’s of course only right that ‘70 reminds me of this.
  2. Skiing is my thing. Finishing my instructor exams on the glaciers (Austria) this summer. I also spend too much time playing (losing in the gulag) Call Of Duty Warzone with my friends since we all got locked down!
  3. This is the ultimate grieving thread. The Five stages: Denial - has left the station/is a river in Egypt Anger - alive and well on TATF, as per Bargaining - we got a second for sanu and handed one out for Hurst, so we will get the same or better... right?! Depression - this is most of us, silently suffering with the reality Acceptance - also most of us. We aren't happy about it, but we get it. But wait, let's add a 6th stage for TATF! Mud Slinging - "maaaan F Matt Ryan and his noodle arm, it's all his fault." The blame it on #2 crowd? You're th
  4. sigh, you're bringing the teenage girl standard of reporting to the board. Do you annoy everyone on your arm wrestling forum in the same way, or are we the lucky ones?
  5. Anyone checked on the draft a QB club recently? Day by day, it gets tougher & tougher to defend.
  6. Debo had his contract reworked. Got 4 mill back against the cap. Would suprise me to see them change it again, but who knows... I am surprised we haven't seen a big Grady extension. But I'd expect to see that in the coming days. The rumours about him wanting to test FA yada is complete bull-ish.
  7. This, the second clip legit shocked me. That step and then accelration at that size? "oh OK! House it young fella..!" Will be rooting for him.
  8. Great scheme fit. Nose for the endzone. I'm not ready to give up on Ollison yet. Think he ends up as the #2 RB backing up Davis. Will see action in the RZ.
  9. It would truly be a sad, sad day. It should be, when you lose a team-first Hall of Famer to another team. We have had some amazing moments with #11. I'd like to see us have a few more in the Arthur Smith Offense before he's done here. If he gets traded this offseason, I'd see it as an awful cap casualty, and try to make myself feel better by remembering him renegotiating mid-contract or being injured alot in recent seasons. But the reality is I'd be bummed to see him leave. If this line works out (and I think it will), we could be seeing one of the greatest Falcon Offenses
  10. Ryan led the league in passing % off the play action for multiple years, if I recall correctly. Believe that is DK round 1 and Shanny era... Totally with you, Ryan has always been a monster in PA, also sneaky good when getting blitzed. #2 is going to ball out in this offense. Not only that, AS is a RZ genius, so gone should be the biggest weakness of Ryan and Julio's games... Redzone Touchdowns.
  11. I really like the addition of Dalman. My 0.02c He is such a solid technician, clearly loves the game. Great to have another cerebral lineman join the fold. From what I've seen his protection calls and pickup of blitzes is outstanding. Has more than enough quickness to deal with blitzing LBs. Seals off the backside very well in the running game. Always taking short, punchy steps, even when in open space, to keep his anchor. Technique technique technique. very good on double teams never looks lost, clearly in control and great awareness learnt great foot
  12. Nothing new from our side, an inability to rush? Quick! Someone tell us we haven't had a decent pass rusher since Abe! A not-so-hot take from my side is that I think both Carolina and Nola are about to have themselves a couple of 4 win seasons. And that's... Well that's just great. Let's see if Brady keeps the train rolling in Tampa. People forget the bumpy start.
  13. This off season has been exhausting. the amount of negative smoke headed the way of our team, our QB and our regime drove me insane. it started to feel like I was going crazy by just believing Ryan was gonna be our QB1 for the foreseeable, let alone be dayum good at it. Ignore the stats, ignore the tape, ignore the fact that he’s never been the problem. Apparently I’m a massive homer that doesn’t see the future of the QB position is the option. Sigh. Who won the SB again? then he got extended. Still, people fought against it. I’m well known to have been on tea
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