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  1. If cominsky doesn"t make his one tackle, do we win this game? That"s momentary brilliance right there from #50
  2. atta boy Gurley
  3. yes, should've written in purple. I'm getting a jersey beatdown
  4. Amari Cooper is killing me right now. It's ok, my opponent is starting Lamar at QB... I'm not worried...
  5. Ok where have all you guys been this week as the board has gone into total meltdown?!?!!?
  6. preach....
  7. It's lights out jones modern black cap, or #22 with old school cap. Nice collection man!
  8. week 1 is and always has been a liar. Let the dust settle after 3 games, some important injuries etc. and then we really start to learn who has got it and who is hitting the bricks. It is like this every year.
  9. wake me up in 2023. Then we can talk about it.
  10. TLDR - F**K the NCAA As a european dude I'm in complete awe of how corrupt your college athletics are.... 'Student Athletes' rarely get a degree worth the paper its written on(or the time to actually study), get no money, get hurt (sometimes with life-changing elements), and less than 1% make it to the pros. Who gets rich? ESPN. Colleges. Coaches. Athletic Directors. the behemoth that is the merchandizing & ticket sales... Basically anyone not wearing a Jersey. "Oh but college athletics make a loss"... BS, anyone that's ever ran a business knows how much money they move around to make that loss... Now, I understand that european colleges are not seen as moneymakers for sport. We have no rose bowls, and the average attendance at my American Football games in England was around about 100... Free entry. Lol. So its different, for sure. . The NCAA has to be seen as big business(combined with ESPN), a monopoly that needs to be broken. Brutal capitalists, that frankly hide behind the guise of school tradition, spirit and god knows what. But every time they fight, all I see is a lot of old men desperately holding on to their cash cow. I won't even get into the angle of old white men profiting off young black men and women. Thats above my paygrade, but the repression is noteable. And then Nike, Adidas and the College coaches come to play, adding a nice garnish of madness to the pot. Shoe deals. How TF is it ok for the coach to get paid millions to force his kids to wear the right shoes, yet the kid should just be happy with a free pair of shoes? GTFO out of here. I loved the sole man's business style, but there should always have been a kickback to the kids, not just the coaches. In my youth I played rugby to a high level (could've made a living off of it before injuries killed that dream, plus most likely my lack of skill against top talent), and if you were good, as a kid you'd be signed to an academy and looked after. Some of my buddies were signed up at 12. And if you were great, you transition to the pros straight from school. Loads of players including myself (who didn't have the guarantee to make money) went to college to keep training at the best facilites, get the best coaching and keep the dream alive, all whilst getting a top tier degree. If you were truly elite, you'd already signed a pro contract. Soccer is not dissimilar. Kids get singed young, and get paid young. As it should be. All the team sports that make big cash in Europe have very little to do with college. If you're unlikely to earn good money as a pro athlete (gymnastics, swimming etc.), you go to college to keep playing and training whilst getting a good, free degree. Everybody wins. The college looks good, the athlete gets to train, and the athelte gets a good degree. F**K. The N C double f*****g A.
  11. Define great... But as others have said, it's Ryan for his impact on the team, his play and tenure. Freak talent? Primetime and JJ.
  12. You can choose to hate anything, but the bigger point is you're just angry about our play. Give the media guys their dues, they've sorted the audio issues, in general have raised the quality of their output and yes, produce hype videos. I don't watch the hype videos because I don't want to be hyped right now. I want to see us turn some things around the Eagles. Kicking the media assistant in the nards may make you feel better short-term, but it won't fix your real issue. 30+ on Sunday and hearing "drive home safely Atlanta wins" will.
  13. Watching BVG defenses in general sucked the entire life out of me. Every short yardage play converted, every drive seemed to be like chinese water torture as they slowly made their way down the field with ease... On the state of our D..... I'm not ringing the alarm bells yet for Rico and Neal, Neal needs to trust his body it seems. Two of our most important players *should* look better and better. But they looked like rookies. Shocking, but I guess understandable for week 1. Everyone without their hand in the dirt had a sub-par game. #45 and the safeties should sure it up. Color me concerned about Dre. Eagles will be tough on our LBs. We got shellacked early, had bad luck, and frankly looked physically outplayed everywhere outside of our DL. Humans, not robots are playing a game with swings, momentum, home field advantage, and a healthy dose of luck. We were on the losing side of all of those. Ish happens. We slowed them down 2nd half, but our big names need to be in big moments. Grady turned up. The others look unsure. Watching Vic Beasley have a sack in front of him, get sold by a (albeit great) pump fake, then proceed to hug a man 35lbs lighter than him.... That is everything that frustrates about Vic encapsulated in one down of football. Has the tools to get there, lacks the DL instincts to follow up, and then shows his lack of 'nastiness' by failing to get the QB on the ground. I wish you could lock him in a room with Brian Dawkins for a year, or just give a guy who actually wants to create chaos his ridiculous physical skill set. Oliver is an easy completion right now, but again, it will come for him. I don't like his instincts much though... Allen Bailey and Ty are clearly massive additions to the team. Ty somehow managed to rack up 8 combined tackles. From the nose. I see you big man. He chases down run plays, kid is all heart. Love our interior right now. And one should never sleep on Jack Crawford. Grady is one of those players you don't need to worry about when you give him a cargo container full of guaranteed dough. Clearly. The edge woes, thank god, is coachable. You'd think the years of running stretch zone would see us capable of stopping it, but Cook is also the truth.... This will get fixed. Pass rush looked good in small sample size. Let's see who gets home against the best in the league.... Wentz loves to be sacked by taking years, so we should see some pressure if the back end can do their bit. I'd love to see what DQ is like behind closed doors, I'm hoping he's is aggressively lighting fires under players. His patience should have ran out now. Love the guy, but if he doesn't turn out a top 10 D this year, playoffs or no playoffs, he gone. We have the 53. They need to play angry.
  14. Losing the turnover battle. We all expect the right side of the line to take some lumps initially, the hope is that it doesn't result in sack fumbles or tipped balls. If Matt gets the time and we keep the ball, we win. Our D# needs to stop the run and force Cousins to make poor choices, which he's a pro at.