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  1. Why use the roster spot on an injured player? He is always hurt.. Its not if it is when. And to think at one point I thought he should be an every down back. Every staff that's been in here has wanted him to touch the ball more than 150 times but he has never been healthy enough to do that.
  2. First of all read the whole thing. 2nd they are still making more money than they would be in another sport. 3rd winning the SB is the best marketing that you can get especially if you are a FA.. Look at Bryant McFadden he won a SB with the Steelers and signed a nice contract with ARI that he wouldn't have gotten cause he wasn't worth that money.. It has happened other time just as coaches on a SB winning staff become a hot commodity so do players. Don't kid yourself just because they don't make millions of dollars for the post season games if they make it there they still want to win.
  3. You're absolutely right I forgot as soon as week 17 ends the players that just treat it as a job go home sit on the couch and eat pork rinds whether they are in the playoffs or not. They just don't care anymore.. That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Haven't you ever realized how many guys get pay raises by other teams when they were on a SB team just because they were a part. They don't even have to be good. Winning a SB isn't just nice because you get a ring but it is good financially.
  4. How did those "winners" work out for Singletary.. Just cause you have players with heart doesn't mean that they will win a championship.. Now it is nice to have a team full of passionate players. But at the end of the day it is still a job. But the incentive for the playoffs isn't just money it is that big shiny trophy that you get when you win the last game and that ring.. And that is a fire that most players carry.
  5. Haha.. So roddy has lost a step because his production fell off a bit towards the 2nd half of the season but you fail to recognize he was Questionable for like the 2nd half of the season with an injured knee. BUT there is no chance that could have been the issue. NO he has lost a step and we should cut him. Tomorrow!!
  6. I love Norwood but I say no.. You can't keep throwing money at a walking cast and every time he gets hurt he leaves a big hole in the offense.. We need someone more dependable. When he is healthy he is a game changer but that is the problem. We need someone that we can hopefully count on to be healthy more than 20% of the time. He is just far too brittle.. And yes I know I've said norwood is injury prone like 5 times but I have to cause he is ALWAYS HURT.
  7. D-Hall's pro bowl selection was completely undeserved.. He gave up more yards than every CB in the league but Mike Jenkins. I am not 100% positive but I believe both of their totals were two of the highest in history.. If you take away the Bears game D-Hall doesn't even get considered and it is just a travesty that Hall made it over Tramon Williams(who at the moment is prob better than Woodson and possibly the best CB in the NFC)
  8. Some of those stats can be attributed to the fact that he has missed essentially 3 whole games. But I think the reason why he has regressed is because he has had more asked from him, last year it was a lot of handing the ball off, I mean we had around 500 carries from the running backs last year. But also the other teams get tape on him which may show a lot of his tendencies. Some of it could be decision making. He had a great year last year as a rookie so it makes the microscope that much bigger, every one needs to remember he is only in his second year, and needs more film work and more t
  9. He was worth the money, and he is actually about the 7th or 8th highest paid receiver right now, a bunch of fools decided not to include the WR like Calvin Johnson that signed rookie contracts that pay more per year than what Roddy makes. Also, he hasn't had as good of a year as last year, but it is still very impressive and after today's game he is in the top 5 in the league in TD's which IMO is more important than yards. He had the most receiving yards this week as of the Sunday Night game, which means he will move about 4 or 5 spots up in yards, and not to mention he is a big play threat
  10. If we win next I will be more than happy, but not ecstatic, I would love to be in the playoffs, but watching a winning team is still great, and a winning season is a winning team. You can't make the playoffs every year as much as people think it is as easy as finding a quarter on the side walk, it is not. Football is a tough game and there are situations that can prevent even the best teams from making the playoffs. How many people thought the Pats would miss the playoffs last year? Sometimes you can't help certain injuries, and sometimes you get the wrong bounce or a missed tackle. No on
  11. How about this... Who gives a crap about Ryan not having a cannon arm, many QB's have been of good quality without cannon arms, the most important thing for a QB is placement of the ball and not how fast or far they can throw it. Just because you can throw a football 100 mph or 100 yards doesn't mean that the WR can catch it, and maybe by throwing it so far/fast you set up an easy interception because your WR tipped it. Ryan has shown nice touch and enough zip to make quality throws. He has made bad passes and some crucial mistakes but he is a 2nd year guy that has a lot of studying to do an
  12. Personally I wish that Preseason started next week, the completion of the draft has got me jacked for the season to start. All that's left is practice there are no more big "team changing" periods. I wants the season to start.
  13. Honestly you can't expect a rookie CB to come in and start right away, the two starting CB's will come down to Houston/Jackson/Hutchins. Middleton and Owens will play predominantly Nickel/Dime/Special Teams with Grimes and Irons
  14. If the line gets more pressure on the QB this year I have a feeling that Houston will play better. With having lots of pressure from Abe alone there isn't a lot of help for the DB's the more time that QB's like Drew Brees have, they are just going to pick apart even a lot of the best DB's in the league.
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