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  1. Packers vs. Steelers sounds like a good Super Bowl to me. I hope the Packers win. I'm tired of the Steelers getting trophies and making some of their fans even more annoying.
  2. Adult Swim is based in Atlanta, so they were probably just disappointed like the rest of us. The only difference is they can take out their frustration on TV.
  3. I just read the title of the thread, and umm... 3 years as a starter, 3 winning seasons, 2 playoff appearances, 1 division title... I'd say he's doing pretty well so far.
  4. Falcons vs. Saints will be one, likely in New Orleans. I'd say our game against the Eagles, too, if Vick is still their starter. The media can't resist that one. It will probably be scheduled in Atlanta, too. So there's at least 2 for sure, I'd say.
  5. It seems to me that the Falcons FO the last few years has drafted based on goals, rather than simply needs. This past year the overall goal was to beat the Saints and win the division. It worked. Next year's goal HAS to be "win in the playoffs". This team can easily make the playoffs next year as is, assuming no big injuries. But once we get there, we have to win. I fully expect the FO to sit there, look at the playoff teams from this season (both NFC and AFC) and say "What do we need to do to make sure we can beat all of these teams". The answer is going to be defense, and most likely pass ru
  6. Whatever, the part-time Falcon fans can just go hop back on UGA's love stick. I didn't like them anyway. Half of them were Saints fans this time last year. I, along with most of the people on these boards, will be optimistic on the season opener next year. Coming off a 13-3 season, and yet still getting no respect from the media? Just how I like it.
  7. It was pretty sad to see the Dome empty on TV. I guess all of the people from the suburbs had to "beat the traffic", even though it's probably nonexistent on a Saturday night. I live in LA now, so I watched the game on TV all the way to the end. It was painful, but I felt like I needed to remember this embarrassment so that the day the Falcons go to the Super Bowl again will seem that much sweeter.
  8. Good point, but I wasn't necessarily referring to the deep ball. I was more referring to letting Ryan call his own plays (pass plays) more often, rather than only when in no-huddle mode. Sometimes Ryan seems better at reading the defense than Mularky.
  9. I agree. When you go 13-3 and get the #1 seed, there isn't much that needs to be changed. One or two adjustments here and there, and we have a dynasty.
  10. Dear Saints fans, I respect the fact that you have a Lombardi. I simply request that you respect the fact that the Falcons will end up having so many more than you that no amount of king cake will be able to comfort your anguish. Love, A Falcon fan P.S. This rivalry is gonna be SO GOOD for the next few years. Poor Bucs and Panthers...
  11. This year we were built to win the division. Next year we have to be built to win the NFC. TD and Mike Smith know this. Whatever needs to be done will be done. Improve the secondary, get a better #2 receiver, go to the big dance. Piece o' cake.
  12. Grew up in ATL. Moved to LA last May. Woke up every Sunday, usually hungover, at 10am to watch the Falcons play this season. I had season tickets in the 09' season as I watched the Falcons get back-to-back winning seasons for the first time. I'm going to keep my Falcons license plate frame around my Cali plate until I replace it with a "Super Bowl Champions" one, and you better believe I know it's coming soon. The Bandwagon fans can go back to the Saints. They'll be sorely disappointed when the Falcons continue, time and time again, to dominate the NFC. The Birds are full of almost-rookies and
  13. And all of this comes down to play-calling. Matt Ryan can be a big-play quarterback, but Mularky doesn't let him take shots very often. There's a reason Ryan has engineered quick, winning, come-from-behind 4th quarter drives. He knows how to do it. Mularky needs to stop insisting on check-downs, the Birds need a 2nd big-play receiver, and Ryan has to be able to hit down-field shots. The Falcons should continue with their current game-plan, BUT they need a plan B. They looked lost during the 2nd half because they didn't know what to do! Mularky never prepared them for a big, two or three score
  14. I agree. When you look at Ryan, he only has two more painful "lessons" that he could possibly learn: Losing the NFC Championship and losing the Super Bowl. He now has enough experience to know EXACTLY what playoff pressure, home or away, feels like, and next time around the nervousness won't be as strong. At this point, the regular season is a freaking piece of cake for him. If we get a dominant defense this offseason somehow, and Ice stays healthy, nothing is going to stop us. Next year will be an undefeated season as far as I see it. I've honestly never felt better being a Falcons fan. Norma
  15. Mularkey angered a lot of us last season, but overall he did a good job this year. We'll see how much he opens the playbook next year (if he's still here), and that will be a good tell. I'm still not sure BVD is a problem. The guy (or Mike Smith) had the D playing WAY above their potential for most of the season... but he didn't take any chances in the 2nd half tonight, and that hurt big time.
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