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  1. Nice post!! I was about to post it as well. Was working the googler to see what we officially switched to midway through last season. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Been waiting for this thread!!! Reserved
  3. Yeah, unfortunately Hennessy will be gone in the 2nd round
  4. What was wrong with Jam??
  5. He could have easily tossed a bunch of money at him, or to a charity in his brother's honor, and got the jersey number!! Happens ALL THE TIME.
  6. Extremely classy move by Gurley!!
  7. from @Smiler11 "If you're looking for a sleeper on day 3, I like Chris Williamson from Minnesota (NB/FS type). (L)amar Jackson is day 3 boundary corner with a lot of upside."
  8. All four of the first mentioned - Dantzler, Arnette, Igbinoghene & Hall - all have 2nd/3rd round grades. Here are some Late Round guys that I'm I'll add Chris Williamson CB Kindle Vildor - Ga Southern Lamar Jackson - Nebraska AJ Green - OK ST Myles Bryant - Washington Dane Jackson - Pitt Trajan Bandy - Miami L'Jarius Sneed - La Tech Javelin Guidry - Utah Lavert Hill - Michigan
  9. Gee whiz! Rams, Chargers, Politics, Rams, April Fools, Politics, Chargers, Rams, leak, Rams... This thread is in desperate need of a jersey reveal! Haha Can't wait!!!
  10. The results of his 4 round mock... 1st (11) = Isaiah Simmons LB (Clemson) 2nd (47) = Marlon Davidson DT ((Auburn) 4th (119) = Khalid Kareen DE (Notre Dame) 4th (143) = Lynn Bowden WR (Kentucky)
  11. Well done! I fixed it and gave you props
  12. Julio being a homie, helped get "Gurlie to Atlantie!"
  13. It's kinda like Gale Sayers coming out and saying that Adrian Peterson wasn't going to ever be the same, 5 years after AP returned from the same injury less than 12 months after surgery.
  14. Wait! Didn't Gurley injure his knee in college and go on to be productive in the NFL and win an MVP award??? And didn't TD get injured and never play in another NFL game?? How can he say they are the same injury!!! Not to mention, I imagine that medical treatments have advanced some over the 15 years between injuries?
  15. Sure hope he's wrong