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  1. He was very serious! Almost sounded like he knew he was talking to Shannon Sharpe but DIDN'T know that he was on national TV 😳
  2. Not that we had much leverage before, but NOW it's shot!!! 3rd rounder??
  3. Didn't know Ally, but as a father of 3 girls that played D1 women's soccer I felt inclined to share. RIP young lady
  4. Oh Hey! Happy Birthday to @Draftnut57!
  5. Here's an awesome draft board that I found on Twitter! Dude put tons of work in! I'll be following along throughout the draft and looking to see how we draft compared to this. Yes, I know it's just some random guy's thoughts - but I like the way this one is put together. And NO, Im not the random guy that put this together. Enjoy!!
  6. Sooooooo sad to hear about Shock G!!!!
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