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  1. Honestly, will TAFT be happy with ANYONE??? Spoiler Alert.. . . . . NO
  2. I don't think Grandma would have been very proud 😳 Just sayin
  3. As a Die-hard Cubs fan since 1984, I wouldn't mind seeing him be interviewed. It would be interesting for sure
  4. What a disaster! Probably failed the psych test portion of his physical!!! Welp!
  5. I don't think Grandma would have been very proud of him!!! Just sayin
  6. (and yes, I'm aware this isn't really Sean Connery)
  7. The dude has certainly been ballin out the last couple weeks! No denying that!
  8. I don't think there has ever been a more truer headline!!! ------------------------------- Atlanta Falcons: Foye Oluokun is everything Duke Riley never was Atlanta Falcons linebacker Foye Oluokun is everything you want in a defender. When you think of the really good defenders that the Atlanta Falcons have, Foye Oluokun is probably one that you don’t mention, but he should be. In 2016, the Atlanta Falcons drafted linebacker Deion Jones out of LSU and De’Vondre Campbell out of Minnesota hoping that they would be a formidable tandem for years to come. While Jones has tur
  9. Yet people STILL blame Matt Ryan for our big losses.
  10. Chuck Smith makes great money being a private pass rush coach/consultant that can build up young prospects and send them into the NFL. He would take a pay cut and not have the freedom by becoming a coach in the NFL. He has built a brand! Why would he step away from that. He has it made right now.
  11. Bring him home TD..... Ohh, wait 😳 //Purple
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