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  1. Can't argue against that...the defense has definitely improved over the last few weeks. I just think we need to divorce ourselves completely from any and all remnants of the Dan Quinn Era and start with completely new coaching and GM regime.
  2. Raheem is NOT the answer. We need a COMPLETE reboot of this team.
  3. We have too many fans still in denial...unfortunately. It's time for a new regime.
  4. My sentiments exactly. I'm sure someone will take a chance on him as a head coach, but I don't think he's "head coach" material....pretty good offensive coordinator for us this year though.
  5. I completely agree. It amazes me how often our D-line gets held by opposing teams every week and the zebras just ignore it.
  6. I wouldn't mind giving up a late round pick for Gresham...we could use his services.
  7. At this point, we have to ask ourselves WHAT exactly is Kroy blackmailing them with that would justify him being on the field???
  8. REALLY? Are we still talking about the same guy??? If so, then I'm afraid you haven't watched his skill set closely enough...
  9. I completely agree! And, the NUMBERS you've posted fully support this argument. The only question mark, if any, would be Smith's ability to pass block when needed.
  10. How can you place most of the blame on the line coaches when they are working "average" talent, at best? An upgrade in TALENT has been needed for a few years, now, and still has yet to materialize under TD's tenure as GM.
  11. VERY well stated...I concur with your assessment 100%!!!
  12. Excellent points. I guess our main problem currently is not having the proper personnel to run the 4-3 scheme effectively enough to be a real contender on defense, as our roster sits right now. This makes our upcoming.draft and free agency period THAT much more important.
  13. I'm SPEECHLESS after reading your posts. If anyone continues to give Dimitroff a pass, there DELUSIONAL.
  14. You're not crazy at all. But, the #1 reason we'll beat the Patriots has more to do with the unfathomable possibility of falling to a disappointing record of 1-3 and the prospects of missing the playoffs this early in the season. Hopefully, the 53 men and coaching staff at Flowery Branch will feel the sense of urgency we feel.
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