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  1. 2-2? Here we go again. Just assuming we winning against Titans. D.Henry will run over this defense, and Mariota will kill us with play-action play and RPO. Lets just hope G. Jarrett is back healty to this game. AND LETS START FAST FOR ONCE....
  2. Colts is 2nd in rushing. They are the Only team with more rushing yards then passing yards. Colts will try do the same things Vikings did too us. Run outside Zone and eat the clock. If we can stop them for doing that and make it 3rd and long, i think we will win this game. Lets go Falcons!
  3. First: M.Vick(why i became falcon fan) Now: Julio/Ryan/Grady All time Favorite player: Roddy White
  4. Likely to train on goal line offense, as you can see is terrible.
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