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  1. Pressure does not matter if this continue: Zero of Russell Wilson's 35 pass attempts today were thrown into a tight window (<1 yard of separation), per NFL Next Gen Stats. 😖
  2. Entering today, the most passes in a game without a tight window throw was 30, by Derek Carr in 2019 against LAC. Tight windows were first tracked in 2016. How is that possible? 0-16 if this keeps up.
  3. 2-2? Here we go again. Just assuming we winning against Titans. D.Henry will run over this defense, and Mariota will kill us with play-action play and RPO. Lets just hope G. Jarrett is back healty to this game. AND LETS START FAST FOR ONCE....
  4. Colts is 2nd in rushing. They are the Only team with more rushing yards then passing yards. Colts will try do the same things Vikings did too us. Run outside Zone and eat the clock. If we can stop them for doing that and make it 3rd and long, i think we will win this game. Lets go Falcons!
  5. First: M.Vick(why i became falcon fan) Now: Julio/Ryan/Grady All time Favorite player: Roddy White
  6. Likely to train on goal line offense, as you can see is terrible.
  7. How do we line up? Alford Poole outside, kazee slot?
  8. The question we should ask ourselves is What Jalen Collins do we get? The 2016 Jalen Collins or the ''preseason’’ Jalen Collins.
  9. You can listen to their prodcast where they talk about Dallas game and explain Why he ranks top 3. From 12.28 (or 25.55 min left) https://secure-hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/8/3/9/8397fe8e934d1f98/BTT_1114_done.mp3?c_id=17769666&forcedn=attachment&expiration=1510824961&hwt=9d50335d2d97e3420cbc2e123e28bf83
  10. The big diffrence between 2016 Matt Ryan and 2017 MRyan is the deep ball.(2017=ranks23rd, 2016= 1st). Also the redzone this year has been poor.(exept Dallas game).
  11. 3. MATT RYAN, ATLANTA FALCONS – 86.1OVERALL GRADE Our No. 2-graded quarterback since Week 6, Ryan continued his hot play with a clean game against the Cowboys. His first pass was intercepted on a tipped pass that normally falls incomplete, and that continues Ryan’s trend of unlucky interceptions. He’s actually been the best in the league at avoiding turnover-worthy plays, so don’t let those eight interceptions fool you. Against Dallas, Ryan maneuvered the pocket, moved the chains on third down, and showed off his red zone accuracy with a well-placed ball in the back of the end zone for his second touchdown of the day. Ryan finished 13-for-13 for 133 yards and a score on passes in between the numbers. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-qb-rankings-by-pff-grade-after-week-10?utm_content=buffer81f7d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=nfl
  12. Beat the Jets, and we have same record as last year after 7 games. But yeah, this offense do not look great
  13. Where neither offensive tackle allowed a single QB pressure in week one (Ryan Schraeder, Jake Matthews) via PFF Alex Mack was the best graded Center in Week 1. We just have to get ride of the penalties. The interior linemen will have huge test against Mike Daniels(1.5 sack, FF, 1TFL, 7 tackles in week 1. Huge numbers for 3-4 DE).
  14. Dispite there 3-13 season only A.Luck and A. Rodgers managed to throw for 320+ yards against Bears D. Feel better?
  15. I hope we learned from Week 1 last year(when we lost to the bucs). BE READY!! I say we win it by 7-8 points 21-13. COME ON FALCONS!!!! LOVE FROM NORWAY, OSLO
  16. It has to be a close game If Its going to happen. He did only throw for 240yard last time we met them, But we also ran for 217yards. If he mange to get 5k and win the game, it will be no discussion about who should win the mvp award( He should win it anyway)
  17. Who cares?? Next 3 games will show how good this team really is. We are 2-1 and should be happy how we played against the Saints and Raiders.
  18. So no reports just speculation that we might sign him. ****
  19. This guy will improve our defense by a mile. V. Mclure said we might sign him. Only concern is that he might ask for big money.
  20. 34-10 Panthers win. To good defense, and we have trouble on offense.
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