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  1. YOUR SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. If we play like we did against the Goons today, we are easily the most dangerous and explosive team in the NFL. Michael "Fatboy" Turner got shut DOWN, the run D is coming alive, we are unstoppable. 30-24.
  2. Is this a joke post? Your grammar is atrocious and you are the reason I cannot stand the joke city known as Atlanta. Hotlanta...****ing hysterical.
  3. God you dirty bird trash are ****ing idiots. THE PANTIES BARELY BEAT THE AINTS? THE GOONS ****ING LOST TO THE AINTS. ******* YOU GUYS ARE TERRIBLE. GO CARDS! 30 -24.
  4. The place is a ****ing **** hole. No wonder they call you the "Dirty Birds", the place is literally ****ing dirty and disgusting.
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