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  1. Carolina Panther 12-4 New Orlenas Saints 10-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7 Atlanat Falcons 7-9
  2. This NFL South team has a .411 winning percentage since their inception in 1966 Who are the Atlanta falcons.
  3. NFL should realign and give the historically poorer performing teams a better chance at a divisional title. The Lions, Saints, Texans and Falcons could be in one division. Thoughts?
  4. Have the third worse winning percentage of all NFL team at a pathetic .411 only Houston and Tampa Bay have a worse winning percentage. At least the Bucs won a Superbowl.
  5. Go on the road and be a wild card team or win your division and have a first round bye?
  6. Is a sh!thole. I would rather have both my arms and legs cut off then live there.
  7. Actually waste your time watching the game today? No one of you actually thought you could win.
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