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  1. Ok then, the team was more competitive against the Bucs so that is a positive. Too many holes in this boat it will eventually sink.Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Only one game. I get it. AS looked like a flop . Only winning will make it better, Good luck.
  3. When you fall flat on your face and your team gets dominated at home.It makes the Head Coach look like a doofus .Kind of hard to BS about the beat down they received from Philadelphia.
  4. AS failed his first test and it wasn't even close.This next game is all important, will we bounce back and be competitive or roll over and get trounced.
  5. Not ready to throw the whole team in the trash can after one game however ...... that was a P I S S poor showing on pretty much every level.
  6. At least we didn't lose a close game
  7. Judging by that horrible game today I'd say we look like the worst team in the NFL.When you say bounce back if you mean win 3 or 4 games ,yeah that is possible.
  8. What will Brady and the Bucs do to our defense next week?
  9. I have been a Falcon fan since the beginning and that was as ugly a season opener as I have ever witnessed.
  10. What the **** is wrong with this team ? Oh wait it's the Falcons.
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