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  1. HM you are just jealous because George has a bigger space laser than you .
  2. It would be nice if LP turned things around sure . Right now that seems unlikely .
  3. Typical Fox news twisted half truths, they are the Republican propaganda machine
  4. It's nice having boring Biden as POTUS , he just goes about his business in a normal adult way. Trump became very tiresome as the World's biggest Media Magnet. The reality show was cancelled get over it.
  5. My daughter and her partner live in Denver and they heard the explosion. Lucky nobody got killed.
  6. The fact that the Hawks have so many young players and new players has finally caught up with them. The best free agents Gallo ( not %100) Bogie (out with injury) Rondo( injured , not %100) and JC playing without a new contract . So many problems a decent season seems out of reach.Hunter will eventually come back but........will it matter ?
  7. He is playing with zero agility his foot must still be hurting.His lack of production is a big concern .
  8. This is exactly what we need , a wing that can attack the basket and finish with power . Hunter was playing that role before he got hurt but no one else has stepped up.
  9. He insisted on calling Sidney Poitier, Sidney Potter . 🙄
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