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  1. You can tell he wants to lay the smack down
  2. Zero Zero Zero on Amazon Prime .Interesting crime drama.
  3. Me too .Started out funny but ended up grotesque.
  4. Amen brother ,prayers going up.
  5. Sunshine , lolipops and rainbows
  6. Oh yeah
  7. I agree he and Collins are both athetic, about the same size ( 6' 9'') nice shooting touch ,rim runners.
  8. Hoax,Democrat propaganda, every thing is fine.
  9. Obi should be a quality big for at least 10 years, a lot to like about his game. He is 22 and thats a problem for some people but I would take him in a heartbeat.
  10. Stay outta the mix
  11. Horrible Joe Dirt people low life outcasts .People who love big cats are freaks.