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  1. This is one of the scrappiest Hawk teams I've ever seen. They bounce back time after time , they are winning the hustle game. Who knows how far they can go ?
  2. Well,well,well what does Coach Nate have in his bag of tricks ? We will find out Monday . Something has to change or the Hawks are near the brink of elimination.
  3. Right ,both those guys have upside that Solo does not have.
  4. Coach Nate might want to start OO instead of Solo . Another bigger athletic body to help contain Embiid .
  5. All the pundits talk about is 28-3. Man shut tfu
  6. Absolutely , Atlanta is the red head step child of the sports world.
  7. When your All Star point guard can't shoot free throws that's a problem .LOL Also really a dumb move to talk about hacking Trae.
  8. This Hawks team has talent, skill and mental toughness , 5-1 in the playoffs so far . Most people expected Philly to fight back and make it close , they did but we still got the win. Coach Nate is making the right moves . We got this.
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